Resolution – By Slytherin's Dragon

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Chapter 4: The Proposition

On Sunday, Felix found himself rushing through Professor Babbling's Runes' problem set that was due the next day. He was sitting in the Room of Requirement which was currently in a 'library' like configuration with its shelves of textbooks, comfortable cushioned chairs, and sturdy tables.

It was one of the few places where he could find any sort of peace, considering that word had spread amongst the fourth years that Evander and Felix knew a lot about everything, were perfect suckers for tutoring when asked and that the demand for last-minute proofreaders for essays in Potions and Transfiguration due the next day was too damned high.

Damn, only in our first week of Hogwarts, and we are already the resident know-it-alls.

He had tried working at the actual Library earlier this afternoon, and was asked by no less than three people to read their work within the first five minutes. He had fled as soon as he could, after helping each individual through their problems, before anyone else could make a beeline for him.

He was finding himself kind of regretting spending his Saturday playing chess with Ron, while Evander had finished everything that was due within the next few days alongside with Hermione.

His intense concentration on the Runic square in front of him was broken when Evander strode into the room, and shut the door with a flourish. The ex-Head Auror carried an oddly familiar glass jar under his left arm and on closer observation, Felix asked, with some disbelief.

"Bloody hell; are those spiders in that jar?"

"Yup," Evander grinned and replied as if it was the most natural thing in the world to walk around with a jar of arachnids, when he arrived at the mahogany desk that Felix was working at. He put the jar down on the wooden surface with a loud unnecessary clang that made Felix wince, and the critters within to jump, "I just accioed the lot several minutes ago."

"That's nice," Felix said sarcastically and then looked dubiously at Evander, "What are you going to do with them?"

"Practice," Evander smirked slightly, but his tone was serious. He unscrewed the cap from the jar, and plucked out one spider with his left hand. With a quick flick of his wrist, his wand appeared in his right hand, and he pointed it at the squirming spider, "Figured that old Barty had the right idea..."

Felix looked perplexed, but patiently looked towards Evander for a more detailed explanation.

Please, tell me more...

"Engorgio," Evander incanted, and the rather fuzzy brown spider began to swell up in size. As it got too big for his hand, he dropped the arachnid on top of Felix's Runes homework.

"Hey! I was doing that!" Felix exclaimed with indignation.

Ignoring his former fledgling Auror's protest, Evander pointed his wand again at the spider and quietly whispered, "Imperio."

The spider reared up on its hind legs, and began to do a credible soft shoe across the table. It followed up on that performance with fabulous somersaults and gravity-defying acrobatic feats, before attempting a funny little bow and flinging itself off the table. Evander raised his wand and removed the Imperius with a simple flick, and followed it up with a second swish, which banished the enlarged eight-legged creepy crawly into non-being.

"You've done this before, haven't you?" Felix felt his throat go dry during Evander's Unforgivable performance during which all thoughts of finishing his Runes homework had long deserted him.

"Yes," Evander said calmly, "I have."

"When?" Felix asked gravely, dropping his eagle-quill to the table.

"Shortly before the Fall... when we were fetching a Horcrux from Bellatrix's vault – I don't exactly remember how many times I did it that day..." Evander sighed, "I was successful at all attempts made."

"You broke into Bellatrix's vault? Merlin... That's high security stuff back then... with dragons and shit!" Felix exclaimed, and then he paused to think some more, "Is that what the whole escaped dragon thing from Gringotts was about back then?"

Evander laughed, "Yup. We liked to make grand exits, back then."

"Ah, so why are you practicing your Imperio now?" Felix asked, curiously.

Evander grinned cheerfully, "I've got plans. I mean... we've got plans. I want this Voldemort shit done and out of the way by this school year. We are going to ensure the every single Merlin-damned loyal DE and Voldy-lover is rotting in Azkaban, Dementor-kissed, or deader than a doornail. I prefer the last option. "

Felix sighed loudly and with a resigned air, "And none of this is going to be legal, right? You've spent over a decade chasing after –"

"Yeah, I know. But this is the easiest way. And maybe..." Evander stopped, fixing Felix with a serious look and sighed resignedly as well, "The only way."

"So, may I know of our plans?" Felix wondered.

Evander looked thoughtful for a moment before he said, "Let's say that the first step starts at Halloween. I will tell you when I finish working it out. Enjoy the quiet life, for now."

"Bloody hell, the Goblet of Fire..." Felix racked his brain for the past significance of that particular week.

"Yes... yes..." Evander acknowledged, before turning away, "Now, I've got some of Ron's worst nightmares to torture and you've got some Runes to do. Get to it, Wedgewood."

"Um... sure," Felix said drolly to himself, before returning to his work, his brain distracted by thoughts of what mad things Evander could possibly have in mind for Voldemort's bitches.

Evander spent his entire evening, experimenting with the contents of his jar with intense determination.


Felix found himself staring blankly beside one of the large stained glass window of the Library, after dinner on Tuesday. It was a gray day, with heavy fog and one small portion of his mind kept track of the slow path the raindrops fell after smacking into the window, while the rest of his mind was occupied by matters literally years away. He was leaning casually against the windowsill, his elbows propped on his Care of Magical Creatures textbook.

"Felix... Felix?"

Felix moved his tall frame towards the voice that had broken him out of his reveries. Much to his surprise, it was Hannah. She was standing a little anxiously, with her Potions text tucked under her arm, and Felix had the urge to gently brush a wayward lock of hair out of her eyes, like he had done in the distant past.

Or future.

He was finding it incredibly difficult to hear Hannah say his 'new' name over the past few days. He missed his old one, or rather; he missed having the person he loved best in the world saying his true name.

You can never have what you want.

It just further resonated for him that things are different in this new reality.

Fate is fucking cruel...

And in this reality, Felix had realized all-too-well, that his past future was non-existent. Such was the paradox of time-travel, and only those caught in its grasp, would only truly understand the implications. And nothing hurt more than to know that the one you spent five of your happiest years with, would never have a single inkling of the events that had transpired.

He honestly didn't know what was worse, his situation back in the future past, or in the present.

Oh, how he wanted to smash the window in front of him... in fury, or was it... frustration...

He had never felt so utterly alone in the entirety of his life. Sure, there was Evander, but it wasn't the same.

Hell, he didn't even know himself... not anymore.

He sighed, and moved his fingers to rub his eyes that were slightly damp.

"Felix... are you alright?" Hannah asked concernedly.

He straightened himself up, "Yeah... I guess. So, what's up?"

"Could you read over my Potions essay?"

"Damn, you've done it already? Sure," Felix tried a little harder to make his tone a little more jovial. He picked up his textbook, and his bag that had been lying on the wooden floor of the Library beside him. The two headed for a table in a discreet alcove, and out of habit, Felix pulled out Hannah's chair for her. He sat himself down on the chair next to hers, and steeled his mind on the task at hand.

Read the essay, Felix. Don't think.

He spent the next five minutes reading Hannah's work, before pulling out his old eagle-feathered quill, and his blue ink to jot a few points and corrections down at the bottom of the parchment.

"You are rather old-fashioned..." Hannah found herself commenting upon her observation, "Everyone I know uses the spill-less and inkless quills these days. I like quills for writing, but I prefer a nice sharpened pencil for drawing."

Felix smiled tentatively, remembering that the grown-up Hannah loved to paint and sketch, and had a whole assortment of supplies, both Muggle and magical in her arsenal. "Yeah, I like the old stuff. I know it's rather quaint..."

Hannah's small smile grew a little larger, "I think it's nice. And you have nice handwriting, for a bloke."

"Thanks," Felix pushed the parchment towards her, "I think it's pretty good, but you are kind of missing a point or two about..."

Felix continued on about Potions, while Hannah found herself absorbed by the 'future' Potions Master's words. It was hard not to, for Felix genuinely loved his craft, and enjoyed sharing what he knew. It also helped that he had maintained the darker tone of voice of his adulthood, which always had a unique alluring quality to it since he had matured, especially so when he was talking passionately about a topic.

"You are better at this than Evander," Hannah said, after they were done, "And Snape. I actually understand this stuff now."

"That's high praise indeed, Hannah," Felix quirked a smile, and then he impulsively asked, "Do you want to be my Potions partner on Thursday? Evander wants to get to know other people better..."

Wow, does that excuse sound lame... even though it was true.

"Seriously?" Hannah looked bewildered, "You want me!" She pointed at herself, "To partner up with you in Potions? I am such a dunderhead in that subject..."

"Yeah... I'm serious." Felix found Hannah's awkwardness surprisingly endearing.

He mentally proceeded to slap himself for thinking such thoughts.

"And you aren't a dunderhead; it's just that Potions is a difficult topic, and all." Felix continued.

Hannah then finally nodded, "Sure, Felix – I will tell Susan to find another partner. She's been working up the guts to ask Anthony to sit with her."

"Really?" Felix grinned at Hannah's slip of gossip. "How convenient. I think Evander asked Terry earlier, anyways."

"Well, I've got to go and get ready for Astronomy tonight. Looks like a bad night for it, anyhow." Hannah looked gloomily out the nearest window, "Thanks for everything, Felix."

"No problem," Felix said dazedly as he packed up his own stuff. Slinging the bag over his shoulder, he left for the main study area in the library.

When he reached the main study space, filled with rectangular cherry wood tables, and plushy seats, he caught sight of Evander drawing more Runes on another piece of scrap parchment. The familiar triangle with its three Runes was back, but this time, Evander had drawn a line to bisect the triangle in half. Triangles were rarely utilized in applicative Runeology, whereas pentagrams and hexagrams were the most commonly used. Felix primarily used his skills in the field to derive theoretical formulae for experimental Potions.

"So, why triangles?" Felix asked Evander as he sat down.

Evander, who was still busy filling the space with Runes, responded, "Why not triangles? By the way, did you ask her?"

Felix shook his head and looked surprised, "How did you know I was with her?"

"Felix, Felix... I just saw her walk by a minute before you showed up from the same direction. It was only a logical deduction." Evander brushed the tip of his raven-feathered quill against his chin, before continuing to write, "There isn't that many people here, so close to curfew."

Before Felix could reply, there was a thunk as Hermione Granger gently dropped a box down on the table. Evander looked dubiously at the contents, which included the rather familiar badges, engraved with the four letter acronym: SPEW.

He felt a slight migraine begin to grow in his left hemisphere.

He definitely did not have the energy to tackle a revolutionary Hermione today. Not after doing all his homework, and looking over Terry's, Anthony's and Su's Potions essays in the past hour.

He decided to step back, and let Felix do the work.

"SPEW?" Felix reached for a badge, and examined it.

"Society of the Promotion of Elfish Welfare," Hermione explained primly.

"Come again?" Felix was compleltely baffled.

"House-elves! It's completely unfair! Forced to work all the time, punished if they do wrong, and no holidays!" Hermione exclaimed, rather passionately.

Evander sighed, and more thoughts of Kreacher came into his mind. He strongly believed in the bond between a Wizard and his elf, where there was mutual respect on both sides.

He missed his elf, dearly.

Kreacher had been there for him; long after Ginny had ditched him, and had patiently and tactfully picked up whatever pieces of him that were left. The elf had tried coaxing him with his favourite dishes, listened whenever he was in the odd talkative mood and quietly cleaned his empty Firewhiskey bottles for months on end before Kreacher finally started foisting not-too-subtle hints that he really ought to move on, and get help for his addiction to Dreamless-Sleep.

Kreacher could be quite bossy when 'Harry' was being a stubborn bastard.

Maybe there was a way for him to get Kreacher back into his life, considering that Sirius really didn't want him.

Felix rolled his eyes, "So, you want to liberate them?"

"Well, yes..." Hermione said, taken aback by Felix's lack of excitement.

"How much research did you do on this, exactly?" Felix asked, rather curiously.

"Well, I read about the nature of the bond, and after I saw how the Malfoys treat Dobby..." Hermione mused, "And I went through some law books, but there isn't really anything..."

"Hermione, Hermione... Most elves regard their service with their Mistresses and Masters as the highest honour attainable in life. And the Malfoys are a horrible example of the working conditions of a typical elf. Offering them freedom will offend them. Most wizarding families treat their House-elves with respect, and some like family." Felix explained, rather patiently.

He had been practically raised by an elderly house-elf, considering what kind of parent his mother was.

"So, you won't help me?" Hermione looked a little upset.

Felix sighed, "No, it's a futile crusade, Hermione. You have to think about it from the perspective of the House-elf. A free elf, unlike a free wizard, is looked down upon, on both factions – by their own species, and by wizardkind alike."

"I think, what Felix is trying to say," Evander finally decided to speak, "Is that your intentions are good, but the net result of the plan you've laid out here will cause more harm than good."

"And you are right, there are abusive people out there," Felix admitted, "But the thing is, you underestimate the House-Elf. They are quite tricky little buggers with their own brand of special magic, and will look for loopholes to make their Masters miserable to get even."

"Alright..." Hermione sighed in resignation and picked up the box of badges, defeated by rational argumentation, "I will go back and revaluate my plans then... You guys both sound like you know about House-Elves..."

"Yeah, I guess." Felix said.

"Look at the time," Evander mused, as he turned around to look at the Library clock, "I think I am going to turn in – got Potions with jolly old Snape tomorrow."

"You're right." Felix agreed, "I've got that bloody poster to make, right?"

"Yeah, you promised," Evander picked up all his parchments and stuffed them in his bag, "See you, Hermione."


On Thursday morning, most of the students of Hogwarts were crowded around the entrance to the Great Hall, around a certain section of wall. On the wall, hung a poster emblazed with the words "Hogwarts Quidditch League" and below that was a long list of rules and regulations, as well as registration information.

"Bloody hell, you've actually gone –" Fred started to say to Evander, whom the twins had spotted lurking behind a statue near the poster itself.

"And done it!" George finished with astonishment.

"Done what?" Evander asked them in pretend bafflement.

He smiled at the sight of Fred and George, together.

He still remembered the moment when George had realized his twin was dead after the Final Battle, and it was a scene that would continue to haunt him over and over again in his dreams. George didn't scream in anguish, like their mother had done, shed tears like Ginny, or broke down like Ron and Percy had done. He had an odd stoic expression on his face, and at that moment, Evander had realized that two people had died the day Fred did.

Fred pointed to the poster hanging across the room, "You talked to –"

"Professor Flitwick, didn't you?" George accused, "You don't fool us, Evander!"

"Well..." Evander grinned, "Maybe... I might have let slip a little something after Charms class, a few days back. Felix made the poster, anyhow."

"So, can we be on your team?" Fred asked.

"Did you even read the rules?" Evander pointed in the direction of the poster, just as Fred had done.

"Um... no!" George admitted, "But we break them, all the time."

"Well, you clearly missed the no siblings on the same team bit." Evander smirked.

Fred and George looked at each other with feigned horror.

"Oh no, he did not just say –"

"Oh, I think he did, Gred –"

"Bloody hell!"

"I call Evander!" Fred yelled quickly.

"No, I do!" George countered, "Besides, I've flown with him, last week. I've got, what's that word – experience."

"But you already got to fly with him." Fred complained.

"Um... guys..." Evander tentatively interrupted, "Let's do this fairly. I've got a coin here... Heads will be Fred, tails, George." He flipped it before they could get another word in. "Heads it is."

"Fine, I will go see if Harry needs a beater for his team." George strode away, before tossing an 'it's alright' wink back at Evander.

"So, who exactly is going to be on our team?" Fred asked.

"Well, Jason, one of our Beaters asked me already, Felix, and there is you. We need to snag a Slytherin, and Felix is working on the Hufflepuff."

"Multi-house too! No problems, Evander, I will see if we can get an adequate Chaser or Keeper from the House of the slimy." Fred saluted.

"That would be excellent. Take your time though, deadline's not till two weeks from now."

"See ya, Slytherins to chase down, and all." Fred walked away with a determined look, towards the green fraction of the crowd.


At the back of the Potions classroom, Felix found himself sitting beside Hannah at the back of the room. Evander had given him a wink shortly after he had sat down, and he also knew that he would have to approach the Quidditch question at some point.

He had slightly over a week left.

And he wasn't stupid. He knew why Evander had even bothered with the dare. It was his way of getting him to face his unresolved issues.

Manipulative bastard.

But then again, he could have turned it down and Evander could have asked her instead. So the onus was once again, on him.


"I heard you were at the game, on Saturday," Felix found himself starting up the conversation, as he retrieved his old and slightly battered eagle quill and a piece of fresh parchment.

"Yeah, I was. Surprisingly, it was one of the most exciting games I've seen at the Hogwarts pitch. Harry finally has competition in the Seeker department." Hannah replied with a grin. "You were pretty good, yourself."

If only she knew... who Evander really was.

"Thanks." Felix said graciously – knowing that when Hannah said something like that, she meant it, "Do you play?"

"Yeah... at home... with my Dad and his friends during the summer. It's usually a riot." Hannah said wistfully, "My dad says I have the makings of an excellent Chaser."

Felix sighed. He had played Quidditch with Hannah's dad and his friends several times before. It had been some sort of boyfriend initiation thing or something like that.

He had passed.

"So, are you on the House team?" Felix asked, just as Severus Snape gracefully walked over to his desk, his robes drifting elegantly behind him.

"No," Hannah shook her head.

The two of them fell silent as Snape proceeded to take attendance and begin his lecture. Hannah had picked up her quill to take notes in her familiar calligraphic handwriting, pausing then and there to doodle on another piece of spare parchment. Felix found his eyes drifting over to Hannah, while he took minimal notes on whatever Snape was talking about – something about the explosive properties of dragon horn powder – but he was barely paying attention.

Finally, Snape stopped his lecture and waved his wand at the board. The recipe list for Anti-Nausea Potion appeared on the board.

"You have one hour. When you are done, hand in your Potion. Start," Professor Snape said curtly, before sitting himself down at his desk.

Felix fetched his own cauldron from his bag and enlarged it, as did most of the students around them. It wasn't long before his Potion was bubbling merrily, the sweet smell wafting through the air.

"Um... Hannah, you should cut the twisted aubergine with a silver knife." Felix looked critically at the blonde beside him who was struggling with the cutting, "It's a lot easier that way."

"Oh?" Hannah looked surprised, but she traded her stainless steel knife for a silver one. She took the distorted purple ingredient and proceeded to cube it. The silver blade cut through the material with ease, "Professor Snape never told us that."

"Well, it's something you learn through experience." Felix mused.

Yeah experience... that's about right. Fucking experience, indeed.

"You must have brewed a lot." Hannah said, while tossing her cubed eggplant into the boiling pot in front of her.

If only you knew how long I've been doing this, Hannah.

"Yeah, I find it very soothing. It's amazing how you can combine a bunch of seemingly random things, and with it, you could use it to stop death, change your luck and even cure..."

Felix stopped himself before he could say something stupid like Lycanthropy.

"Cure what?" Hannah asked curiously, as Felix threw in an entire rat liver into his cauldron, "Hey, wasn't that supposed to be minced?"

Felix shrugged taking advantage of the change in topic, "Makes no bloody difference at the end for this Potion. In fact, it makes it better. Trust me."

"If you say so," Hannah said wearily, but copied Felix's methodology anyways, considering how useful his tip about the twisted aubergines was. The Potion turned into a rich shade of crimson.

"Wedgewood," Professor Snape's silky tones issued from behind the two, almost causing Hannah to drop her knife. They hadn't even realized that he had been on the prowl. "What colour should the Potion be after adding in the liver?"


"Um... Purple, sir, according to the instructions on the board," Felix said, quickly scanning the blackboard again to ensure that his answer was right.

Seeing Snape about to retrieve his wand to vanish the contents of his cauldron, Felix immediately cut in, "However, if you add the next step... two Lotus leaves, and do a counter clockwise stir like so." He followed his spoken instructions, and the contents of the Potion immediately turned pale green.

Hannah quickly repeated what Felix did.

"Fascinating," Severus Snape was almost dumbfounded, as he watched his student cut up the last ingredient of the Potion, a pair of fire-salamander tails simultaneously, with a technique that screamed Potions Master.

"And, here we are, one Anti-Nausea Potion." Felix grabbed one of the clean Erlenmeyer flasks stored in the cabinet beneath their bench and decanted the contents of his delicate pale green Potion into the flask. He tapped the flask once with his wand to render it unbreakable, and his Potions professor grabbed the flask off the bench. Professor Snape held the liquid up, and his dark eyes scrutinized the contents, unbelievingly.

By this time, Hannah had decanted her Potion into her own flask. Her Potion was a shade of green that was slightly darker than Felix's had became.

"Well, Wedgewood..." Professor Snape finally recovered his powers of speech and said oddly, "You really shouldn't be in fourth year Potions."

No shit. Felix mused to himself. He noticed that the rest of the class, including Evander was looking at the exchange between him and their grumpy Professor. Evander had finished brewing his as well, but judging by the colour of his friend's Potion, Felix knew that Evander had followed the steps on the board.

"You and Murphy, come speak with me after class." Professor Snape said curtly, before turning to collect Hannah's Potion, as well as Evander's and Terry's. He also gathered all the essays that he had assigned earlier in the week from each one of them.

Felix knew that Professor Snape was going to have a shock later on while marking those papers, considering that over ninety percent of them had passed through either his or Evander's hands at some point.

"Oh bloody hell," Evander walked over to Felix and Hannah, "I hope we aren't in trouble."

"Trouble? For brewing something too bloody well?" Felix said with great amusement.

"That was pretty funny. I've never seen someone so gobsmacked in my life, when you started lecturing like that..." Evander admitted, "I don't know what he wants with me, however..."

"I had to do something! He was going to vanish my work!" Felix exclaimed.

Hannah finally added, "That was a scary moment, mind you. But I trusted you anyways."


I would never lead you astray, Hannah...


"Thanks, Hannah." Felix struggled to maintain his poker face, and then decided to attempt his original goal of the day to better cover-up his emotions, "Evander and I are forming a Quidditch team, and we need a Chaser. I was wondering if you'd like to join."

Hannah looked flustered. "Really?"

"Yeah, really," Evander nodded, "We've already got Fred and Jason for Beaters, Felix and hopefully you will be our Chasers, I will be Seeker and Captain and we still need two more people, but we are working on that."

"I'd be honoured," Hannah smiled, but then her insecurities resurfaced, "I hope I don't screw up."

"You won't." Felix looked at her reassuringly, while elbowing Evander in the ribs, signalling that his obligation to the dare was over.

"He might though," Evander teased while ignoring the abuse to his body, pointing at Felix.

Hannah found herself laughing.

"Hey! That's not very nice!" Felix looked insulted, but smiled sadly when he saw Hannah laugh genuinely.

Her laughter at fourteen was the exact same as her laughter when he knew her in his past existence.

The bell signalling the end of Potions soon rang, and as everyone else fled the Dungeons, Evander and Felix found themselves walking towards the front of the classroom, where Professor Snape was regarding them with curiosity.

"You two have demonstrated exemplary skill and knowledge in the area of Potions: Wedgewood, for demonstrating a better method for brewing a Potion not known to me, and Murphy, for your responses to my questions the other day, as well as your own more than adequate brews... The precise steps of brewing Wolfsbane are well beyond the curriculum covered in seventh year. My suggestion is this then, you two will be exempt from all Potions classes starting from now, and you two will sit your OWL this year with the other fifth years. Once or twice a week, you will come to my own private laboratory, and you will brew for me, as well as, hand in any work I assign you two. This is a unique opportunity, for the last time I've done this for another student was several years back. She sat her NEWT the year after, and she completed her Mastery with me in two years time."

"That sounds generous, sir," Evander finally spoke after he and Felix were stunned for many long seconds.

He had never ever even dreamed of getting this particular type of *special* treatment from Snape in his past days.

"I would like to accept, sir," Felix said, "I was frankly, getting bored."

"I guess I would like to, as well." Evander agreed, following Felix's lead.

"Then, meet me here tomorrow, at six. Don't be late." Professor Snape finally got up from his desk and billowed away to his office, signalling his dismissal.

When the pair were finally out of the Dungeons, Evander mused to Felix after snapping his fingers, "The hell did I just accept? I am light years behind in Potions compared to you."

"At least you have the opportunity to learn something new." Felix said, "My skills were honed almost a decade after the Snape in our time of existence was killed. I have to remember what the old methods were back then so I don't reveal too much about the future. Plus, Professor Snape never said that you had to do the Mastery with him. He's just giving us an opportunity to opt out of class and write our OWL and NEWT earlier."

"I guess so." Evander mused, "So much for keeping off the radar."

Felix laughed, "The offer was genuine."

"I know." Evander grinned, "I don't think Snape is capable of faking that particular expression when you were showing him your skills."

"Nope," Felix shook his head, "I never even knew he was capable of such a facial expression."

"Well, you know as they say, there's a first time for everything." Evander chuckled, "Maybe you should show off your Transfiguration skills to Minerva and opt out of that class too."

"Nah, I am quite fond of McGonagall's teaching," Felix admitted, "Plus, I think we want to keep my Animagi ability, quiet."

"You are so right." Evander concurred as the two made their way out of the dungeons, skipping over the trick steps that they had reacquainted themselves over the past week.

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