Title: That's Not a Hat, Sherlock

Genre: Humor, Friendship

Characters: Holmes, Watson, and Clyde

Joan reclined contently on the couch, watching a football game between two teams she didn't really care for, merely to be entertained by the sport itself. She had her iPad on her lap, and surfed it without any real goal while the ads played. On a nearby table rested a cup of tea and what was left of some pizza take out.

Her little bubble of peace and happiness was interrupted quite abruptly by the placement of a tortoise on her head. She made herself very still so as not to knock the little guy off, while his small claws tried to get some grip from her hair and scalp.

"Sherlock." she said in as calm a voice as she could. "Why is Clyde on my head?"

"I am doing an experiment," his voice came from somewhere close to the back of her head that had been resting on the couch.

"One, I thought we had agreed I am never to be part of your experiments," Joan set down her iPad and reached up carefully to retrieve Clyde. "And two, how does putting a tortoise on my head help deduce anything?"

Instead of answering, he vaulted himself over the back of the couch to sit beside her. Joan now had Clyde on her lap and was giving his tummy a rub as an apology for his mistreatment. After several moments of silence, Joan asked, "You just wanted my attention, didn't you?"

Sherlock just grumbled, "I don't understand your admiration for sports."

Joan rolled her eyes, settling back to watching the game while Clyde took a nap. Sherlock, despite complaining every few minutes, stayed by her side and even passed her the tea so she wouldn't have to move and disturb Clyde.

All in all, it was a pleasant evening in.