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Title: A Little Warmth

Genres: Friendship, General

Characters: Holmes and Watson

"Watson!" came an excited cry before Sherlock bounded over to where she sat on the couch. Coming to a stand still as he waited for her to look up, Sherlock bounced on his toes. She got to the end of the page she was reading, folded the corner and closed her book.

Schooling her face so it wouldn't break into a knowing smile, she met his gaze and asked, "Yes, Holmes? What is it?"

Bringing his hands from their spot around his back, a package was waved in her face. "You bought tea! Real tea!" He was having trouble containing himself.

She raised an eyebrow as if in surprise. "Did I?"

"It's come all the way from England!" He had now spun himself around and hurried into the kitchen, no doubt to savor the 'real' tea.

Joan herself stood and walked into the hall to find the rest of the package. Picking up the box, she checked to make sure it's other contents were in order. Various smaller containers held more tea from all over the world (China, India, Turkey) as well as some fancy coffee from Ethiopia and South American hot chocolate.

"Real tea," she chuckled, heading towards the kitchen as well. She enjoyed a multitude of warm beverages to get through the at times quite bitter Northeastern winter. And the world had plenty to offer.

She was glad Sherlock was excited for what she got especially for him, though. Seeing him busy himself around their kitchen, and even wash a cup for the occasion of tea drinking was wonderful. Maybe it would inspire more cleaning?

Now that was too much to hope for.