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Amu: Yo. :]
Ikuto: are you really going to keep saying that?
Heather: Ah, Amu did you hear something?
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Amu: Ah, I think so... Is it a Neko* meowing, maybe?
Heather: possibly.
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Chapter 6: pocky.(Heather: sniff, sniff! Chapter six already?! ;A;)

Normal POV

Amu walked quickly to the royal garden, eager to see Ikuto and his beautiful flowers. About five minutes later, she reached the greenhouse. She took the key necklace off of her Neck and unlocked the door. When she went in, she locked the doors back,slipped the key back over her neck, and tucked it into her dress. She went to the center of the greenhouse and sat on one of the two midnight blue couches. She laid down on the couch as she sighed and waited for Ikuto. She closed her eyes.

"Mmm... Blue underwear? My favorite color." A husky voice said as Amu's eyes flew open to see her knees open and a head of blue hair looking between them.

~Amu's POV~

I heard a deep voice talking about blue underwear. Then I remembered I was wearing blue underwear and my eyes shot open. Ikuto was at the bottom of the couch, staring between my legs. I squeaked as I snapped my legs shut and quickly sat back up. I glared at Ikuto as my face glowed red.

"Ikuto! What the hell! Baka hentai*!" He smirked at me.

"Nice underwear." He winked.

"Screw you."

"Please do."

"Not like that, you Baka*!" I yelled, even more embarrassed than before. Ikuto sat down next to me and put his arms around me. "G-get off of me!"

"I don't wanna..." Ikuto put his face in my hair. "You smell good."


"Like chocolate covered strawberries, and... Vanilla?" He inhaled deeply as I blushed even harder. Then a smell reached my nose. It's... Cinnamon, and... Cloves? I sniffed the air. It's coming from Ikuto?! It smells so good... And comforting... I leaned into Ikuto's arms as I inhaled Ikuto's scent.

"You smell like cinnamon and cloves..." I said cautiously.

"Is that a bad thing?"

"No... It smells really good..." I closed my eyes.

"Smell pervert."

"Look who's talking.." I yawned. "You can let go of me now."

"Nah..." I rolled my eyes.

"Mmm, whatever..." And with that, I closed my eyes as Ikuto played with my hair, and slowly fell into a deep slumber, the best I've had in months.

~later that night, about 8:30 pm~

"Did you sleep well?" Ikuto said after he shook me awake.

"Mmm... Yeah..." I yawned a stood up. Then my stomach growled. Loudly. My face burned in embarrassment. Ikuto chuckled.

"You hungry?"

"Yeah..." I remembered my bag of snacks as I smiled. I picked my bag up from the floor beside the couch and opened it. I took out a sweet bean paste bun, a yakisoba bun, and a box of pocky. Ikuto was startled.

"You still have those?!" He stared at me in disbelief.

"Yeah...?" I said, confused.

"Oh... I, um, thought you would throw them away or something..." His voice trailed off as a light dusting of red tinted his pale cheeks. I smiled as I unwrapped the yakisoba bun and stuck it in Ikuto's mouth.

"Stop worrying and eat with me!" I smiled as I unwrapped and started to eat the sweet bean paste bun. It was so delicious. I finished it quickly, then I opened the box of pocky. "Want one?" I stuck a pocky in my mouth.

"Actually, I do." Then, he leaned closer and bit half of my pocky off, and ate it.

"I-Ikuto!" I blushed bright red.

"Hm?" He smirked.

" Ugh! Never mind.." I smiled as we finished the box of pocky.

~Time skip, 10:00 pm in Amu's Dorm Room~

I laid in bed thinking about the days events. Ikuto... I dont know why I cried over Ikuto calling me dense... I'm probably just having mood swings today. I closed my eyes after I thought that, and slowly fell asleep.

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Neko- Cat
Baka- Idiot/stupid/dumb
Hentai- Pervert
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