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Title: Observations

Genre: Friendship, Humor

Character/s: Sherlock, Joan, Alfredo, and a puppy

"Sherlock, where in the world did you get that puppy?" was something Joan probably should have expected herself to be saying at some point, because when was Sherlock anything if unpredictable in his collecting of objects. But she couldn't hide her surprise from her tone even if she wanted too.

"Alfredo acquired him for me," he was laying on the floor, little puppy sprawled in front of him so that their noses almost touched. It seemed they were communicating with each other in some silent way.

"It's a her actually," Alfredo appeared from the kitchen, eyes focusing on the staring contest taking place on the living room rug. In one hand he had a bowl of puppy chow, and with the other he tipped his hat to Joan.

"I knew it was a her, I was testing your observation skills."

"You must not think very highly of them, then," Alfredo grumbled, eyebrows raised.

Joan honestly didn't know how to respond to all this. Opening and closing her mouth a few times, she finally said, "Clyde will be jealous."

"I'm only borrowing him to determine if a puppy can drive someone to commit acts of violence," Sherlock assured, voice muffled from his position. Joan and Alfredo shared a disbelieving look, but they both moved to sit on the floor with their friend to keep him company (as well as to make sure the puppy came to no harm).

"What should I name her," Alfredo asked suddenly, reaching out to gently scratch the pup from head to scruff. Both Sherlock and Joan looked up at this, causing him to shrug. "My condition for borrowing was to give her a good home once she was old enough."

Joan grinned at this, turning her gaze back to the little mutt who could only have been a month old. "I have always liked the name Mary," she suggested. Sherlock pouted to himself as he was no longer the focus of attention.

"Mary," Alfredo nodded thoughtfully. "It suits her."

And with that they lapsed into silence, the puppy finally growing tired of Sherlock and wandering over to munch some of the soft food. Finding herself hungry as well, Joan stood and pulled out her phone, asking, "Okay, who wants take out?" and sealing their plans for the evening.