this is not my movie I don't not own wizards of waverly place

We once upon a time there was a girl names Alex! She was a sorcerer with her 2 other brothers j.p. and max. Well anyway let's get to the story well first chapter...

Well there lived this one girl named Alex and she was a magic sorcerer but nobody knew she wanted to tell people all the time and when she got made fun of she wanted to use her options and stuff to make the person have something bad so she can use her revenge! But she knew that if she did that sounds would get in trouble from her dad and get grounded BT she was a bad girl she told her dad that she was going to a friends house but really all she did was go to a good hiding ace and smoked she knew it wasn't right but she could not stop doing that! She needed to find a potion to help her with th e smoking hut she knew if sh made a potion her dad would find out because he has a video camera in the lair so she needed to find out how to get the stuff to make it out of the lair bu t her dad had a video camera to see that stuff and he watches it every night before he goes to bed! So as she was thinking her brother Max walked in max is the brain of the family and max was also the oldest and he asked why do you look like your thinking you never even work you don't even go to half of your classes and you never listen in your classes if you even go to them. His brother max thought of a great idea he would accidentally cover the video camera and she would grab the things and he would take it off after she leaves with the materials. Alex said if this goes good then I will he good. Max asked what kind of potion it was she didn't know what to say and she said my friend smokes and she wants to stop but she cant SK I'm gonna help her. Max asks Alex if she told her friend d, Allison if she was a sorcerer and Alex didn't know what to say cause she did tell allison that she was a sorcerer and she told her dad and everybody that she told nobody but alex is not a good liar so she didnt know what to say so she just looked guilty and said she didnt tell her.

chapter 2 coming soon