A/N: I wanted to make a place to publish my little stories that are not big enough for their own post. I will hopefully update this at least once a week, unless life decides to have other plans. Here are two stories to start us off! Hope you enjoy :)

Title: Stocking Stuffer

Genre: Friendship, Holiday

Characters: Holmes and Watson

Joan was undeniable excited for the holidays. She had always enjoyed the season as a child, even when her parents were having trouble with their marriage. In fact she appreciated the season even more then, for a truce seemed to be put in place and they enjoyed the season as a family should.

Sherlock was surprisingly neutral to the subject. He took no real notice in her light festive decorating of their shared home and she made sure to stay away from messing with his various collections of case files, locks, weapons, and such. She caught him in fact adding his own touches, shifting decorations and, in one instance, putting some ornaments on his chemistry items.

On Christmas morning they both slept in. Waking, Joan found a little stocking hanging on her door. She couldn't help the smile that grew on her face, and she left her warm bed eagerly. Bringing the little thing back to her covers, she tipped it to find a jar of honey, chocolate coins, and a thin wrapped box. Curiosity peaked, she carefully opened it to reveal a simple yet beautiful magnifying glass.

She couldn't wipe the smile off her face at the stealthy compliment that her gift was meant to be for the rest of the day. Though the fact that Sherlock did not take off the scarf and matching deerstalker cap she had given him might have been part of this as well.