This is my first Luka x Gakupo story so please be nice This is inspired by the song Mist-Missing Love. I hope you enjoy it!

Disclaimer: I own nothing related to Vocaloid-except the urge to write this.

The Love My Heart Couldn't Have

As I was growing up, I was never treated right; as a result, it was hard for me to smile.

I was so tired of being in pain; I would do anything to destroy it.

On one empty and lonely night, I see her in a dream.

The one woman I fell in love with.

But when I met her, something in my heart vanished…

Why did it vanish?

The love I felt…gone.

It was missing…

My heart was missing love…

Looking into her eyes, I saw something different…

Emptiness and loneliness…

When her skin brushed against mine, something else was felt.

A type of warmth had spread, but also unkindness.

It was as if she never held love in her heart.

She never wanted it…She didn't want her heart to change.

Even though I was always treated badly,

I will find a way to destroy the pain.

The next empty and lonely night, I will see her again…

When we are alone together once again,

Things that weren't said will be heard,

On this empty and lonely night, we will stay together.

The missing love in my heart will be found.

I hope you liked it!