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"So you are saying that it's all girls fault?" said Harry.

"No I'm saying that women are the root of all evil, only Voldemort and I have different ways to subvert them," replied Professor Dumbeldore sagely.

"I don't get it."

"Well, he believes that the old ways of the purebloods, to use woman as property, is the best way, while I believe that women should be taken out of the picture altogether."

"I'm still not getting it Professor."

"I see, very well, since you have not taken arithmancy, I shall show you the formula used to come to this conclusion." With a swish of his wand Dumbeldore conjured a piece of parchment and a quill. "You see, women = time + money, and time = money, so women = money + money or money^2. Money is the root of all evil so women = √ (evil ^2), therefore women = evil."

"You're crazy," Said Harry "Where will the children come from then?"

"We have spells that will help with that problem, besides I think you and young Mr. Weasley will have very beautiful children."

"MR. Weasley?!"

"Yes and you will look so cute while you're pregnant."


"Ahh but you are, this is just the first step to a world with out evil."