Love in a Hellhole: Rewritten

Chapter Four

Nina Martin

Last period, once again. Ugh.

This class is absolutely irrelevant, and only to make matters worse, my bio partner is an asshole.

I didn't get into that much trouble yesterday when Sweetie sent us to Victor's office. He only gave us a warning, as it was only the first day. He also told us that he'd better not see us in his office unless it was for something positive.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

That's cute if Victor thought I was going to go on a good spree. Last year, I was so bad that I basically didn't even have to ask which days I'd be going in for detention; I just knew. Most of the things I was sent to his office for were unnecessary, though.

Anyway, wherever I go, trouble seems to follow me. Even in a whole different state!

Last year, tenth grade, for you slow pokes, our family took a trip to New Orleans, Louisiana, where my Aunt Becca lives, as she'd gotten my mom a spot on a parade float for Mardis Gras weekend. My mom threw us lots of beads and stuffed animals. However, I got in a fight with a boy over a huge sack of it.

I had specifically heard Mom call out, "Nina, look here!"

And so I looked up, only to be hit in the head with a big sack of beads. By the time I got up off the ground (my mom's float had stopped for a minute, as the band in front of her was taking a break), a boy was tugging at it. Long story short, the boy ended up with a broken arm, I would have been thrown in jail for assault if it weren't for Uncle Jesse (no, not from Full House; Uncle Jesse is bald and quite unattractive, but oh well), Aunt Becca's husband, who just so happened to be a cop and pull a few strings.

I embarrassed him, though. And to make up for my reckless behavior and his embarrassment, I was forced to stay home and babysit their newborn twins and not attend any furthermore parades.

Anyway, it's safe to say that I can be the definition of trouble sometimes. Geez, I say anyway a lot, don't I? I'll stop it now.

"Hey Sweetcheeks," King of the Assholes winked at me as I slid into my spot.

Ignore him. Just ignore him.

As I pulled out my student agenda, I felt Fabian tug on one of my curls.

"You're curls are so soft and luscious," he bent his head down to sniff it. "I just love that about you."

Ignore. It.

After writing down today's agenda I felt the tugging getting worse. I tried to ignore it.

"OW!" I yelped as I jumped out of my seat. Sweetie looked up from his desk.

"Miss Martin! Sit down and stop interrupting my class!" Sweetie barked.

I wasn't usually one to snitch, but I was pissed at him already. "Fabian was pulling on my hair!" I whined. "It really hurt! And I have a tender scalp." Okay that was a lie, but what's that going to damage?

"Fabian, stop," Sweetie rolled his eyes as he carried on to his work.

"'Fabian, stop,'" I mimicked. "Is that all you're going to tell him? If the tables were turned, you would have thrown me out of your classroom to Victor's office!"

"Well, what do you want me to do about it? It's not that big of a deal. You're overreacting, Miss Martin. Please sit down."

I huffed and sat down. Fabian was smirking at me and reached out a hand to attempt to touch my hair again. I slapped it away and smiled triumphantly when I heard the loud smack it made.

Sweetie began his dumb lecture on whatever thing we're learning today. I, however, decided to take advantage of the free time on my hands and refill the led in some of my led pens.

"Can I borrow one?" Fabian's breath smelled like mint. He was basically breathing down my neck to get a led pen from me.



"Because I don't like you."

"You know you can't resist me. You're just denying your attraction to me, trying to convince yourself to stay away. It won't work. Not for long, anyway."

I refused to look him in the eyes, or even give him my time of day. I knew he was right and I wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of me caving in.

He was hot, that was it. Besides, it's not like my attraction to him would go any deeper; I wouldn't be able to overlook his personality. It was the deal-breaker. The baggage I couldn't carry, if you will. And trust me, there's a lot of things I can overlook about someone. I watch Baggage. You know, that show with Jerry Springer. You don't know it? Well, then…

I glanced up at the clock. 1:21. A little less than an hour more in here and I could leave to go home.

But an hour seemed way to long. Acting like I had a headache and signing myself out seemed like the ideal way to go home to peacefulness. However, I was saving my five unexcused absence days for when I really needed them.

(Read: when I felt like skipping out towards the end of the year.)

I heard a sniff coming from my right. Turning, I saw that that creeper was smelling me. Again.

"Will you stop?" I whisper-yelled. I really didn't feel like hearing Sweetie yell again.

The corners of Fabian's mouth turned up in a small smirk. "No."

Maybe I could sacrifice a skipping day. I just couldn't take this today.

"Mr. Sweet, could I have a sign-out slip? I have a headache and I'm feeling a bit nauseous," I said, trying my best to sound like I was in pain and about to throw up.

"Signs of pregnancy, love?" Fabian whispered in my ear. Seriously, hadn't he ever heard of the length-of-your-fingers away from people's ears?

Just ignore him, Nina. You're about to leave, anyway.

I gathered my thing and went up to Sweetie's desk to take the slip he was holding out for me.

I was shutting the door and hiking my schoolbag up higher on my shoulders as I heard simultaneously, "Bye, Nina," and "Bye, Babe."

I'm sure you can guess which one came from Fabian and which one came from Sweetie.

"Mommy, I had sex!" Danny cried as he burst through our front door after getting off the bus.

I stopped chewing the cereal that was currently in my mouth and dropped my spoon into the bowl of Fruity Pebbles sitting in front of me with big splash. Oh God, oh God.

"YOU HAD WHAT?" Mom yelled as she dropped her saucer and teacup to the ground. It shattered with an earsplitting noise. Ugh, guess who's gonna have to clean that up? Usually my mom would, as it's her mess, but she'll make me do it once she gets an explanation from Danny.

"I had sex," Danny said nonchalantly as he casually walked to the island to grab an apple out of the bowl.

"How do you know what that is? How do you know how to do it? For the love of all things Nicholas Sparks, with who?" my mom was hyperventilating as she paced the kitchen. Sweat beaded her hairline.

"Oh, Nina told me. And with Janie Miller."

Mom turned to look at me. Her face right now is priceless, by the way. I would have been rolling on the floor laughing if she weren't scaring me.

"You. Told. Your. Little. Brother. About. Sex." It wasn't a question. I wonder what she'd do if she found out where Amber and I had gone last night...

"Why? What's so bad about it? It's only hugging," said Danny as he bit into his apple.

"Oh, nothing, honey. Go up to your room, please. You need to do your homework," said Mom.

"We don't have homework on the second day of school. That's what Mrs. Kraemer said!"

"I don't care, go up to your room anyway. Nina and I need to have a little chat."

Danny hauled tail upstairs, not even bothering to hold onto his apple since Mom is pretty scary when she's mad. She's barely ever mad, but when she is, she's intimidating and it's mostly aimed at me.

Mom took a seat on the bar next to me. She intertwined her hands, crossed her legs, and stared at me for an explanation. She appeared calm, too calm. This is my cue to get scared.

"Well he walked in on me and Amber talking about Allie!" I protested.

She furrowed her eyebrows. "And what were you saying about Allie? It had to be something inappropriate if it was about sex."

"Well… lately she's been a little… off. Come on. I know you see it, too. She's going to become a lowlife and when she needs money for pills and alcohol, she better not come knocking on my door-,"

I was kind of interrupted the feel of my mom's hand on my face. She didn't take the truth too well. She liked to think that all of her children would become rich, successful doctors that would send her and Dad to Fiji when they retired.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

It's a good thing she's too scared to actually slap me at full force like I know she could. She's got way to big of a heart to do that. Still, it's not right.

Just between me and you, right now, Dad's my favorite as of now.

"Don't talk about your sister like that!"

"It's not my fault you can't accept the truth! You need to patch up your parenting if you really can't see that she'll end up knocked up soon!"

She pinched the bridge of her nose while I rubbed my cheek.

A few minutes later, she spoke up.

"Look, I'm sorry. And I should have realized that Allie has been out of control. Your father's been telling me this for a while, but I just figured it was just his fatherly overprotectiveness. I'll talk to her," said Mom. She had her guilty face on and you can't help but forgive that.

"It's okay," I said, going in for a hug. Those things always seem to make Mom feel better.

She nodded as I pulled away, moving off of the bar stool to go upstairs.

"By the way, nice save by telling Danny that it was just a hug. You should talk to him about that—can't have him going around school telling kids that," she laughed.

I nodded and went up to my room, making a mental note to do that later.

Okay I'm not even going to make an excuse. for not updating. I've just been lazy, that's it. But I've been pre-writing the stories, so there's not a problem there. I'll update soon.