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(Castle Wundagor)

Spider-Man rubbed his head. "Ugh... just five more minutes Aunt May," he looked up. "Huh?"

All the rebels have fainted on the cold steel floor.

One by one, everyone lifted their heads up figuring what happened.

Spider-Man looked over to John. "Hey John-Boy you awake?"

John groaned and lifted up, "wh...what?" It didn't take him long to figure what happened. "Karen, where is she?"

Spider-Man shrugged, "I don't know. But first let's figure out where we are."

He looked over to John grabbing the bars to the cell they were locked in and peered straightly at a beastial guard. A wave of hatred filled John's body, as the guard read a magazine.

"What are you looking at, human?" The guard finally spoke while putting down the magazine.

John gripped the bars tightly, "the hairy oath looking at me."

The beastial guard growled and continued with his reading, "your at Castle Wundagor."

Spider-Man shrugged, " can we have the keyes to go rescue a friend of ours."

The guard shook his head and said nothing else.

"Well you were great help." Spider-Man went over to the window, which were caged up, "feel like an animal in here."

"You are a spider aren't you," Naoko sat by her son. Shane rested his head on her lap and still asleep.

Spider-Man smiled under the suit, "well spider's aren't really exactly pets. But yes I am a spider, doctor."

Naoko smiled, looking away and staying quiet.

'Maybe Mary-Jane isn't the only love interest in my life,' Spider-Man thought to himself, continuing looking outside. 'Ok any ideas on getting us out of here. Let's see Bromley doesn't have his bombs, Git is still unconsious, Naoko or Shane are little weak, and John-" Spider-Man's eyes lit up, 'that just might work. But it's too big of a risk...John-Boy going wolf in this small cell, with all of us here. Hope it works though.'

Spider-Man turned over to John, "hey John...I got an idea."

John nodded his head, not taking his eyes off the guard. "Oh yeah and what is that?"

"You have to go Man-Wolf."

John looked over to Spider-Man, then the ground. "I can't Spider-Man, not again."

"Look I know it's dangerous and crazy, but if you want to help Karen you have too."

"Spider-Man...I won't!"

Spider-Man thought again, 'this is harder then I thought. He won't budge, unless he becomes angry. Meaning I have to really make him angry.

"John-Boy," he spoke up. "How are we going to save Karen if we can't even save ourselves?"

"I'm trying to think the best I could here," John replied sternly.

"Your best isn't the best!"

John walked over to Spider-Man, "and I don't see you doing anything web-slinger."

"Well at least I have my mind filled with getting us out of here, instead of your girlfriend."

"Karen is not my girlfriend, just second-in-command. Not like you and Naoko."

"Ok...Naoko is just an ally/friend. Our relationship is not the situation here."

"Neither is Karen and my relationship. Now just back off Spider-Man," John turned away.

Bromley and Naoko shared a glanced in confusion.

"You won't be able to save her."

John stopped and looked over to Spider-Man, "what do you mean?"

"And you know you can't save her or anyone."

John clunched his fist, his voice sounded hollow. "I can save her!"

"No you can't," Spider-Man shook his head.

Shane woke up, "mom what's going on?"

Git snapped out of being unconsious and looked at everyone in wonder, however he barley could move.

John grabbed ahold of the bars and gripped them tightly, murmuring to himself.

"John..." Spider-Man tried to sound calm, but couldn't. "You said it yourself...they are going to turn her into a beastial, they tried to last time."

The guard looked up, "that is true...should be happening any momment now. Ha ha ha."

John felt with rage, all his anger consumed in. He tightened the bars, but his beastial side was being unleashed. The animal inside him was being unleashed. Before anyone else could know it, he changed. Fur grew all over John's body, his clothes ripped and torned. His nose became a snout and his hands became claws. The leader of the rebels that stood there was replaced by a foot-taller, blue furred were-wolf like creature.

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