Nanami POV
I froze. I couldnt believe it. What's going to happen when Tomoe finds out? I thought to myself as i looked at the plus sign on the pregnancy test in my that night of the festival when Tomoe kissed me. We started dating. Now its a year and a half later and im half way though my senior year of highschool.
Im so sacred right now i dont know what to do. It was the middle of the night so everyone was asleep. I was sleeping when i felt the sudden urge to vomit. I ended up vomiting in to the tolet. That's when i realized that i have missed my period ,so i got a pregnancy test.
I quitly tip toed to the door and slid my shoes on and went for a walk to clear my mind. What am i going to do? O thought as i sat down on the park bench. ',all i know is that i am keeping this baby no matter what it is.'i thought putting one hand on the small baby bump. I smiled and started to walk back to the shrine. I quietly slid the door open and walked back to my room.i sliped under the covers and wondered how i was going to tell him as i fell asleep.
Next morning. Nanami POV
Since it was Sunday, so i got to sleep in. At 11:30 am,Tomoe brought me breakfast in bed but when i refused. He gave me a worryed look and asled if everything alright. Just as i was about to answer him,i felt the sudden urge to throw up once again. I covered my mouth and ran to the bathroom. As i vomited in the tolet,Tomoe held my hair back for me. After i was done puking my guts out,i got up to brush my teeth.

'nanami,What's this?'He said hold the pregnancy test that i threw in the trash.

` Its...its a pregnancy test...'i said embarrassed.

'nanami,...are you?...'he said cocking his left ear to the left. At that point i broke down and started to cry. I didnt know what to do. I felt a strong pair of arms wrap around my shoulders and pull me into his chest.

It really seems like we stayed like that for hours.

My stomach started to act up again so he cared me to my futaton. He layed me down on it and and turned to put the breakfast away.

'wait,Tomoe.'I said holding on to his sleeve.'dont go. I dont wanna be left alone'

He set the tray down and layed next to me. I closed my eyes for a little bit,thinking about what was going to happen.

'Tomoe?'i said looking up from his chest. He was sound asleep. All of a sudden i felt a pair of arms reach around my waist and pull me closer to him.

'ill always protect you and the baby'he whispered in my ear. I smiled as tears slid down my face.

'arigatou'i said giving him a passionate kiss on the lips and we dirfted of to sleep.