Title: Early Morning Bee

Genres: Humor, Friendship

Characters: Holmes, Watson, and bee

Joan was awakened one morning, not by Sherlock's usual interruptions, but by a slight, but insistent, buzzing. Cracking her eyes open, she flinched away from the sunlight streaming into her bedroom. Blinking a few times and pushing herself upright, she tried to figure out where the sound was coming from.

She finally focused on the window, realizing there were little taps as well as the buzz. She found a small shadow moving in the light of the closest; a furry, winged shadow. Turning to place her legs over the side of the bed, she sat and watched the little insect, mesmerized by it for several minutes.

Shaking herself from her early morning stupor, Joan yawned and stretched as she stood. Walking her bedroom door, she opened it and called into the house, "Holmes, one of your bees has found its way to my window again."

Within moments, she heard his footsteps making their way up the stairs, and soon he was pushing his way past her into her room. He smiled as he moved to place his face nearly in the bees flight path, crowing, "There you are Megan!"

Joan rolled her eyes, commenting, "At least it's not Bertha again."

"Hmm, yes she did seem to take a liking to you," Sherlock muttered in a distracted way as he placed a cup gently over his charge. Slipping some paper under it, he made his way out of the room, talking to the bee in a slightly scowling voice.

"You're not their queen," Joan shot at his retreating back, a smile making its way to her face.