Based off of the song Evil Food Eater Conchita - Meiko (Vocaloid)

There was once a woman in a restaurant deserted for many years. Although it previously served such delicious foods, the best of the best, you could say, the current menu was a bit . . . vile. This woman, who went by the name Kyōko Shirafuji, sat alone in this restaurant with no one else but her many chefs and her loyal servant, Yachiyo. Each day, she would eat nothing but the most disgusting foods known to man. Day after day, there was a new dish, each more gross than the last.
Of course, these meals, with their revolting smells and even worse contents, drove out their cooks within the first few days. It was no surprise when the current chef at the time, a tall, blond man with the name of Satō, asked to resign.
"Hmm?" Kyōko murmured looking up from her meal of decomposing who-knows-what. "Resigning? It is not as simple as that." As the young chef walked closer, Kyōko's intimidating grin grew bigger. And bigger, and bigger.
No, nothing could ever be that simple. Yes, Satō was losing his job, all right . . . as well as his life.
Mmm, Satō is yummy.
With one less person in the restaurant, it was much more lonely. Kyōko and Yachiyo with no food left, and no one to cook it.
. . . Well, there was something.
Yachiyo took it as a compliment when Kyōko began to lick her face, but unfortunately this did not last long, as there was pain soon after.
All alone in this restaurant, there was nothing left to eat; she was hungry. Nothing was left . . . well, there was one thing. The solution was right there in the mirror. The last thing to eat. Bit by bit, Kyōko managed to devour herself whole.
At last, the goal to eat everything gruesome was complete.