Title: Lazy Night In?

Genres: Friendship, Humor

Characters: Bell, Holmes, and Watson

Marcus Bell was having a relaxing evening at home. Sprawled in whatever way he saw fit on his couch, he dipped his hand into the slowly emptying bag of popcorn. The TV played some old cop show that he would laugh at every time the writers made a grievous mistake on some part of the police process.

Okay, so it wasn't exactly living it up and embracing the nightlife while he was still young, but it was sure as hell more relaxing.

As he stood to rummage in his kitchen from something to drink while an all too frequent commercial played, he heard odd sounds coming from his door. Tencing, he wiped his hands on his pants to remove the excess butter and salt, and moved towards the table he had placed his gun and holster down.

The sounds continued, sounds of muffled, urgent speech and movement. Then his doorknob started to move, obviously due to someone out there trying to force the lock. By this time he had his gun out, preparing it to shoot if necessary as he approached the door.

Just as he leveled it, the intruder sprung the lock and let the door swing open. Crouching in the hall in front of his apartment was none other than Sherlock Holmes, Ms. Watson looking exasperated and apologetic behind him.

They all just stared at each other for a time, before Holmes seemed to get bored and stood to move into the room. This prompted Marcus to lower his gun and ask, "What are you doing?!"

Joan stepped in as well, closing the door behind her. "He said he needed to talk to someone with less intelligence than me. I followed him here to try and keep him out of trouble," she explained, shrugging as though to make it less odd.

But this was Holmes, he was nothing but the embodiment of odd. "Alright, come on in then," Marcus said pointlessly, as he heard his couch protest as Holmes no doubt sat upon it. It just made him feel like he had a little control over his own home.

Joan gave him a smile and followed as he lead her to the living room. Marcus to a seat in the semi functional lazy boy chair, while she was left to swat Sherlock over for a place to sit on the couch.

As soon as they were all seated, Holmes began babbling about his current case, eyes focusing on the TV. Joan settled back, making herself comfortable and Marcus took the hint that this was going to be a long night. Slipping away when it seemed Sherlock was distracted, he returned to pass out cans of Pepsi for everyone, before settling in to try and puzzle out the seemly random events Sherlock was describing.

When they finally left at 2am, he was several junk food bags and soda cans lighter, but he found himself smiling. The night had actually been fun, Holmes laying out facts and Joan and himself trying to come up with answers and connections. They had made a game of it. As he shut off the still playing TV, he couldn't help but hope that this occurrence might happen again.