Miles has never liked tears. When he's seen them shed by women who don't get there way it annoys him, and when he was young and growing up with Ben and Bass he was taught if you cried the parents would give you something to cry about that hurt a lot more than what you were crying about originally. Tears it was learnt fast had no place in the military, you didn't have time to sit and cry about everything before the next insurgent was upon you. Charlie's tears just made him angry, she was a grown woman acting like a kid not getting her way, but if she was hurt they bothered him. He can count the number of times he's cried on one hand.

The first is when he learnt not to cry over a toy, he got a spanking that left him crying for two hours and left his bottom sore for days but he learnt his lesson and when momma said no it meant no. The second time was at his momma's funeral, the third his father's. He didn't cry for Ben he wasn't there when the murder happened and it had been years since he had last seen his brother, but just because he didn't cry doesn't mean it didn't hurt getting that kind of news. The fourth time he cried was the night he left Bass and the Militia, how could he have let Bass get that crazy.

The fifth time he cried is over a grave in the middle of nowhere, he's cried for hours as he dug the grave by himself. He cried as he wrapped her body in linens and lowered her into the ground. He cried as he covered her body back up with the soil of the earth, and when he hammered her cross into the ground. It's said the great and terrible former general Matheson has no heart if anyone had seen him in the past few years they would know that it was far from the truth, until he buried it in the ground on a sunny afternoon the kind she always loved. It was the kind of day she always liked to lounge around by the creek and remember the hectic but good days of traveling with the group and rescuing Danny and Rachel. The kind she always liked to make love on the blanket after those talks.

Remembering all those good times and feeling the tears falling down his face he swore never to let anyone else in, it hurt to god damned much, but looking at the one bundle that maybe would survive him he knew he couldn't do that too much. With final thoughts he picked up the bundle and gazed at her eyes staring back at him, he may not have her with him but at least he would have parts of her he could see in their son. With one last good bye he turned and walked away from her grave and let one last lone tear slide down his cheek and never to be shed again.

Rest In Peace

Charlotte "Charlie" Matheson

Loving Sister, Friend, and Wife

Died In Child Birth