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CHAPTER 5: Protecting Harry Potter

"Well, well, well, what do we have here, Draco? Going to a walk with this boy?" Lucius Malfoy sneered, freezing Draco's blood. "I don't think so. Stop where you are."

Harry gave a frightened gasp, and hid behind Draco's back, taking his hand in his own. "Don't worry, Harry," Draco murmured to him. "I'll protect you."

Mr. Malfoy gave a loud laugh, almost like a bark. "Protect you? As if he could, he can barely protect himself!" Mr. Malfoy paused for a moment. "Harry, did you say? As in Harry Potter?" Draco didn't like the glint sparkling in his father's eye.

"Yes, sir," Harry spoke quietly. He surprised Draco. He usually didn't speak unless someone spoke to him directly.

"Hm, I guess I'll have to keep you here until the Dark Lord comes back. I think he would be quite happy to know that I captured Harry Potter…." Lucius trailed off, but cut himself short when Draco glared at him, saying, "NO Father, you are not locking up Harry. He's a guest here, and he is not to be treated as a prisoner. The Dark Lord is not going to get him, not now."

Lucius glared at his son. "Who do you think you are to stop the Dark Lord from his wishes? And who do you think you are to speak back to me? Now go away and let me deal with the boy or you will be punished along with him."

"Father, no. I will stand with Harry. He's my friend, and I won't see him tortured." Draco said firmly, looking his father in the eye.

Harry squeezed Draco's hand, and said, "No, Draco. I won't let you get in trouble because of me. I'll go with him alone."

Draco turned his back on his Father, knowing he was setting himself up for an attack. "Harry, no. I will not leave you. Do you know who the Dark Lord is?"

Harry looked into his eyes, and Draco saw a simmering rage. "Yes, his name for the rest of us is Voldemort. I know who he is, and I survived him once, didn't I? I think I could do it again…" Harry trailed off as he looked over Draco's shoulder. His eyes widened. "Look out!" he yelled, and pulled him away as a jet of red light flew over their shoulders.

Draco stumbled as Harry grabbed his hand again and took him down the hallway at a sprint. He regained his footing as another jet of light flew above his head, this time green, aiming for Harry.

"You won't defy me, boy! Potter! You won't get away! I need you so I can give you to the Dark Lord!" Lucius shouted, following them down the road. Draco grabbed his wand, upset on not knowing much, but he was glad to know a simple disarming charm. "Expelliarmus!"he shouted, pointing his wand at his father. The jet of red light hit him, and he flew back and hit the wall, his wand flying a few yards away.

Draco then took the lead and took Harry to his room, where he immediately locked the door and called Haley. "Master called Haley, sir?" she said, bowing to Draco and then Harry. "Yes, Haley. Have Dobby get my mother and bring her here. Apparated here, though. And find Harry and me a place to stay for a little while. Quickly, please, Haley." He said, and she automatically Disapperated and Draco sank to the floor.

Harry was there suddenly and had his arms around him. "Draco, why do we need a house to stay in for a while? I can just go back home and you can stay with me…" Harry trailed off as Draco looked up. "No Harry. I don't want you to go back to that place. It doesn't sound like a good place for kids and-"
he was cut off as harry smiled, and said, "Draco, I've lived in that house for 10 years. It's nothing I haven't handled before. And I would make sure that you wouldn't be mistreated. It would be alright, and it's only until the school year starts. Please? I don't want to go to a strange place." He looked at Draco pleadingly.

Draco automatically knew that he wouldn't be able to refuse that look. He sighed. "Ok, Harry, we'll do it your way. But I will make sure that we won't be mistreated. They thought that your magic was bad? Well, they've never seen my magic." He grinned slyly as he thought of what he would do if anything of the sort happened.

Harry looked at Draco's sly smile and gave a small one of his own, except his was more relieved. He wouldn't have to deal with the Dursley's messing with him for a long time, at least another month or so. "Alright, but don't do anything with Dudley. He's not so bad, but my uncle and aunt…. Well, you can do anything you want with them, but only if they act wrongly!" he warned Draco.

Draco smiled. Even if they mistreat him, he's still nice! I love that about him… stop that, Draco. No thinking like that! He told himself sternly. He nodded his assent, but before he could comment, Dobby Apparated in with Mrs. Malfoy, her looking disheveled. "Draco? What's wrong?" she said worriedly.

"Mother, Father attacked me and Harry. We are going to spend the rest of the break at his aunt and uncle's house. But don't worry!" he added hurriedly, as he saw his mother's shocked face. "I'll keep in touch with Harry's owl. It's… a snowy owl, right Harry?" he asked, and Harry nodded. "Yeah, so I'll keep in touch, every other day, is that alright with you? I would ask you to come with us, but…. I think Father would be really upset if you vanished along with us…. So, yeah. Do you mind Mother?" Draco asked, pleading with his eyes at her.

She frowned, hesitated, but finally gave in. "Alright, you can go without me. But swear that you will keep in touch, and every now and again call Dobby or Haley to give some updates on you guys, alright?" she asked, taking both of their hands.

"Of course, Mum! I'll call Haley or Dobby whenever I get the chance. But make sure Father doesn't hear where we are! Then he'll tell the Dark Lord, and Harry won't be safe anymore. Please?" Draco asked, wishing that this hadn't happened.

"Alright, Draco, I won't let him know. Did you put silencing charms on the door?" Mrs. Malfoy asked.

"Of course Mum. I did that immediately," Draco said, rolling his eyes. Harry confirmed this by nodding.

She nodded, and then turned to Harry. "Will your aunt and uncle mind Draco staying with you until the end of summer?"

Harry hesitated for a second, and said, "They won't mind. Dudley might be nervous, but Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon will hardly notice we're there."

Narcissa nodded and then hugged them both. "Alright, did you finish packing Draco?" she asked.

Draco blushed. "No…. I didn't have the time. I can do that now though. It shouldn't take too long…" he trailed of as he looked at his mother's face as she shook her head.

"No, just grab a pair of clothes for tonight. I'll send you the rest later, when I get the chance. I want you to go before your Father gets here," she said then looked at Draco closer.

"Draco, did something happen?" she asked, taking his hand. "No, of course not Mother. It's just that Father was going to torture Harry, and I don't want to think about it…." He said, trailing off as he looked at Harry.

"Alright, I'll let it go. But be careful. You know your Father has tricks as to finding where you are." She warned, and then hugged them again. "Now, go!"

Draco hugged her back hard. I'll miss you Mum… he thought, but didn't get to say the words, because at that moment, Haley took both of the boy's hands and Apparated.

After the sense of being squeezed through a tube had passed, Draco opened his eyes and saw Harry's house for the first time. "This is where you live?" Draco asked, looking around.

"Yeah… its nothing like your house, though it is always quite clean…"Harry said, then mumbled something at the end. "What was that?" Draco asked, as they started walking up the drive.

"I said, 'thanks to me'. They are always getting me to clean, cook, and everything else. If I don't, well, you saw the scars." He said sullenly.

Draco grimaced. "Sorry, let's go inside, so I can meet this family of yours! Then I can give them a talking about not messing with us while I stay here. Alright?" he asked, and after Harry nodded, he raised his hand and knocked on the door.

Draco watched as a very fat man opened the door. He had a very large mustache and small eyes. Draco didn't like the way he was glaring at Harry, who had immediately turned meek as he watched his uncle glare at him.

"Boy! Where have you been all day! You were supposed to be cleaning the kitchen today, and who the bloody hell is this?" he yelled, glaring at Draco.

Draco stood his tallest and glared right back at him. "I am Draco Malfoy. Who are you?" he said coldly.

"Who- who am I? Who the bloody hell do you think you are to question me in my own household! My name is Vernon Dursley, and I would appreciate it if you left the premises!" he yelled, and pointed out the door.

Draco smirked. "Right, I'm not leaving. I'm staying here with Harry until the beginning of school. I, too, got to Hogwarts, and I believe I am quite advanced for someone my age." He pulled out his wand, and pointed it at the now pale muggle. "You better stay away from Harry and me until we leave. Otherwise, you'll feel everything you've ever done to him. And from what I've heard, that's a lot."

Dursley started spluttering. "What-""and for the record, I think you should be nicer to your nephew. He definitely deserves better, seeing as he saved almost the entire wizarding world."

Harry looked at Draco incredulously. "I did?" he whispered into Draco's ear so only he could hear. Draco nodded slightly, and Harry looked stunned.

Dursley didn't see the exchange but kept staring at Draco, his large purple face paling as he kept his small eyes on Draco's wand. "Well, I see that you are going to finally be quiet, so Harry is going to take me on a tour of the house, and I would so gladly appreciate that you'd stay out of our way. So, now, move, Dursley," Draco ordered, and led the way into the house and up the stairs.

"Thank you for that, Draco. I think they might leave me alone now, though I doubt it…" Harry said, as he led the way down the hall into a small room full of broken toys. "Anyway, this is my room. Dudley used to use it for his old toys that he didn't have room for in his main room. Just this summer I moved it, but I hardly have anything to keep in it, except for my wizarding things. Oh, and this is Hedwig. She's my owl Hagrid bought for me as a birthday present. Best present I've ever gotten." Harry suddenly cut off and looked at Draco. "Sorry, I guess I'm a bit chatty now that I'm away from your father…"

Draco smiled, and said, "Don't worry, I like the chatty you. It lets me get to know you better. Anyway, you said that you just barely moved it? But where did you sleep before?"

Harry hesitated, stroking his snowy owl's feathers, before sighing and letting her out the window. He led the way down the stairs and hesitated in the hall. "Don't be mad, and please don't try to attack them. But this is where they had me sleep before I got my Hogwarts letter." And he opened the small cupboard under the stairs. He looked in, and smiled a little as he looked at some of the stuff he left in there.

Draco, on the other hand, was repulsed. They made him sleep in the cupboard? That's- that's just inhumane! They shouldn't treat a child like that! Draco's thoughts were interrupted by a thunderous pounding from the stairs. He looked up to see a whale of a boy coming down the stairs. He got to the bottom and turned to go down the hall, but froze when he saw Harry and Draco standing there.

"Hello, Dudley." Harry sighed, straightening up. "This is my friend Draco. Draco, this is my cousin Dudley."

Dudley stood staring at Draco, who thought him a bit odd because he had his hands over his large bottom. "Are- Are you like him?" the boy asked timidly. Draco smirked and nodded.

Dudley's eyes widened and he whirled around and flew up the stairs as fast as he could go. Draco thought he saw a pig's tail sticking out from his jeans, but then dismissed it, thinking it was impossible.

That thought was diminished as Harry smiled ruefully and said, "Ha, did you see the tail? Hagrid gave it to him as punishment to my aunt and uncle when Uncle Vernon said that he didn't want me taught by 'crackpot old fool'. Hagrid got angry and tried to turn him into a pig. It didn't work right, so now he has a pig tail."

Draco shook his head. He didn't want to say anything, but he thought that the more Harry hangs with riff raff like Hagrid, the lower he would go. Draco didn't want to lose his friend in Harry, so he didn't say anything.

Harry glanced at Draco, and said, "I need to cook dinner. Want to watch me?" He led the way down the hall and into the kitchen, where a very thin woman was standing, cleaning the dishes.

"Good, you're here. Now start cooking. Dudley needs food before he starts Smeltings." The woman said, turning. She froze when she saw Draco standing there, crossing his arms and giving his trademark smirk. "What are you doing in my kitchen? And who are you?" she snapped briskly.

"I'm Draco Malfoy. I'll be staying here until the school year starts. I'm the same as Harry, though I know more stuff, mainly because of my father. So don't cross me. And don't boss Harry around while I'm here, otherwise you'll get worse than Dudley did when Hagrid crossed him." Draco said grinning at the woman's quickly paling face.

Harry sighed, and started to the stove. Draco saw that there was food on the counter, for Harry to start cooking. "Harry, wait a second. I'll call Haley and she can cook. I still want a complete tour of this place." Draco said and Harry paused. He turned and said, "alright… but I'm not sure Aunt Petunia would like Haley here. She's a bit different, Haley I mean." Harry said, glancing quickly at the woman.

Petunia frowned. "Who's Haley, and why would you call her to cook? That's what he is for." She said, jerking her head at Harry.

"Haley is my house elf, and you will call him Harry." Draco said, and then summoned Haley.

"Master called Haley, sir?" the small house elf said, bowing. She straightened and said, "Master Draco, Master Malfoy might call me. What should I do if he does?"

Draco sighed and said, "You will answer his summons immediately, no matter what you are doing. I don't want him to become suspicious."

Haley nodded and said, "Yes sir. What can Haley do for Master Malfoy?"

"Haley, you are to make dinner. What do you want?" Draco asked Petunia. She was looking at Haley repulsed, but said, "Pork chops and alfredo. Hurry because Dudley will be upset if dinner is late."

Haley nodded and bowed to Petunia. "Of course ma'am, I will be done as soon as possible. Will ma'am tell me where the food is?"

Draco smirked when he saw Petunia smiled when the house elf showed respect to her. "The food is on the counter, the pans are in the cupboard next to the stove."

Haley automatically started cooking, and Draco turned to Petunia. "You can tell her what to do, but do not be rude. C'mon Harry, I want to finish the tour."

Harry nodded and led Draco back out to the hallway. "What do you want to see?"

Draco just shook his head and said, "I just wanted to get out of there. We can go back to your room." And then he followed Harry up the stairs and into the small bedroom.

Harry sat down and looked at Draco. "Draco? Could you teach me some magic? I'm scared that I'll be far behind the rest of my class. Seeing as I was raised in a muggle home," Harry asked quietly.

Draco smiled and said, "Of course, I'll teach you. What do you want to know?" Harry thought for a second, and said, "Shields and defensive charms. I think I'm going to need them."

Draco thought and said, "Alright, I can deal with that. Here, can we go someplace where we can be alone with no one around? We could do it in here, but I don't think you want your stuff ruined."

Harry gave a small chuckle and said, "No, I don't. We can go to the park; there is a tunnel there where no one goes unless they're caught in the rain."

Draco nodded and said, "That's perfect, so let's go." Harry nodded and led the way out the door and down the street. Draco kept looking around and said "this is a really clean neighborhood. How do you manage to live here?"

Harry looked at him and said, "It's hard, but I manage because I now know I can leave soon. And now I have you as a friend." He smiled incredulously as he said that. Did he just realize that? I am his friend, and he's shocked that he actually has one. What did these muggles do to him? Draco thought as he followed Harry down to the semi-dark tunnel under the highway.

"Will this do, Draco?" Harry asked uncertainly. Draco looked around. There was a turn about 15 yards down the way, and it seemed pretty dark down there. The way the tunnel was facing, no one could see them unless they were trying to find them. "This is perfect. Alright, now do you have your wand?" Draco asked, pulling his own out.

Harry nodded and pulled his out. It was long with holly wood. "Good, what's the core?" Draco asked. "Phoenix feather," Harry answered softly.

He's got holly and phoenix feather? Wow, that's a powerful wand… Draco thought and then said, "That's a really powerful wand, Harry. It chose you, so that means you are going to be a really powerful wizard."

Harry looked at Draco hopefully and said, "Really? I'm not so sure, but if you say so, I guess so."

Draco looked at him and saw he had a very strong aura of power. "Really, you don't think so? I can tell you right now that you are very powerful. I can see it." Draco said, grabbing Harry's hand and feeling a small thrill as he did.

Get that out of your head, Draco. You don't want to move to fast, just stay as friends for now, Draco thought to himself, mentally slapping himself. He focused on Harry, who had been looking at him surprised, but didn't let his hand go. "You can see power? What do you see on yourself?" Harry asked, curious. "And is it possible to learn how to see power?"

Draco thought for a second. "I can't see anything on myself, though my mother says that I'm powerful, even if not the most. And yes, I can see power. I might be able to teach you, but first we are going to learn defensive spells and shields, alright?" he asked, pulling away, and taking his wand again.

Harry nodded, and took his wand. "What do I do first?" Draco first put up silencing charm around the exits and a shield charm around the exits. He didn't want any unsuspecting muggles to accidentally come upon them and get hit.

"Okay, Harry, stand right there, a few yards down the tunnel. Yeah, right there, Harry" Draco said as harry walked down the tunnel. "Okay, now face me and hold your wand ready. The spell for a shield is called Protego. It's a powerful spell if used right. Try it, and I'll send a simple disarming charm to see if it worked, and don't worry, it doesn't hurt you, he added as he saw Harry's expression of alarm.

Harry nodded, and said strongly, "Protego!", and Draco saw a shield go up. "Good, now just stand there. If the spell worked, nothing will happen. If the shield is weak, then your wand will jump, but won't fly out of your hand. If it didn't work, your wand will fly out of your hand and fall a few feet away," Draco said, and brought his wand up. "Expelliarmus!" he exclaimed, and saw Harry's wand jerk, but didn't fly. "Very good, Harry. You made a weak one, but it was there. You did better than I did when I was first learning." He said, and grimaced at the memory.

"Draco? Is something wrong?" Harry asked stepping forward. "You seem upset."

"Hmm? Oh, I'm alright, just remembering my training." Draco said, and then shook his head to clear his thoughts. "Okay, try it again. Concentrate and you should make a stronger shield. We'll keep this up until your wand doesn't jerk. Then I'll teach you disarming and then we should be done tonight. If you want to keep working, we'll do it tomorrow."

Harry nodded and stepped back to his position. "Okay, Protego right?" he asked, and Draco nodded. "Okay, um, Protego!" Harry exclaimed strongly and Draco saw the air in front of him ripple. "Good, it went up, now I'm going to try and disarm you again, alright? Okay, Expelliarmus!" Draco said, and was surprised to see that Harry's wand didn't move.

"Wow, Harry, your wand didn't move! You made a good shield. Now, I'm going to try stunning. Since your shield is still up, this shouldn't do anything, but I'm going to keep it mild. It won't hurt; it'll feel like a push. And Stupefy!" he shouted, and Harry just looked at him. "I didn't feel anything, is that good?"

Draco shook his head in amazement. "Yes, Harry, that is good. That is really advanced. Are you sure you didn't know magic before this?" he asked, walking toward him. Harry smiled sheepishly, and said, "I didn't know any of this existed before my birthday a couple of days ago. I just turned 11. Hagrid told me and that's when I learned. I'm still having trouble accepting this."

"Really? Your birthday was the 31st? Wow, I wish I would have known. But, hey, I wish you happy belated birthday, Harry." Draco said, and hugged him. Once again, he felt a small thrill run through him and pushed it away. Don't think like that, just friends. Just friends, just friends, just friends… Draco kept that thought running through his head as Harry hugged him back. "Thanks Draco, but my birthday isn't a major deal."

Draco scoffed and waved a hand dismissively. "Of course your birthday is a major deal! It's not every day that someone turns 11. Why would you think that your birthday isn't a big deal?" he asked.

Harry looked uncomfortable, but said, "Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia said that it wasn't anything special. The most I've ever gotten for my birthday was a chance to eat something more than just bread and water. And I didn't get my daily punishment, so that was the best birthday I had, and that was only last year."

Draco was repulsed again. Daily punishment and he got to eat more than bread and water? Wow, no wonder he's so thin! He thought as he looked at harry carefully.

"Harry, would you like to go somewhere to eat? You need the food and I don't feel like going back to your house yet," Draco said, thinking that he would like to spend some time alone with the green-eyed boy.

Harry looked startled, but said, "Thanks, Draco, that would be nice, but I don't want you spending too much on me. I don't eat that much."

Draco just smiled, and said, "Well, you really need to eat. You are way too thin for someone your age and size. How come you are so small?"

Harry thought for a second. Then he slowly said, "I think it's because of the ten years I spent in that cupboard and the minimal amount of food I got. But I'm not that small. It's mainly the clothes that make me look so small. But I'm not that small," he was quick to add when he saw Draco's face getting more and more cloudy. "Really Draco, I'm bigger than I'm look. I'd like to go, but can we go after we practice some more? And maybe I can get some of those new clothes you gave me, I don't want to go out in public looking like this…." He gestured down at his oversized clothes, and Draco nodded.

"Alright, we can practice Protego a bit more, and then we'll go get changed. I won't do Stunning right now, but just Disarming, is that alright? Alright, now do the spell, and let's get this done." Draco said, and watched as Harry concentrated and said, "Protego!" and the air rippled in front of him. Draco nodded and said, "Good, now, Expelliarmus!" he shouted and nothing happened. Draco smiled and said, "Harry, I think you've got this down! Now, one more time, and we'll go get ready. And, Expelliarmus!" once again, nothing happened.

Draco went over and gave Harry a hug. "Watch Harry, we'll make a damn good wizard out of you! This is your first time doing magic, and yet you've got a spell down that took me a week to learn!" he said excitedly, feeling the thrill once again as Harry hugged him back. "Thanks, Draco, for teaching me," Harry said softly. "I really appreciate it."

Draco smiled and then stepped back. He quickly cleared his throat and said, "Well, I'm glad to help. So, are you ready to go get dressed and head to a restaurant? You've got the shield spell down, and tomorrow we are going to do Disarming, so we'll need rest. So, let's go!"

As they headed back to the house, Harry kept looking at his wand and looking around. "a dollar for your thoughts Harry." Draco said, watching him. Harry blushed and said, "Learning all of this, being a wizard and magic, makes me see everything differently. It's awe inspiring really."

Draco thought about it for a second, and said, "Hm, yeah, I guess it would be. I never thought about it like that…" he trailed off and thought in silence the rest of the way back. Harry kept looking around. Once they got to the house, Harry opened the door and then headed upstairs immediately. Draco headed to the kitchen, looking for Haley.

"Hello, Master Draco. Is you needing Haley for something?" the small elf said, bowing and turning back to what she was doing.

"No, Haley. I'm good for now," Draco said, looking around for a second. "Has Father summoned you yet? Or Dobby, because can't you feel it when your siblings or coworkers get summoned?"

Haley said, "Yes, Master Draco, we can feel it if Master Malfoy summons one of our own, and no, he hasn't asked for one of us yet. Is you and Harry Potter going out for dinner?"

Draco blinked in surprise. He hadn't suspected that she would know that, but said, "Yes, Haley, Harry and I are going to eat somewhere else tonight. Do you know any good restaurants around here? I want to take him someplace nice."

Haley thought for a second. "Master Draco can try Signor Sassi. It's only about 15 minutes down the road to the east. It's a nice place. Or Master Draco can try Barbecoa; it's only about a half hour to the west. Would that satisfy Master?" she asked, turning to face him.

Draco smiled and said, "Yes, thank you very much Haley. Why don't you finish what you are doing, and go get something to eat. You deserve it."

Haley smiled toothily and said, "Thank you, Master. Haley is almost done here. What would Master want me to tell the family of this house when they ask for Harry Potter?"

Draco thought, and said, "Tell them that Harry is going to go with me for a small dinner. He wanted to eat someplace where else for the day. And if they argue, tell them to speak with me when I get back. Is that alright?"

Haley nodded and at that moment Harry came down the stairs dressed. "Is this alright, Draco?" Harry asked slightly embarrassed. Draco looked him up and down, and felt like he was about to swoon. He pushed that feeling away and said, "You look perfect Harry. Now, do you want to go to Signor Sassi's or Barbecoa for dinner?"

Harry looked shocked. "But, Draco, those are really expensive restaurants! I don't want you to spend that much on me!" he exclaimed. "Nonsense, Harry, I want to do this, so don't complain," Draco said, crossing his arms. "Now, which one do you want to go to?"

Harry glared at him, but mumbled so Draco just caught the name Barbecoa, and Draco grinned. "Okay, Barbecoa it is! Do you have your jacket Harry? Yes? Ok, then let's go." Draco said, taking Harry's arm and marching him down the hall.

Before they got to the doorway, a loud voice said, "and where do you think you're going? You are supposed to be making dinner, not going all over town."

Harry paled, and turned. Draco turned also to see Dursley glaring at Harry, his large face rather purple. "No, we are going out for dinner. My house elf Haley is cooking and she says that dinner is almost done," Draco said, stepping very slightly in front of Harry. "Now, your wife says that it is alright that Haley cooks, so good day."

Dursley's eyes popped and then he said, seemingly trying to not shout, "No, you are staying here, and the boy is going to cook, like he always has. He is not going to slack off, just because you are here. So, get into the kitchen boy!"

Draco felt his anger stirring as he heard the man in front of him insult Harry. He pulled out his wand and said, "Step away, or I will curse you. As I heard from Harry, that Hagrid had tried to curse Dudley, and it didn't work. Well, it will work just fine with me, so get away."

Dursley's face went from purple to white very quickly. "Y-y-you can't do magic, you are too young. That has to be an idle threat, because you are too young. S-s-so you can't do that." He seemed to be trying to convince himself, but he kept his beady eyes on Draco's wand.

Draco smirked to himself. "And that is where you are wrong. I've been taught magic since I was about 3 years old. I know what I am doing, and I am teaching Harry. He knows quite a bit, and he's learning fast. So I would think twice about trying to stop us. So leave us alone, and do not try to use Haley to get back at us. I will let her attack you if you try to hurt her. So we are leaving. Goodbye." Draco said, grinning to himself as Dursley turned purple again, a vein pulsing in his temple.

Harry and Draco turned and went out the door. "Thank you, Draco. I thought Uncle Vernon would hit me again, he usually does," Harry said very quietly, so quietly that Draco wasn't sure he heard all of it.

"No problem, Harry. I don't like it when people insult my friends," Draco replied, taking Harry's hand. "So, let's put this behind us, and go eat, alright?"

Harry smiled, squeezed his hand, and said, "Okay, Draco. Let's go eat." And with that, they went silent and kept down the road. Draco smiled when he realized that Harry hadn't let go of his hand. I hope he gets a better chance at life soon. He deserves it, Draco thought.

They were walking past an alleyway when Draco heard a voice say, "Hey there fags, why you guys don't come in here?"

Draco tried to ignore it, but a tall dark man came out of the alley and grabbed Harry. "I think we need to show you that fags aren't allowed," the person said, and pulled a knife.

No! he'll hurt Harry Draco thought, and felt a hand grab him from behind. He felt a sudden pain on his temple. He dimly heard Harry yelling as the world faded away. Harry, was the last thing that Draco thought as his eyes closed.