Chapter 1: Old Master? New Master!

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This story, like most of story in this world, begins with the introduction of the main protagonist, which in this story happen to be a little blond baby boy of fifteen months in the name of Uzumaki Naruto which later people would know him as another name. This particular baby has great history even before he was born, but that was a story for another time. Based on appearance alone people will notice that something is quite different about him, yes he's absolutely adorable. His blond hair resemble strands of gold, his fair but not pale skin looks as smooth as porcelain, and even if slightly malnourish as most baby in this orphanage his baby fat still gives him the healthy glow of rosy cheeks; on the said cheeks there are three whiskers-like marks that complete his impression of a cat, very adorable indeed.

So, this is the sight that happens upon one Sebastian Michaelis when he was roughly brought into this realm from his leisure time at secret location unknown to man. And there is only one being capable of such thing, The Nine Tailed Demon Fox, Kurama, his Old Master from millennia ago, one who has lost contact with him from that fateful day couple decades ago. To think that now of all time he would summon him was a bit surprising considering he didn't even try to summon Sebastian earlier than this.

Carefully, Sebastian masked his presence to ward off any intruder, and moved towards the crib where baby Naruto was asleep. Upon laying his eyes on the child Sebastian was overcame with familiar pleasant sense whenever he passed a cat. In the back of his mind he knew that this is his new master now, with his Old Master trapped inside of him. Looking for confirmation, he concentrated briefly and dives into the baby's mindscape where he found Kurama with slacked jaw from his earlier pleased smitten expression upon seeing the baby.

"I know you like the mortal realm's cat, but please don't make these faces in my presence!" Kurama shouted with a hint of mortification in it.

"I shall try my best Kurama-sama. And before you start calling my names, I go by the name Sebastian Michaelis," he replied with a pleasant smile, slightly happy that his master didn't change much even in prison.

The Nine Tails snorted, "To think that you would stick to name mortal gave you."

Sebastian widened his eyes in surprise. Noticing this, Kurama grinned, "Ah, yes. There's little you can hide from me. What do you think that occupied me in this imprisonment if not your mingling with mortal from another realm?"

Feeling resigned Sebastian just sighed, "Then, as usual?"

"Yes, get the baby out of here, I'll give you a fast track history lesson, and after that you know what to do."

"As you wish, My Lord," Sebastian answered solemnly.

Thus, began Sebastian history lesson; starting from the day Kyuubi was born what prompt it and how all of those histories are relevant to the world of living even now and especially regarding the blond baby whose mind they occupied.

And while Sebastian is learning something that he would not even dream about, his master's personal history, almost every single mortal in this realm has very different version of story.

-The Beginning-

It was told that on the night of October tenth a tailed beast appeared in the middle of Konoha in enraged state, it proceeds to demolish anything within reach and swat away any attempt to subdue it. Then Yondaime came and remove the Kyuubi away from Konoha as a fight within the village was just impossible, they don't know what happen then, just in the morning, they lost their beloved Hokage and gained a jinchuriki. It was easy then, to blame the babe for their misfortune, for the dead of their leader, and for the lost of families and friends; even when Sandaime who retook the Hokage seat wished them to see him as a hero that keep the demon at bay just as Yondaime wished. As no harm should befall the demon incarnate lest they found themselves in Torture and Interrogation cell they keep their displeasure as obscure as possible by denying the child existence. Well, up to the point a butler swept the child off their sight into a location unknown.

Little did they know at the time that the demon child they despised so much was the heir of the Yondaime himself. And the reason the child didn't bear the same surname as his father was because the Sandaime wished to protect him from international threat, given that his father had fearsome reputation and made quite large number of enemies; the entire population of Iwa for a start.

Sebastian was impressed despite himself, not for his deed of splitting his master in two and sealed the yin-part within him as he was claimed by the Death God, no, it was for having such bright soul—as he caught a glimpse from the seal inside Naruto—and yet did not even hesitate to spill blood for his country; and he manage to be kind while doing so, all of his kill dead on the first strike, there was no prolonged torture whatsoever. His soul must be quite delectable.

Sebastian might slightly regret not tasting such delicious soul now, but afterwards he will learn that this realm contain quite few of such wonderful souls including his newest master.

Back to Naruto's mindscape, Sebastian and Kurama were in the middle of discussing the best background for Sebastian as he will need to reveal his presence to Konoha. They sensed that they would be best using the Uzumaki background, as Uzushiogakure is no more and what little the village knows about their old ally other than their Fuinjustsu is lost and some believed to be myth. Sebastian didn't mind to use his skill as a butler once more, because he is simply one hell of a butler.

-To be continued-

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