Hello Spider-Man Unlimited fans and Happy New Years! I've decided to take my writing to my favorite superhero and webslinger. Since... I was looking at a couple of stories of Spider-Man Unlimited and saw there were only 4 uncompleted ( although I think one or two were completed, don't remember) I've decided to have my own story. So here it is...if you like it stick with it. If you don't... then sorry. But first let's start the story off... where it didn't finish:

As the Labratory 727 was exploding, spreading fire all over the area. The rebels watched as everyone inside the lab were becoming infected with Synbiotes.

"Blimey... the whole city is going to be infected in hours!" Bromley said.

"Well then maybe we should run!" Spider-Man said, as he dodged a incoming synbiote.

The rebels, Venom, and Carnage ran into the city, behind them were a dozen of infected beastials trying to get the. Half the other part of city, was already infected.

(The Basement)

Down at the basement, unknowing to the humans of a bunch of synbiotes coming there way. The rebels made there way from the top part of the city into the bottom part going straight to Naoko's to rest and regroup, but behind them were still synbiotes. Humans screamed in fear and ran away as everyting was becoming infected, becoming crazy.

The rebels came to Naoko's door, banging and yelling.

"Go away!" she yelled, holding Shane tight.

"Naoko, it's just us rebels...hurry we have two injured." Spider-Man shouted. He was grabbing ahold of Brock as the man tried to hold on, but was dying quicker.

Naoko looked at Shane, then ran to the door and opened it. "Hurry get in."

The rebels quickly entered the house, setting Brock and Carnage down in the doctor's room. They locked up the whole house and sat in the living room being quiet for no synbiotes will hear them or walk on.

John looked outside to Castle Wundagor, "she's there...I just know it."

"John...Karen can wait," Spider-Man told him.

"She can't webhead." John turned to him, "you know what they will do to her -they'll turn her into a beastial- and she'll turn on us. The faster we leave the better."

Spider-Man put his head down as another voice talked, "Spidey's right gov...we need our rest if we want to save her."


Naoko put her hand on his shoulder, "we all need out rest."

John turned down and sighed. "Fine...but in the morning I'm going to Wundagor to find." He stared back at the window, "just hang on that long Karen... please."

(Castle Wundagor)

Karen struggled at escaping from the beastial guards.

"Eh...fiesty one isn't she." One of the guards said.

"Heh, you got that right," another guard gripped Karen's arm tightly. "Wonder what they'll do to her."

"Bleh... the knights will just toy with her since-" Guard A pulled her closer. "She is Second-in-Command rebel."

Karen spit in his face and chuckled as the beastial wiped his face, "just because we're humans doesn't mean we are you're toys."

Guard B growled and took her arms. "Just because your here...don't expect to be royal or anything." (A/N:Lol I might do this once in a while, but can anyone remember who Karen's grandmother is [WINK WINK].)

Before Karen could say anything, a slither came down the hall.

"Leave the rebel to mee... High Evolutionary hasss her very valuable," Lady Vermin smirked. "Ssshe will be taken to the high section of the castle, one of the fanccy bedrooms."

The guards exchanged glances before handing over Karen and walking away.

"What ever you think your going to do to me? They won't let you get away with it." Karen scolded her.

"And who are they?" Lady Vermin smirked more, "oooh yesss you rebel friendsss... well they will be sstopped and you will be turned into a beastial?"

Karen's eyes widened as she tried to escape, "no! Not me! I won't let you-"

Lady Vermin took her by the arm and led Karen to a bedroom prison.

(At Naoko's house)

"Ok if we go to this section of the castle they should have Karen," John pointed at the map's layout of Wundagor's Castle.

"And what if they don't?" Spider-Man rubbed his chin, while he sat on the wall.

"Then we prepare for what ever comes."

"...I don't really like that part of the plan."

"Then what do you think we should do?"

Spider-Man shrugged and jumped down, "well last time I rescued her... she was here." Spider-Man pointed to the west wing.

John, Bromley, and Git exchanged looks.

"At the royal part of the castle?" Bromley scratched his head, "why would they have Karen there? Blimey... I mean it's not like she's royal or something like that?" (A/N:[Chuckles]...sorry, but how long just would it take for them to- hahaha!).

"Well I guess Second-in-Command always gets the sweetest spots in the castle before their doom."

Everyone stayed quiet.

"What? We all need cheer-up don't we?"

John went toward him, "this isn't time for commedian jokes... we just need to focus on Karen. Now all you should take some rest, I'll take first shift to watch."

Under Spider-Man's suit, Peter frowned and thought. 'Is John actually willing to take his life to save Karen. Wow John and Karen must really have something going on. And if I wasn't dating Mary-Jane...I would totally go for her myself.'

"Spider-Man!" Naoko called from upstairs, "I need to talk to you really quick."

Spider-Man walked over and thought again, 'actually I think I might have someone else in mind.'

In the doctor's room, Brock and Carnage were breathing deeply and sweating like crazy.

Spider-Man stared at Naoko, "they're not going to make it. Are they?"

Naoko nodded her head. "And if they keep getting worse, then think what can happen if the synbiotes grow on to their host."

"Oh man! If things don't change, then all of Manhattan will suffer the same fate."

Oh boy! Now that is bad! He he anyways I hope you like this story... I'm thinking of doing a series but first...let's have Part 2 finish. Anyway See you next year and have a Happy New Years! ;-)