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Chapter Eight

Remember all the ways you fixed me?
How will you fix me now?
And if you're ever feeling you're
Bruised and battered, always sore
I won't tell no one just

"Okay, what did I do for you to have to meddle in my life again?" Danny asked once Clockwork had brought him to his lair. Clockwork went over to his globe, which showed many versions of different futures.

"Actually Danny, it's what you didn't do." He said, shifting to adult form.

"And what exactly didn't I do?"

"Give up." Danny's folded arms dropped to his sides as he listened to Clockwork speak. "Skulker was supposed to win that fight, and soon, many other ghosts were supposed to invade Amity Park and win, taking over. If you hadn't beaten Skulker, Amity Park would be in chaos. I'm sure the Observants will be pleased with your decision." Danny listened, watching Clockwork shift from adult form to infant form. Danny almost snarled. Of course the Observants had something to do with this, but as he looked around, he didn't see any of them. Before he could even ask, he suddenly realized something, a spark of hope igniting in him.

"Wait, so this was just a scenario?" He asked.

"To see what you would pick. And you chose to protect Amity Park, despite your biggest fears." His globe changed as different scenarios of the future played out. "If you left, Amity Park would have been in havoc, and you knew that. You defended it, despite your fears." Danny smiled, mostly because if this was a scenario, that meant none of this actually happened.

"So you can fix everything?" He asked Clockwork. He shifted from infant form to a senior form, turning to look at Danny.

"Not fix everything, but put it back to where it once started." He pressed a button on his staff, and Danny's kitchen appeared on the globe. "I'll reset time to when your parents first created the Ecto-Fryer." He looked at Danny who stepped up to the globe. "Don't mess this up."

"Believe me, I won't." Clockwork pressed the reset button on his staff, and right after, Danny found himself in his kitchen. Just like before, he was sitting at his kitchen table, earphones blasting music into his eardrums. He removed his earphones and looked around, smiling as he realized it was the morning his parents made the Ecto-Fryer.

"Danny! Come down here!" He heard his father bellow from the basement. Danny quickly made his way down to the lab where he saw his parents around a table with the Ecto-Fryer.

"Danny, look at this," Maddie said, motioning him over to them. He went over to the table, glaring at the infernal invention.

"We call it the Ecto-Fryer. Pull the trigger, and an ecto blast sends 90 milliamps through the ghost's body." Jack said.

"That's dangerous." Danny blurted out. His parents looked at him incredulously.

"What?" Maddie asked.

"Well, 90 milliamps, isn't that enough to kill a person? If it's a possible danger for a human, I don't think you should take the risk of using it." He said. Jack laughed in amusement at his son's concern as he put an arm around his shoulders.

"Listen Danny, we're qualified ghost hunters, we can handle our own invention, right Maddie-Cakes?" Jack asked. Him and Danny both looked at Maddie, who was staring at the Ecto-Fryer, almost studying it.

"Mom?" Danny asked. She suddenly pushed the Ecto-Fryer off the table, the thing breaking as it hit the ground, and also breaking Jack's spirit.

"Danny's right Jack. As great as an invention as it is, it's dangerous to human kind. We shouldn't be making inventions that could possibly hurt a human, just a ghost." She said.

"But... but..." Jack stuttered.

"We can make one that drains the ghost's power," She tried. Jack suddenly brightened up.

"I'll draw the design, and you start the blue prints!" He said, running over to one side of the lab. Despite the fact that they were planning something that could possibly catch Danny, he smiled. As long as they couldn't hurt a human, he was fine. He lightly hit the table with a fist and started for the stairs.

"I have to get to school. I'll see you guys later." He grabbed his back pack as he headed out the front doors, not helping to be happy about all this. No manslaughter, no rest home, no change. He was happier than he ever was.

As he walked down the sidewalk, he saw Sam further down, also walking to school.

"Sam!" He called, running up to her as she turned around. He grabbed her in a massive bear hug when he approached her, taking her by surprise.

"Okay, what was that for?" She asked when he pulled away. What was that for? Maybe encouraging him to be the hero, to get him back on track to be himself. She was there during his weakest moment and turned it into his strongest moment. Without her, this probably wouldn't have been the outcome of the scenario. He didn't care if she didn't remember anything, he knew she would always be there to step in and save him. He grabbed her hand and smiled.

"You were there for me when I needed someone the most. You were able to fix me, when no one else could." She couldn't ask what he was talking about, for his lips pressed on to hers, and after that, she didn't even care what he meant.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, what's happening here?" Tucker asked as he approached them. Danny pulled away and looked at Tucker, smiling.

"You're next bro," He said. Tucker only smiled, but Danny bolted and chased after him down the road, Tucker running as fast as his little legs could carry him.

"Dude, come on, we're gonna be late for school!" He said. Danny didn't care. It was summer, and instead of spending it being afraid of a fate that couldn't come anymore, he was certain of spending this summer right.

"It's summer! Who cares?"

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