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"Ne, Amu-chii!" A girl with brown hair bounced around a girl with bubble gum pink hair, who was walking down the hallways towards her homeroom.

"Yes, Yaya?" Amu sighed as she continued walking.

" Amu-chii, guess what! Yaya has a boyfriend!" As Yaya said this, surprise caused Amu to stop walking.

"Eh...? Who?" Amu got over her shock and continued to walk towards her class.

"Kairi!" Yaya chirped happily. Her poofy yellow shirt raised up as she jumped.

"Yaya! Congrats!" Amu hugged the excited girl as she ceased to jump. "I'm so happy for you!"

All of a sudden, the one minute bell rang, making the girls jump and break apart. They then hurried to class, With Yaya going into her class, and Amu barely making it as the bell rang, her scarf flying out behind her. She spotted her friends, Rima and Nagihiko, sitting together in the middle row.

'Hm... So not Yaya, Kairi, or, thankfully, Tadase, isn't in my class this year... That really sucks that Yaya and Kairi aren't...' Amu thought as she hurried over to her friends.

"Amu! You've missed three months of school! What happened?" Nagihiko noticed amu quickly and spared no time before be grilled her.

"Um... Well... After my break up with... Tadase... My parents sent me to attend school at my grandmas so I wouldn't have to deal with... Seeing him..." Amu mumbled, embarrassed, then looked at Nagihiko as she spoke again, "I attended school at my grandmas, so I'm not behind! That's good right?"

"Haha, Amu! Do you know how long the choir teacher was depressed when she saw you were gone? She said she missed your beautiful voice!" Nagihiko laughed happily.

"Okay, class, quiet down!" And there started her first

day, where she was treated as a transfer student.

~Skip to after school~

Amu shivered as she began to walk home, the wind cutting through her clothes. All of a sudden, she heard a female voice yell and giggle.

"Oh, Ikuto-kun~! Come out, come out wherever you are!" A group of girls scampered over the snow covered ground in miniskirts and heels, searching for their 'Ikuto-kun'. She chuckled slightly as she made her way past the girls to her favorite place in the town, a snow covered clearing with a beautiful tree in the center. She smiled as she made her way to the tree.

When she reached it, she put her bag on the ground and sat on it as she inhaled the Wintery scent of evergreens and snow flowers. She felt the corners of her lips turn up as she rested her head on the smooth bark of the old tree. The tree was an evergreen that had soft and fluffy needles that calmed her. She just felt all of her worries fly away with the wind here. She opened her eyes and found herself looking directly into sapphire eyes. She screamed and jumped. She saw a guy staring at her. He was upside down, his legs holding on to a tree branch as his dark and beautiful blue hair brushed against her chest. Amu's face turned bright red as she realized how handsome this stranger was.

The guys mouth melted into a smirk as he eyed Amu's ever-reddening face. He then removed his legs from the branch as he did a backflip, landing right in front of Amu as she jumped up in surprise. He was many inches taller than her, she realized, as she looked up to stare at his face.

"Like what you see, perverted kid?" His husky voice sent shivers down Amu's spine as she steeled her nerves to make a retort.

"H-hey! Wh-what are you talking about, you perverted cat!" She took a step forward only to trip over a tree root and fall.

'H-hm? Why is the ground warm... And soft...' She slowly opened her eyes, and met the guy's sapphire eyes, which were inches away from hers. She realized she was just one shift away from kissing him, and squeaked as she quickly shot up and stood. The guy chuckled and Amu extended her shaky hand to help him up. He took her hand and the feel of his slender fingers made Amu blush hard. She helped him up, then he just stood there holding her hand.

"U-um, you could let go of my hand now..." Amu said, her face as red as the scarf she was wearing.

"Maybe I don't want to, perverted kid." The guy chuckled at Amu's reaction.

"H-hey! My name's not perverted kid! I'm Amu Hinamori!" She yelled at him.

"Oh, my bad, Amu. My name's Ikuto Tsukiyomi." Ikuto smirked as he introduced himself.

"W-well, Tsukiyomi-San-!" Ikuto interrupted her.

"Ikuto. Call me Ikuto, my strawberry." He chuckled again.

"Hey! I'm not a strawberry and I'm definitely not yours! Um, I have to go... My parents are expecting me." She pulled her hand out of Ikuto's grasp and started to leave when Ikuto grabbed her arm.

"Can I see you again?" Ikuto said quickly.

"..." Amu was silent, shocked. Then she smiled so brightly that it could melt the snow, and it made Ikuto's heart beat a little bit faster. "Yes!" She smiled as she started walking away from Ikuto again, only this time she wasn't stopped as she made her way home.

~at home~

"Mama, papa, Ami, I'm home!" Amu grinned as she ran into the front room. Her smile faded when she saw her parents sitting seriously on the couch.

"Amu-chan! Welcome home!" Her mother, Midori, stood up and hugged her tightly. Amu smiled in relief as she hugged her mother back.

"Amu honey, we have to tell you something." Her mother said as she sat back down on the couch and motioned for Amu to sit also. She did as her mind was filled with worry again.

"What is it, mama?" Amu said as she wondered what it would be.

"Darling, you are switching schools." Midori said cautiously.

"B-but mama! I just returned to school! All my friends go there! Why do I have to switch?" Amu said, visibly upset.

"You were offered a scholarship to Seiyo Acadamy." Midori replied.

"W-wait... THE Seiyo Acadamy? Why would they do that? That's a rich kid school!" Amu said, shocked.

"Yes, but this is a good opportunity. You have to accept this scholarship!" Midori grasped Amu's hands.

"Okay, mama. I will switch." Amu said quietly.

"Thank you, Amu." Midori hugged her daughter hard, then soon drew back. " Go upstairs and pack; you'll be living in a dorm, and your moving into the Acadamy tomorrow. Your school uniform is on your bed."

"Yes mama. I'll go and pack." And with that, Amu disappeared up the stairs to her room.

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