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Each chapter was inspired by a Marianas Trench song so, yeah, get ready to have a reading adventure...

Chapter One

The apathy that always leads me

Always finds a way to bring me down

"Danny! Come down here!" The exciting tone of his father's voice breaks through the volume of the music from Danny's iPod. He pauses the current song and pulls his ear phones out of his ears before leaving the kitchen and moving to the basement where his parents were. Jack and Maddie were gathered around a table with some contraption on it, no doubt another invention.

"Danny, look at this," Maddie said, motioning him over to them. He slowly approached the table, and in all honesty, in fear. Their inventions have been getting better, and that means, more painful. It was scary knowing there was a chance it could be used on him.

"We call it the Ecto-Fryer. Pull the trigger, and an ecto blast sends 90 milliamps through the ghost's body." Jack said.

"But be careful, that's far more than it takes to kill a normal person, so don't fool around with this one." Maddie informed him. Danny looked more closely at the invention; it looked very similar to the Fenton Peeler, but with a trigger and a small barrel sticking out of it.

"So, basically... it's like a giant taser, but way more powerful?" He asked.

"Exactly." He stared at it before glancing at Maddie.

"Great... I have to leave for school now. I'll see you afterwards." He made his way up the stairs, but not without hearing Maddie say something about making it more powerful so it could hurt the ghost more. He grabbed his back pack and started to walk down the side walk, not being able to seize his thoughts about that. He's had way too many close calls with his parents and their inventions already. He's even been hit by their other ones, but the thing was, if he was hit with this one, this Ecto-Fryer, he was dead. Instantly. He always thought that telling them about his secret would make everything easier, but it was the fear of being rejected that prevented him from actually doing it. That seemed to be his biggest problem. Fear.

He arrived at school and went straight to his locker where Tucker was waiting at for him. He smiled as Danny approached him.

"What's up?" He asked. Danny opened his locker and started to stuff his books in it. He shrugged in response. "Something's the matter,"

"Not really." Danny said.

"Then why do you seem so gloomy?"

"It's just my parents, they have this new invention,"

"And..." Danny stopped to look at Tucker.

"If I get hit by it once, I'm dead. Even as a ghost."

"Then avoid it." Danny sighed.

"I wish it were that easy." The bell rang, but they took their time getting to class. Since school was almost over, they weren't learning anything anymore. They just sat around in the class room doing nothing, and they wouldn't want it any other way. When they walked into their class room, Sam was already there in her seat it the back, reading a book. Danny sat on the top of her desk and Tucker sat in the desk next to hers.

"Hey Sam," Tucker said, getting her attention. She snapped her book shut and looked at them.

"Hey." She looked up at Danny. "You don't look so happy." He shrugged.

"It's just a new invention that my parents made. It's bothering me a little." He admitted.

"Hey, it's summer, there's no time for things to bother you, we've got more important things to do." She joked. He chuckled a bit as Mr. Lancer started to speak.

"Mr. Fenton, I know how much you love being close to Ms. Manson, but can you please find a place to sit on a seat, not her desk?" Danny blushed a little as he hopped off her desk and sat in the one behind her. Tucker whistled, earning a glare from Danny.

"Nice one," Tucker said.

"Shut up," Danny retorted. Tucker laughed, but continued.

"So, school's over Friday. What's the first thing you want to do?"

"Sleep." Sam said.

"Okay, something not boring."

"Bowling?" Danny suggested. Tucker gave him a look.

"Didn't you just hear what I told Sam?" Danny scoffed as Sam spoke up.

"Fine, then what do you want to do?"

"Four words. Zombie Dead Teacher Six."

"Ugh, how many movies can they make of that?" Sam groaned.

"It's gore and violence, don't tell me you won't watch it."

"Sounds good." Danny said, mostly to stop their bickering. Tucker patted the back of his seat and nodded.

"Good." He turned around in his seat so he was facing forward. "Hello summer vacation."

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