Chapter Three- Sadness

"What?" Aro immediately exclaimed, his face twisting up in a expression of disbelief. As for Caius, his eyes narrowed imperceptibly as his mouth turned up at the edges in a mocking manner. Marcus, last of all to react, simply furrowed his eyebrows in grim confusion.

"What do you mean, 'the Cullens are trying to kill me'?" He asked in the ominous silence. Bella smiled at him with a hint of bleak amusement in her gaze. Self-consciously, she pulled the silk sheets over her shoulders again and leaned her head against the softness of the fluffy pillows.

"I mean, the Cullens have been trying to get rid of me with many cruel and heartless methods that I don't feel comfortable describing," She whispered, her eyes glazing over with a layer of wretched tears. None of the kings had any words to say to that, but Caius did have some words he thought were worth mentioning:

"Sounds to me like the Cullens have finally given up on their reckless attitudes against feeding on humans, and have finally decided to accept their true natures. Doesn't sound like something to be worry about," He said with a unconcerned shrug. His eyes were closed so he didn't notice Bella's glare until she contradicted his words.

"Their feeding habits hasn't changed, it's their attitudes towards me that has changed! All last month, they've been wanting to hurt me and leave me for dead! Not suck the life out of me! You don't know the torture I've gone through! The sleepless nights I had to endure so they wouldn't come busting through my window to slit my throat! I barely escaped from them last time! Who's to say-" Bella shouted as she lifted up from the covers until suddenly her body shook with violent tremors. Clutching her stomach, she fell back on the bed with a heavy thump, her eyes shutting close.

"Isabella!" Aro and Marcus both shouted as Bella gave a weak groan. Caius stared with large eyes as the girl, who just had the gall to yelled at him, clutched at the pillow underneath her head with trembling fingers.

Sweat traveled down her forehead, leaving sticky trails that would have to be washed away later. Taking deep breaths like Dr. Gerandy had instructed her to do, she focused on calming her mind, thus her body. In a few seconds, the tremors turned to shivers and then disappeared completely. Opening her eyes, she made eye contact with first Marcus and then Aro. Stubbornly, she made sure she didn't look at Caius, so her mind wouldn't bubbled up with anger again.

"I'm okay," She said as Marcus opened his mouth, most likely to asked her if she was. Nodding once, he glanced over his shoulder to shoot a furious glare at his blonde brother who was leaning casually against the wall with a shocked expression.

"Perhaps…you should leave, brother. It would seem that it would do Isabella some good if you did," Aro suggested with a cautious slowness, turning around on his heel to look at Caius.

Caius's face hardened, but he gave one sharp nod in reluctant agreement before leaving the tensed room. The small door shut with a loud click, Felix's worried expression disappearing behind it.

"Now, Isabella, surely Carlisle has done something about this? He, out of all the Cullens, has the most restraint and compassion. This, we both know," Aro questioned, a admiring, if not proud, smile appearing on his face at the end of his words. Even though he didn't exactly approve of his old friend's diet, he could not help but regard Carlisle highly for his powerful restraint.

Smiling a miserable smile, Bella shook her head. "Like I said, it isn't their feeding habits that has changed. It's them. Their personalities, their kindness toward me."

Lowering her head gloomily, she continued in a tired voice, "Besides, it was Carlisle who was the first to changed in the first place."

"Why don't you explained what you mean, Isabella?" Marcus proposed in a caring tone as he reached over to hold her hand in a reassuring manner. For some reason, he felt like he should give her as much comfort as he could.

"Okay," She whispered with half-lidded eyes, "Um, it started about three months or so after we left Volterra. I had just hurt my wrist due to a uh, hardheaded friend of mine, and Carlisle was checking it for me."

"Hmm, doesn't seem too bad," Carlisle mutters to himself as he holds Bella's swollen right wrist in his hand, examining it from all angles. Bella looks up at him with a look of disbelief.

"Really, Carlisle? Really?" She says sarcastically as he glances down at her with an amused smile. Chuckling silently, he nods his head.

"Yes, Bella, it really isn't bad. Due to you applying ice to it, the swelling has stopped. Honestly, it looks like a grade one sprained anyway."


Carlisle smiles even wider. "Meaning…you might not even need a cast. Just need to be wrapped. Would that be okay, or would you prefer to have a cast?"

Relief spreads through Bella at the thought of not having to wear a cast. "Wrapped, please."

"Very well," He says with an small nod, reaching for some gauze. Gently, he begins to circled it around her wrist.

"So, do I want to know how you came upon this little sprain?" He asks in the calm silence, his eyes twinkling as if he knew already what had happened. Letting out a angry huff, Bella frowns.

"I punched a certain stubborn friend of mine in the jaw. Of course, I was the one most hurt from it."

Carlisle chuckles and shakes his head. "And here I thought you were all for peace and nonviolence, sweetheart."

Bella grins at his teasing, gazing at one of the paintings in the room as she replies, "We can't all be great pacifists like you, Carlisle. We just can't." A sudden tight squeeze of the gauze around her wrist makes her wince with a loud squeak.

Turning back to Carlisle, she bites her lip in worry as she notices the almost angry look on his face. "Carlisle, I didn't mean to upset you, I'm sorry," She apologizes quickly. That's when she notice that his eyes were growing darker, the bright gold fading into a night black. Slowly, his pupils widen until they cover almost his entire eyes.

"Um, Carlisle, you're hurting me," She whimpers as she tries to pull her aching wrist from his tightening grip.

"Am I, darling?" He whispers in a cold tone, "I didn't even notice."

Almost immediately after he said that, he bent her wrist to the side, causing sharp pain to shoot up Bella's arm. She screams in pain and fear just as Alice and Edward burst through the door.

"Carlisle, what are you doing?" Alice shouts as Edward forcefully pulls Carlisle away from her. Holding her now, most likely broken wrist to her chest, Bella closes her eyes as she faints from the excruciating pain into a dark abyss.

Not a word is spoken. Bella rubbed her right wrist as if remembering the horrible night.

"Isabella….I'm truly sorry to hear that happened to you. And by Carlisle, no less," Aro said with a sad frown, empathy swirling in his gaze. Bella accepted Aro's genuine words with a grateful smile.

Tilting his head, Marcus quietly asked, "Isabella….what happened after that?"

Bella stared at the ceiling in a trance-like state. "Carlisle passed out himself, which scared everyone, and he didn't wake up for a whole twenty-four hours. Once he did wake up, he couldn't remember a single thing about the night before. All he could remember was hearing my answer about pacifism and then supposedly everything in his vision turned red and he just…mentally blacked out."

"Then who…changed next?" Aro asked carefully. He took a seat on the other side of the bed.

"After Carlisle it was Esme, then Rosalie, then Emmett, then Alice and then Jasper. Edward was the last one to change, and for that I will forever be grateful. He was able to tell me how much he love me and that whatever was happening to his family would most likely happened to him, but that wouldn't end his love for me. He made me promise that the moment he seemed even slightly different, I would leave him before I get hurt. And I did, the moment the pupil of his eyes started changing unnaturally. After that… nothing has ever been the same. "

Tears crawled down Bella's cheeks as she sniffled sadly. Taking a expensive looking handkerchief out the breast pocket of his suit jacket, Marcus handed it to Isabella with a sympathetic smile. Bella gave a small smile of thankfulness at him before taking the silk cloth.

"Thank you," She whispered, dabbing at her face and eyes.

"Your welcome."

"Hmm, I assume Isabella, you wish to rest for you must have had an tiring day. The bathroom is on your right while the closet is on your left. I'm believe there are nightclothes in the closet from our last…visitor," Aro smiled cheerfully to covered up the awkwardness of his last sentence.

Bella nodded and then glanced at the cloth in her hand with an elegant M V engraved in the far corner of it. Slowly looking up, she handed back the handkerchief with an reluctant slowness.

Marcus smiled, and wrapped an large hand around her smaller one that was holding the piece of fabric. "Keep it, piccolo. I believe you need it more than I." Bella blushed a light pink and nodded in embarrassed agreement, her dead eyes giving a small spark of life that wasn't there before.

Standing up, he released her hand and bowed slightly. "Goodnight, Isabella. I hope pleasant dreams crossed your mind tonight," He said to her softly before exiting the room with his brother right beside him.

"Yes, goodnight, Isabella. See you in the morning, as you mortals like to say," Aro added with a joyful grin and cheerful wave.

"Goodnight," Bella said back quietly, her hands clutching the silk cloth tightly in her fingers.

Closing the door behind him, Aro turned to Felix, who was fidgeting like a madman, and ordered, "Come with us, Felix. I wish to see how your mission went."

Felix gazed at the door leading to the room with an expression of concern, but agreed with a bow.

"Heidi," Marcus called, only raising his voice slightly. In a few seconds, the beautiful immortal appeared.

"You called, Master?" She asked, her head low in respect.

"Yes. I want you to guard Isabella's room until Felix returns, understood?" Marcus raised an eyebrow.

"Yes, Master Marcus."

"Good. Make sure to stay by her door at all times. We don't need the young ones to enter her room, no matter how curious they are." With that said, Marcus, Aro, and Felix left to go to the Northern Wing of the castle, where the Masters' chambers resided. Hiding in the shadows, a small figure watched them leave before glaring at Bella's door with eyes as red as a crimson rose.

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