Ok, here's my next chapter. In the first one, Draco finds out that he's gay, and that he's obsessing over this boy's bright green eyes, whom he had met in Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions. Draco now is trying to find out who the boy is in this chapter.

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Chapter 2: The Discovery of the Green Eyes.

"What?" Draco shouted. "I'm gay?! But why didn't I ever realize it around Blaise, or around any of the other guys I usually hang with?"

"Because, Draco, you weren't attracted to them. This would have come out later if you hadn't met that young man in the robe shop." Mrs. Malfoy said patiently. "I assume that you won't be telling any of your friends about this, then?"

"Of course not! My friends look down on… on abnormal people! I used to be one of them! But now that I am as abnormal as them, how in the hell would I look down on them when I have to go through the same damn thing!" Draco said, once again panicking. He stood up and started pacing.

"Well, Draco, you have a few more weeks until you have to go to Hogwarts. Maybe you'll figure it out then." Mrs. Malfoy stood up and brushed her clothes off. "Your father will be wondering what's keeping me. Keep in mind that you don't have to show it. You are allowed to keep it hidden. A lot of people like you do that."

Draco nodded his mind on trying to find out who the boy was. "Mother, could you know the boy? I could try to draw you the best picture of him, and do you think you could identify him?" he asked her hopefully, looking at her from the couch.

Mrs. Malfoy thought for a moment. "It's possible, dear. Now I really need to go. I'll see you in the morning," she said, and turned to the door.

"Goodnight, Mother." Draco said, and turned around to go through another door to use one of his shortcuts to his bedroom. He had deposited the genealogy book onto his bed, but didn't grab it the second he walked through his door. He sat down at his desk, and summoned one of the house elves.

"Master called Haley?" the house elf said in a high voice.

"Yes, bring me some drawing paper and a good pencil or two," Draco said, sending the house elf away, and she came back with a few sheets of paper and a couple of well sharpened pencils. "Is that all Master Draco?" she asked. "Yes, you are dismissed." Draco said, and turned to the paper.

He sighed and thought to himself, I hope I can sketch a good enough photo, and with that, he started drawing.

# # # # # # # # # #

Draco stretched his arms after a few hours, finally satisfied with his work. He picked up the final drawing and studied it. "Well, I don't think I could draw him any better, so this is better than nothing."

The photo was almost an exact replica of the boy, but Draco thought that he could never get the eyes as perfect as possible. They were the main reason that he took so long to draw the picture. He laminated the photo, and set it aside. Then he changed into his sleeping garments, and went to bed. He tried to go to sleep, but he spent some more hours trying to get the boy's eyes out of his mind, but he couldn't. When he finally fell asleep, he had dreams of the boy, just sitting there, just out of reach.

Draco woke up, and feeling very confused. He shook his head and checked the time. It was only 4:30 in the morning. He groaned. No wonder I feel so crappy, I only slept for about 2 hours. He sighed and fell against his pillows. He laid there for a few minutes and just thought. Then he remembered that he was supposed to have met with Blaise at midnight. He had planed to tell him about the boy, but now that he knew that he was gay, he didn't know what Blaise would think.

He shook his head, and got up. He went over to his desk and wrote a quick letter to Blaise. He explained that he had to talk to his mother and then had forgotten the meeting after the talk. He apologized a few times and then sent the letter with his owl. Then he went and sat on his bed. He checked the time again, and saw that he only had another hour and a half before he had to go down for breakfast. He stretched and went to get the genealogy book.

He sat at his desk and opened the book. He started with family trees. He found his own easily, but as he didn't know the boy's surname, he decided to look for family traits that he had. he searched through the book, but couldn't find anything. He sighed in disappointment. He looked at the clock, and decided to get changed for breakfast.

Draco set the book down and went to his closet. He searched for a second, and decided on emerald green t-shirt, and some blue jeans. Then he grabbed the photo and summoned Haley back.

"Master summoned Haley, sir?" she squeaked.

"Yes, since I don't know how to yet, could you shrink this so I can put it in my pocket?" Draco asked, holding out the laminated photo.

"Of course sir, I can do it now if you want," she said, taking the photo.

"Thanks do that now." Draco said, and watched as Haley shrank it. He took it back, and said, "Thanks Haley, you're free to go."

She bowed and disappeared with a loud pop. Draco put the photo in his pocket, and went down to breakfast. By time he got there, his mother and father were already seated. "Draco, you were nearly late. What took you so long?" Lucius Malfoy asked, looking at him.

Draco took his seat, and said, "I had to do something really quick, Father. I tried to get it done as fast as possible, but it took longer than I expected."

He glanced at his mother and she nodded, understanding what he had to do. Then Draco looked back at his father, and his father looked at him suspiciously.

Draco had his mask on an expression of bored interest, but was really feeling excitement. He hoped that when he showed his mother the drawing, she'd know who he was. So, he ate as fast as possible without making his father even more suspicious.

Once he was done, he announced, "I'm going to the library. I need to look something up before we go anywhere. Is that alright, Father? Mother?" he looked at his parents. His mother nodded her head, and his father said, "Don't take too long, Draco. We have some things to discuss."

Draco nodded and went to the library. He summoned Haley and had her enlarge the photo, and he set it on the table, but hid it just in case his father or Blaise came in. He waited for about 15 minutes, reading one of the books, The Tale of the Three Brothers. Just as he finished, Mrs. Malfoy walked in. "I'm guessing that the thing you were doing was finishing your photo?" she said, sitting delicately on the couch.

"Yes Mother, here. Do you know him?" he asked holding out the photo. She took it and examined it. Then she gasped in surprise.

"What Mother? You know him? What's his name?" Draco asked eagerly.

Mrs. Malfoy set the photo down slowly, looking at Draco's eager face shocked. "The boy in the photo, dear," she said slowly. "His name is Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived."