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Chapter 9: Christmas pt. 1

The next few months passed uneventfully, except for Harry getting a chance at the Slytherin seeker position and a troll getting let in at Halloween. Draco, Ron, Harry, and Blaise had had to go and rescue Hermione from it, after Ron had said some things and hurt her feelings. After that, the two Gryffindors tried to be civil to each other. Oh, and that small incident where Draco, Harry Ron, and Hermione were running from Filch and got caught in the third floor corridor and found

Draco stretched as he got up from writing another letter to Remus. He had been talking to him for the last few months, trying to get him back with Severus. Remus had wanted to see Harry before seeing Severus, so Harry and Draco found a way out of the school by talking to the Weasley twins. They had given the duo a map called the Marauder's map, telling them to say, "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good" and point their wand at it. It showed everyone, everywhere and at any time in the school.

They managed to use the old passage way behind the one-eyed witch and get to Hogsmead. They met Remus at the Three Broomsticks and spent the next couple hours talking. Remus had been enraged to hear about Harry's abuse, and was trying to talk to Dumbledore and see if Harry could stay with Severus, for he had an issue that he didn't discuss with Draco or Harry.

As of the present time, it was only about a week and a half before Christmas. Draco was panicking. He didn't know what to buy Harry for their first Christmas together. It has to be special; something that he will treasure forever Draco thought as he went to the one-eyed witch and opened the passage. He walked down the path for about a half hour or so and came up at the Honeydukes cellar. He walked across the road after avoiding the owners and saw a jewelry store.

Draco walked in and started looking around. He found many interesting pieces, but none of them screamed Harry. So he kept browsing. Finally, he found a green pendant with a snake twisted around it. The eyes of the snake had blue sapphires in them, and flashed intelligently. That's the one; Draco thought and waved over the owner.

"That one, please sir," Draco drawled, and the man looked at him oddly. "Alright young man, but do you have the money? This costs three hundred galleons," he said, pulling out the pendant. Draco just rolled his eyes and took out his money bag. "My name is Draco Malfoy, of course I have the money," Draco scoffed, pulling out the intended change.

The man blanched when he heard 'Malfoy' and quickly handed him the pendant. "This pendant has spells in it for protection and will warn the wearer if danger is near. When first put on, the pendant will recognize the first wearer and will attack anyone who does not have permission to touch it. The snake is a small guardian. Would you like a bag or would you want it wrapped?" he asked and Draco thought for a second. "I'll take a bag, thank you," he said and the owner nodded.

Draco took the bag and left. Okay, that was for Harry, now for the others Draco thought and wandered around Hogsmead looking for presents. For Hermione he bought a couple books on Wizardry history, for Ron some Quidditch supplies and a new chess set, Neville, books on Herbology, Dean, some information on Wizard sports, and Seamus a book about pyrotechnics. For Blaise and Theo, Draco knew they didn't need anything so he didn't buy much for them, he just ordered a large basket of their favorite candies each.

That'll do Draco thought, looking over everything. He checked the time. Shit, it's been about three hours since I got here! It's almost time for Remus's visit! He thought and rushed back to the Honeydukes cellar. He shrank everything and hid it in his bag. He had made a perfect copy of the Marauder's map with Harry's permission. He took it out and checked for Filch or his cat, Mrs. Norris. He didn't see anything and stepped out of the one eyed witch.

He checked around and walked down to the entrance hall. Today was the day Remus was to see Severus for the first time again in almost six years. Draco was excited. Maybe Remus and Uncle Sev will get back together soon. I could tell while I was talking to Remus that he misses Sev too… Draco thought, smiling. Harry would like that; he's gotten along greatly with Severus. Maybe soon Uncle Sev will tell him that he's his godfather, along with Sirius Black and Remus.

As he reached the entrance hall, he saw Remus pacing nervously around the hall. "Remus, calm down. Will it comfort you to know that Uncle Severus is as nervous as you?" Draco asked, smirking slightly. Remus stopped and took a breath. "I guess it would, but still. No one knows about us, and we'd been hiding us for years, and maybe soon someone might find out about us. I mean, the only one who knew about us was Lily and James, and-"he said all in one breath. Draco had walked over to him and put his hand over his mouth.

"Relax, Remus. You won't have to tell anyone until you're ready," he said and Remus nodded, taking another breath. Draco studied him for a second, and smiled. "Alright, now let's go visit Severus," he said, and led the way to the dungeons.

"Should have expected him to have this one," Draco heard Remus mutter as they reached the portrait hole for Severus's rooms. "Why?" Draco asked, pausing before giving the password. Remus blushed. "Ah… we used to meet here when we were younger. A couple hours a night, every few weeks, sometimes less, sometimes more," he said quickly. "Anyway, what's the password?" he added quickly.

Draco had turned bright red as he caught the gist of what he had said. "Um… oh, right, uh, Lily," Draco stuttered, and the man on the portrait hole smirked as he swung open. "After you," Draco said, mock bowing as he gestured into the room. Remus took another breath and walked in, with Draco following.

Severus had risen once the portrait hole had opened up. Harry had been sitting on the couch, obviously trying to calm down the Potions Master. Harry looked at Draco and rolled his eyes. Draco smirked back as the two men stared at each other.

Draco rolled his eyes and said mockingly, "Remus, Severus. Severus, Remus. Now, go hug each other."

Severus glared at Draco but turned back to Remus. "Hello, Remus. You look the same as ever, still looking young," he said, trying to keep his voice calm. Draco heard through it easily and rolled his eyes again. He walked over to Harry as Remus replied, "Thank you, Severus, I could say the same for you."

Draco scoffed as he flopped onto the couch. "Guys, you really need to relax. I understand it's been a long time, but still. Talk normally," Draco said firmly, and both men looked at him. Harry had curled up against Draco's chest and was playing with his hand. "Really, just act like friends if anything. Not strangers."

Remus cleared his throat and nodded. Severus just blinked. "Alright, let's try this again. How've you been Moony?" Severus asked sitting down and Remus sat across from him. Moony? Draco thought, looking at Harry who was looking equally confused. "I've been better, but my… condition has been getting out of hand, it's getting worse," Remus answered, frowning. Severus frowned too, and said, "I can make the potion, but you'll have to tell me the last time anything happened."

Remus smiled in relief. "Thank you Severus, it's been getting more painful. The last time anything happened was about… two weeks ago," he said, thinking for a minute. Severus frowned again but before he said anything, he remembered Draco and Harry sitting on the couch, and said, "Draco, Harry, do you mind if I speak with Remus alone? We have some stuff to discuss, and you shouldn't be in here unless Remus wishes to tell you."

Draco and Harry looked to Remus. He thought for a second, and said, "I can tell them. I trust them. Boys, i… I'm a-"he swallowed and seemed nervous. Severus stood up and set his hand on Remus's shoulder. He leaned down and whispered something in his ear. Remus nodded and took another breath. "I'm a werewolf; I was bitten as a small child by Fenir Greyback. (I don't know if this is how you spell it, sorry) That was the condition I was talking about," he said, and Harry looked shocked.

Well, that explains a lot Draco thought and said, "Thank you for telling us Remus." The man looked shocked. "You don't mind? Really?" he said and the two boys shook their heads. "No, you're our friend, and I can tell you don't want to hurt anyone, so I trust you," Harry said simply, and Draco was startled to see tears in the werewolf's eyes.

"See? I told you they wouldn't mind, Remy," Severus said softly and Draco tried not to smirk at the nickname. "I know, Sev, but anyone who knew didn't speak with me after I told them except you, James, Lily, Sirius, and Peter," he said softly and Severus hesitated before pulling the man into a hug.

Draco could see that the two men would want privacy, and took Harry by his hand. "C'mon Harry, let's go visit the other boys and Hermione," Draco said softly and made the way out the door. Draco and Harry managed to get out without the men noticing.

"Dray, do you think they will get back together? I can tell they like each other still, and they definitely deserve each other, as both are quite lonely men. And Dray, I can also tell that you are keeping something from me," Harry said bluntly and Draco tried to put a convincing look of puzzlement on his face. He was out of practice, for he had been using his mask less and less.

"What do you mean, keeping something from you, Harry?" Draco asked, slightly panicking seeing as Severus had asked him to keep the secret of him being Harry's godfather a secret. "I wouldn't keep anything important from you."

Harry gave him a look and said, "Dray, I know better. I have grown up knowing when to see if someone is keeping something from me or how to monitor someone's feelings. You and Severus are keeping something from me, what is it?"

Draco sighed. "It's not my place to say it. I promised Uncle Sev not to say anything about it unless he asked me too. I would have told you a long time ago, when I found out, but he asked me not to," he said and Harry nodded frowning. "Alright Dray, but when did you find out?" he asked.

Draco grimaced, not liking to think of the day when he almost lost his green-eyed boy. "The day you collapsed from the internal bleeding. It was during class," he said softly, trying to not say the words so loud.

Harry grimaced too and nodded. "Okay Dray. Oh, purity," he said and Draco was startled to see that they were already at the portrait hole. The password had changed during Halloween. The portrait hole had swung open and Draco was surprised to see Neville, Ron, Hermione, Blaise, and Theo sitting next to the fire. Neville and Blaise were sitting rather close, Draco noted and Harry grinned at him. He had spoken to the blonde saying that he could tell Neville was taken by Blaise the day they had met.

"Hey, guys, what are you all doing?" Draco asked, sitting on the couch next to Hermione with Harry next to him. No one knew about Harry and Draco yet except Hermione, Blaise, and Neville, the last one finding out on accident. Luckily, he was alright about it.

"We're discussing some of those Muggle movies 'Mione was speaking about, like, what was it called? Cinderella?" Blaise asked Hermione and she nodded. "And Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, and Beauty and the Beast," she added and Harry smiled largely.

"Oh, have you watched Aladdin? Or the Prince of Egypt?" Harry asked excitedly, and Hermione nodded enthusiastically. "Oh, I love Aladdin. A commoner becoming a prince, and falling in love with Jasmine, it's one of my favorite stories!" she said and the two started comparing movies. Ron, Neville, Draco, Blaise, and Theo watched amused.

"So, who's in lead of the Quidditch this year?" Draco asked the other boys and they spent the next few hours discussing Quidditch. Hermione and Harry kept up with their conversation about Muggle movies.

"Hey, tomorrow is Christmas vacation. What are you all doing for the holiday?" Draco asked and everyone turned to him. "I don't think I'll be doing much," Harry said, shrugging. "I'll be going home, Charlie and Bill are trying to find a way over for Christmas," Ron said and Hermione said, "I'm going to try and visit him for the holidays."

Neville and Blaise blushed. Draco raised a brow at them and Neville turned to the other boy, who said, "Ah, Neville and I are together, and he's going to be visiting for a few days." Neville smiled surprised at him, and kissed him right there.

Draco glanced at Theo, and was surprised to see that Theo didn't look disgusted. Harry looked to Draco and smiled. Wanna tell them? His eyes seemed to say, and Draco nodded slightly. "I've got something to say too," Harry said, and everyone turned to him. "Dray and I have been together for a while now, since about a week after he came to my house cause- well, cause of some complications with his family."

Hermione squealed and jumped on them. "Oh my gosh, I am so happy for all four of you!" she exclaimed, and the four boys laughed. "Theo, are you alright about this? You have said some stuff about gay people before," Draco said hesitantly and was shocked to see that Theo just smirked. "I'm alright about it, I just said that to cover some stuff," he said and Draco caught on immediately. "What!" he exclaimed, and everyone except Hermione looked at him confused.

"Yep, and you are the only ones who know," Theo said and Ron scoffed. "Uh, I don't think so, Theo; I still don't know what you are talking about," he said and everyone minus Hermione nodded. Draco rolled his eyes and Hermione said, "Ron, he's gay, that's what he's trying to say."

"Ohhh," everyone said at the same time. "When did you find out?" Blaise asked and Theo shrugged. "Not too long ago, about when I turned nine and started staring at some guys down the street from my house," he said and Draco remembered Theo acting oddly during that time.

"Huh, I remember that," Blaise said stunned, echoing Draco's thoughts. "Are you interested in anyone right now?"

Theo smirked, and said, "As a matter of fact, I am currently dating a friend. He doesn't want anyone knowing yet, but he does go to this school."

Draco shook his head. "Well, that's something new. What about you two? Anything you want to say?" he asked Ron and Hermione, who blushed and looked to each other. "Ah, we're dating too," Ron said and Hermione nodded slightly.

"Damn, everyone is together with someone then, huh?" Harry said, laughing slightly, leaning into Draco. "Guess so," Draco answered, kissing Harry's temple, happy he could do it in front of his friends. Now if only telling Harry about Severus being his godfather was this easy he thought wryly to himself.

"Hey, it's about time for dinner, lets head down," Ron said, and Blaise stood immediately. "Let's go, I'm hungry," he said and everyone walked out. "So, where are you going for Christmas, Draco?" Hermione asked and Draco frowned. "I'll probably stay here with Harry, unless something comes up," he said, shrugging. He waved to Dean and Seamus who waved back and walked over.

"Hey, people, where've you been?" Dean said as the two walked with them to the Slytherin table. The Gryffindors had taken to eating at the Slytherin table since that day Draco had invited them. "We've been talking in the Slytherin common room, where I told you we'd be," Hermione said, and Seamus said, "Oh, yeah, I forgot about that."

Draco rolled his eyes and looked up to the staff table. Severus was sitting there, looking as bored as usual, but Draco could see that the Potions Master was quite happy about something. He nudged Harry and pointed. Harry followed his gaze and grinned. "I think they got together or talked something out," Harry whispered softly and Draco nodded.

Severus had seen them looking at him and glared at the pair. Then he spelled something out with his fingers. *You and Harry come to my office after dinner. Remus and I have something to speak to you about.* Draco spelled, *Alright, see you then* back and relayed the message to Harry.

"I wonder what he wants to speak about," Harry wondered out loud, taking another bite of his food. He had been eating more often since almost passing out a couple weeks before from malnutrition. "I don't know, maybe they got together, and they want us to know," Draco said, shrugging. Harry shrugged too and they finished eating in silence.

"Well, dinner is done, are they ready?" Harry asked, sitting back after he finished eating his treacle tart. "I'll ask," Draco answered and got Severus's attention. He spelled, *Ready?* Severus nodded and stood. "I'll take that as a yes," Harry said, seeing the Potions Master stand.

"Well let's go, guys, we'll be back later, Professor Snape and Remus want to talk to us," Draco said to the others and they all said, "'Kay, see you later."

Draco and Harry walked out and as soon as they were out of site from anyone else, took each other's hand. "I wish we could do this more often, Dray," Harry said, squeezing the blonde's hand. "Me too, but maybe soon," Draco said, squeezing back.

They got to Severus's office and Harry said, "Lily," and the portrait hole opened. "Hey, Uncle Sev, Remus, what did you want to talk to us about?" Draco asked, sitting across from them and Harry next to him.

"Well, I assume you know we decided we'll try and work this out again," Severus began but stopped when Draco and Harry darted up and hugged them. "It's about time!" Draco said wryly. "Harry and I have been trying to get you two together since I heard that you and Severus had a past."

"Well, I guess I'm glad that you interfered, I wouldn't have had the courage to come back and see Severus for a while longer," Remus said, smiling softly at the Potions Master, who Draco was surprised to see turn slightly red.

"Well, that was one of the things we wanted to speak with you about. The other thing, well, would you two like to come to my house for the Christmas holidays?" Severus asked, and Draco stood up quickly. "Really? I won't have to go home?" he asked hopefully. "No and neither would Harry. I would like both of you to come for the holidays. I know neither of you have had a proper Christmas," Severus said. Draco walked over quickly and gave his godfather a tight hug, trying to convey his thanks.

Harry was sitting stunned. "I won't have to go to Uncle Vernon again? I won't have to cook for Aunt Petunia and not get the chance to eat any of it? Dudley won't be able to chase me or hit me because I looked at his stuff? Uncle Vernon won't be able to lock me in my cupboard and give me my daily punishment?" he asked and Draco was about to cry. Harry didn't seem to know what he was saying, mainly speaking in a daze.

"Harry, did all of that happen to you?" Severus asked softly, kneeling in front of him. The boy nodded slightly. "Don't worry, I'll make sure you never have to go back there again, even if I have to kidnap you, or rescue you depending on the view of the person."

Harry looked up at him with tears in his eyes. "Thank you Severus, I would love that," he said, and broke down. Draco automatically moved to him, but froze when he saw Severus lean over and pulled the raven haired boy into a tight hug. Draco saw his lips moving as he whispered something into his ear. Harry nodded and hugged him back. Draco glanced at Remus and smiled. The werewolf was watching the two black haired boys and was smiling softly.

"Dray?" Draco heard and turned to see Harry looking at him. "Can you come here?" Draco automatically walked over and Harry pulled him into a tight embrace. "I love you Dray," he whispered very softly and Draco hugged him tighter. "I love you too, Rhy, never forget that," he whispered back.

Severus and Remus had been watching from the couch and were smiling softly. Draco and Harry, and now Remus, were the only ones allowed to see Severus show any emotion, and Draco treasured every moment. Draco pulled away from Harry slightly, keeping his arms around the still crying boy. "What did you say to him, Uncle Sev?" Draco asked softly, keeping his voice down. "I told him the truth, that I was his godfather and that he was to live with me if Sirius or Remus couldn't," he answered in an equally low voice.

Draco nodded and pulled Harry closer. "Harry, Albus gave me something of your father's. He was going to give it to you personally, but I asked for the privilege. I was going to wait until Christmas, but I think you should have it now," Remus said and stood. He walked over to a bag Draco hadn't noticed and pulled a package out. "Here," he said, handing it to him.

Harry wiped his eyes quickly and took the package. "It's so light," he said surprised, his voice rough from crying. He opened the package carefully and a fluttery fabric fell out. "This was from Dad?" he asked, picking it up. "Yes, your father used to go around with Sirius, Peter and I during the times when I was… turned. He would have wanted you to have it," Remus said.

Draco looked at the object curiously. "It's a type of cloak, right?" he asked as Harry took it and swung it around his shoulders. Draco's jaw dropped as Harry's lower body turned disappeared. "It's an Invisibility cloak! But I thought they were rare?" Draco exclaimed, as Harry looked over himself with a shocked expression.

"Yeah, it was passed down over the years from father to son, mother to daughter," Remus said, smiling at Harry's excitement. "Well, happy early Christmas, Harry," Remus said, and Harry ran to him, giving him a tight hug. "Thank so much, Remus," he said, tears forming in his eyes again.

Severus stood with Draco, smiling at the pair. "Draco, would you take Harry to your dorm? I am sure that he needs comfort right now, and you are the best for it," Severus said softly and Draco nodded. "Thank you for everything, Uncle Sev," he said and hugged him tightly. The Potions Master hugged back tightly, saying, "You're welcome, Draco."

Draco pulled back and walked over to Harry, who was hugging the cloak and watching the two. "Come on, Rhy, let's go back to the room," Draco said softly and Harry smiled. "Okay, here, let's go under this," he said, and threw the cloak over both of them. Draco took Harry's hand under the cloak and gave him a gentle kiss. "Let's go, Rhy," he said softly and led the way out the door.

"I like this, Dray, being able to walk around the halls without anyone seeing," Harry said quietly, seeing a few third years walking past and not glance at the concealed boys. "I'm getting used to the stares, but they are still uncomfortable."

Draco squeezed Harry's hand and said, "Rhy, they will always be uncomfortable, I've been dealing with them since I could remember, but remember, I'm here to help, as are Blaise, Theo, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Seamus, and Dean. We are all here to help each other, and we'll stick by each other."

Harry smiled and gave him a small kiss, whispering, "Thank you, Dray, I love you." "I love you too, Rhy, always," Draco said, kissing him back. They got to the Slytherin portrait and took off the cloak. Draco woke up the portrait and said, "Superior." The portrait swung open and the two boys walked in.

They went to their room and since Blaise and Theo already knew about them dating, the two boys decided they needed the comfort of each other's embrace and crawled into Draco's bed together. Draco put his arms around him and gave him a small kiss. "Good night, Rhy," he whispered and Harry murmured, "'Night Dray," back and the two boys fell into a peaceful sleep. They didn't even stir when Blaise and Theo walked in talking excitedly as they got ready for bed.

Draco stood watching Harry run around the room, getting his stuff together for the Christmas break. "Harry, calm down, we'll only be there for a couple weeks, relax," Draco said amused, walking over and putting his arms around the smaller boy.

Harry sighed, turned and hugged him back. "I know, but this is the first time I'll stay somewhere that isn't the Dursley's or here. This is the only home I've ever known, and I'm scared that if I do something wrong at Severus's house or something I'll get sent back and I don't want that to happen 'cause I don't like it there and-"Harry kept on until Draco kissed him, efficiently cutting him off. Draco kept his lips there until they both were gasping for breath.

"Harry, relax you won't do anything wrong, and Severus will never send you back there, he is starting to care for you so much, and Remus loves you. As do I and I will never let you get mistreated like that again, you are too sweet to have that kind of treatment," Draco said softly but firmly. "Hogwarts may be your home, but soon you will have a new one. With Uncle Sev and Remus, cause they are now your family."

Harry listened with a small smile, but still seemed doubtful. "Really Dray? I know you love me, and I love you too, but I don't really think I'm good enough to be loved by other people. Uncle Vernon said that no one could love a freak like me, and I think he's right, I mean, look at me. I am a freak," he said softly sitting down.

Draco's heart broke at Harry's tone. "Babe, you are not a freak. You are a wonderful person, the Dursleys are the freaks. They are the bad ones, and they are wrong. You would be surprised at how many people love you. You should know some, like Hermione, Ron, Neville, Blaise, Theo, Seamus, Dean, my mother, Remus, Severus, Professor McGonagall, and above all, me. We all love you, and I'm sure there are many others who love you too. You are wonderful, don't let anyone tell you different," Draco said, seeing Harry about to cry. He smiled at him when the younger boy looked up and threw his arms around him.

"Thank you Dray, I needed that. I love you," Harry said, hugging him tightly. Draco hugged back tightly and said, "You're welcome, Rhy, I love you too."

Harry took a breath and pulled away. "Okay, I'm ready, will Severus and Remus be waiting for us at the entrance hall?" he asked, and Draco nodded. "Here, I'll charm the trunks, and we'll go," Draco said, and soon after the two Slytherins were heading out to the entrance hall.

"There you are, c'mon it's time to go, did you say goodbye to your friends?" Severus asked, and the two boys nodded. "Mione and all the other Gryffindors say happy Christmas," Draco said and the two men nodded. "Well, come on, the port key won't wait forever," Remus said and the four walked out the door.

"What's a port key?" Harry asked shyly, still uncomfortable with not knowing much about the wizardry world. "A port key is a quick way to get some place if you are too young to Apparate," Severus said, adding, "It's a way of travel," to Harry's confused face at Apparating.

"That was how you got to my house and back with Haley, they Apparate," Draco whispered and Harry nodded, the confusion clearing from his face.

"Here, put a single finger onto the bat," Remus said, holding a broken baseball bat. Draco and Harry complied and the werewolf said, "One, two, and three." Draco felt a jerk behind his navel and spun for a few seconds. They slammed down hard onto the ground and the two younger boys collapsed. Severus and Remus watched them amused.

"Have a nice fall, Draco?" Remus said, extending a hand and helping the blonde up. "Haha, very funny, Remus," Draco said sarcastically as Severus helped Harry up. Draco brushed at his robes and took a second to look around. "This is your house, Uncle Sev?" he asked, never having been to his godfather's home.

"Yes, this is my house, come on in," Severus said and led the way up the steps. The house was modest, but still showed the wealth of the Prince family, Draco the only one besides his parents to know Severus's mother's maiden name. The paint was a dark green, almost black, with black windows. It was a two story house and Draco judged about ten acres of land. The stepped inside and the room was a light silver color.

"Very Slytherin, Severus," Remus said wryly, glancing around. Severus smirked at the werewolf and said, "Remus, if you haven't noticed, three of us are Slytherins, and you are a Gryffindor. You, my friend, are outnumbered here."

Remus just rolled his eyes and said nothing. Draco and Harry glanced at each other, smirking. Uncle Sev has Remus stuck now; Draco thought and snapped back to the room when Severus said, "Well, you two are going to be sharing a room. This may be a semi-large house, but only two rooms are cleared out. C'mon, I'll show you your room."

Draco nodded and took ahold of his and Harry's trunks, overriding the younger boy's protests. "Harry, I'm taking the trunk, if you want something to carry, take Hedwig and Erik," he said, Erik being his new eagle owl his mother had sent for him a few weeks prior.

Harry grumbled, but took the owls and followed Draco and the two adults up the stairs. "Here is your room, boys, and behave, don't break anything, and don't be too loud. That's basically all the rules in this house," Severus said, and Draco rolled his eyes. "Okay, dinner will be ready in about an hour, so relax or explore, just don't leave the grounds."

Draco nodded and the two older men left. "Well, Harry, what do you want to do until dinner?" Draco asked and Harry looked around the room. "Maybe we could just cuddle, I haven't been able to relax with you a lot since school started," Harry said and Draco grinned.

"Then come here," Draco said holding out his arms. Harry smiled and walked to him. Draco put his arms around the younger boy and held him close. Draco leaned down and kissed him gently, Harry kissing back. They stood there for a while, both losing track of time, lost in the feel of each other. Harry pulled away first, needing breath, but Draco trailed soft kisses down his neck.

Harry sighed and tilted his head back. Draco smiled slightly as he bit gently at the soft skin on Harry's neck, leaving a slight mark. Now everyone can know you're mine Draco thought, trailing more kisses up Harry's neck and kissing the younger boy again. Draco felt as though he could never get enough of his green eyed boy's lips.

Finally Draco pulled away. He was as surprised as Harry to find they were lying on the bed. "How did we get here?" Harry asked, sitting up slightly. Draco thought he could never find something as adorable as Harry with messy hair, red lips and a slight flush on his cheeks. Draco leaned over and kissed Harry on the cheek, saying, "I have no idea, Rhy, but how long have we been here?"

Harry checked his watch and said, "It's almost time for dinner, we've been up here for 45 minutes. We should get ready for dinner." Draco nodded and gave Harry another gentle kiss before standing. He held out his hand and helped the younger boy up. Draco gave him a critical eye over and used a spell to clear out any wrinkles on both of their clothes.

"There, now Uncle Sev and Remus will never know we spent the last forty-five minutes just laying up here," Draco said, and Harry laughed. "Alright, Dray, now let's go," he said, and the two boys walked down the stairs hand in hand.

Draco froze when they walked into the kitchen. Severus was standing next to the table having finished setting it, or so Draco assumed. Remus was standing rather close to him and leaning in. Draco's mouth fell open when he saw Severus lean forward too and meet Remus halfway.

Oh my gods, Uncle Sev and Remus are kissing! Draco thought excitedly and tugged Harry back out of the kitchen. As soon as the door was closed and they were a good distance away from the door, Harry exclaimed, "Severus and Remus! I knew they were together, but I didn't know they were that far into their relationship already."

Draco laughed, feeling giddy. "Rhy, remember, we got together by testing each other and kissing," he said, and Harry smirked at him. "Yes, but these two haven't seen each other in five or six years, and they barely got together a week and a half ago. We were just testing something, and then we felt something," Harry said, and Draco thought for a second. He's got a point, but I'd liked him before we kissed he thought and smiled sheepishly at Harry. "You're right, Rhy," he said, and he smirked again. "Of course I'm right, how can I not be?" Harry asked, and Draco laughed.

"Okay, sure, babe, but maybe their done in there, we should go in," he said, still chuckling, and they walked to the door. Draco knocked and opened the door. "What's for dinner?" Draco asked, trying to act normal. He smirked slightly at the older men's slightly pink faces, the two obviously slightly embarrassed. Maybe that was the first time they kissed Draco thought as he stood by the table, not sure where to sit.

Severus rolled his eyes and steered the two younger boys to their seats. "This is where you'll be sitting for the rest of the time. Remember," he said, and Draco rolled his eyes at the Potions Master. "Yes, sir," Draco said, mock saluting.

Harry smirked. He's really getting that Slytherin smirk down Draco thought, looking at him with pride. His lips are still pink and slightly swollen. Wait, are mine? Draco thought, checking his reflection in his cup. He looked normal, so he relaxed. "Well, what's for dinner?" Draco said, leaning back into his chair.

Severus rolled his eyes and said, "We're having roast. Remus helped, so don't worry." Draco laughed, knowing that Severus wasn't the best cook. "Oh, good, now I won't have to worry about food poisoning," Draco said, smirking at his godfather.

"Draco, you keep that up, you'll get in trouble," Harry said, his smirk growing. "I'm sure Severus didn't do anything, after all, would he do anything to his favorite godson?" Draco narrowed his eyes at the raven haired boy. His tone was just a bit too smug for Draco's taste. "Okay, what did you do, Harry," Draco asked, and Harry smirk went to a full grown smile. "I didn't do anything, after all, I was with you the whole time," he said, and Draco reluctantly agreed on that point. "Okay, if you didn't do anything, then what are you talking about?" he asked, and Harry just smiled. "Don't worry, Dray, nothing bad will happen. Actually, nothing will happen at all. Just eat," he said as Severus set the plates down and smirked slightly at him. Remus sat down with them, and everyone started eating, thought Draco did a bit hesitantly. He watched the other three and since they were eating with ease, he started eating slowly. Guess it's alright; I don't taste anything off he thought after eating a few bites.

"How is it, boys?" Remus asked, smiling slightly. Harry grinned at the werewolf and said, "It's wonderful, Remus, right, Dray?" Draco shrugged, still trying not to push his plate away, just in case something was in it. "I guess it's alright, I'm still kind of trying to ignore what Harry was saying, but it's good," he said, and Remus smirked at the two dark haired boys.

Draco glared at the three, and finished eating slowly. "I'm done, and I'm tired. We had a lot to do today, so, I'm going to bed," he said, and Harry nodded. "I'll come with you, I'm tired too," he said, and the two younger boys took their plates into the kitchen and put them in the sink. Harry took Draco's hand and led him upstairs, calling, "Good night, you two," both answering in kind. Draco was yawning so he just waved and stumbled up the stairs with Harry.

Draco almost fell onto the bed as soon as they reached their room, but Harry caught him. "Dray, you need to change. I could help you," he said, smiling slightly, and Draco smiled at him. "Okay," he said, yawning again. Harry helped him out of his shirt and jeans, going slowly, and Draco leaned into Harry's gentle touch. As soon as Draco was undressed completely except some boxers, Harry leaned over and gave him a small kiss. Then he handed him some pajama bottoms. As Draco changed, Harry somehow managed to be completely changed and had the bed ready.

"How do you change so fast?" Draco mumbled as he curled up with Harry. "Practice, Uncle Vernon made sure I only had about five minutes to get completely ready for anything, so I learned to change fast," he answered softly, and Draco nodded. "'Night, Rhy," he said, yawning for the third time and Harry said, "night, Dray, love you," and gave him a small kiss on his forehead. Almost immediately, the two boys fell asleep. When Remus and Severus checked in on the two, they were both completely asleep, oblivious to everything.

When they woke up, the first thing Draco realized that he was still tight in Harry's arms. He turned over slightly and saw his reflection. "What the hell!" he exclaimed.

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