Tomoe Pov

I woke up next to nanami who was fast asleep. Thinking about what just happened. I'm excited and little shocked at the same time, but I'll all ways be there for her. She started to stir and woke up. Good mourning' she said even though it was the afternoon 'do u feel better?' I said putting one of my hands on her stomach. 'Yeah...arigotu' she said putting her hand over mine,smiling. She sat up rumbing her eyes. You should eat ur breakfast.'i said rubbing her stomach'HE wpuldnt like it if you ate the food cold.' 'hehehe,how do you know its going to be a boy?'I said putting one of my hands over his.'what if its a girl?' 'She would be as beautiful as her mother.'i said resting my chin on her head Well...if it was a boy. He would look as handsome as his father.'I said looking up at him. Of course.' He said smirking as he kissed me. I kissed her on the forehead and went to go heat up her breakfast. I know that we are going to have a dazzling future together.

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