Summary: Kurama or Kyuubi no Kitsune was really King of demon, and with that authority he summoned one of his subordinates to take care of Naruto(and him); so that, he would worry-less about his own well being and existence. And his summoned subordinate just happen to be a demon known as Sebastian Michaelis.

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You all gotta love him

April, 2013

The 15 month old Naruto is able to talk. Somewhat. The baby is babbling happily to the woman who fed him unwillingly. The frowns on the woman's face clearly show her disgust and hatred despite the fact that the baby boy seated in front of her is the cutest thing alive she's ever seen.

His golden blond hair resembles goldilocks. His clear cerulean eyes match the bluest of skies in summer days. His slightly tanned skin looks like creamy porcelain; his baby fat give him the impressions of chubby-bubbly bundle of sunshine; and his most unique feature is the whisker-like marks that complete his fox-like appearance.


-The Beginning-

Kyuubi no Kitsune or later known as Kurama for some reason went on rampage through Konoha. He almost succeed in demolishing the village if not that the Yondaime Hokage was able to summon Shinigami – sama to seal him into his own newborn baby. To seal such mighty being the Yondaime separate the Yin and Yang chakra of the demon; the Yin part was sealed within his his son, while the Yang chakra was sealed within him own soul, the one that would go to Shinigami's stomach. In his very early life, Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto lost everything at once.

To keep the child's safety from international threats Sarutobi Hiruzen, the Sandaime or Third Hokage, hid the truth about his lineage. But he announce his Jinchuriki status to everyone in hope they'll see him as a Hero that keep the demon at bay.

Well, the plan back fire.

The people who knew about his tenant screamed for his blood. Really, if Hiruzen was not such a forgiving Hokage, heads would've rolled over. But, since he was and still is, then he just made a law to never let the younger generation knows about his tenant, while his lineage remains hidden from the ignorant villagers. The Sandaime gave the child his mother's surname to keep him hidden from his father's enemies, which are not small in number. The entire population of Iwa, for a start.

End of flashback…

-oOo XoOo-

On the other side…

(Location: Hell)

Sebastian felt something tugging him on the navel.

That was the only warning before suddenly he felt like he was wrapped into a ball and thrown into a food blender. Everything was a blur until he felt himself landing on his knees on a ceramic floor in some sort of barrack full of sleeping kids.

Their condition is not very good. Most wore clothes that are worn and tattered and some looked like they've never knew the inside of a bathtub.

'It must be some kind of orphanage,' thought Sebastian.

He hid his presence immediately, before anyone notices that he was there in the first place. He did wonder why Kurama, the only Demon Lord who has the authority to summon him, does so after almost a century lost in the Ninja realm. Looking around, he tried to locate the surprisingly small Fox Spirit, while keeping an eye to the ANBU guard outside. Suddenly, he heard a voice ring through his head.

"Sebastian. Come here." Without a word Sebastian follow the direction given to him by the voice.

Sebastian silently and gracefully crept to Naruto's isolated room. Even the ANBU with dog mask who is guarding Naruto from outside the room never felt him sliding past into the room.

Recognizing the Fox's presence in Naruto, he walks closer until something that would never cross Kyuubi's mind, happened.

Sebastian froze, his moves come to halt, with an awestruck expression and a slight blush plastered on his face at the sight of the small sleeping figure. It is just the same expression of his when he met a kitty, not that the Kyuubi would know. Kyuubi just stared, gaping at his most trusted general.

Sebastian then steps even closer to the sleeping baby boy, his hand in the air, and gently moved it to caress the smooth cheek.

"I didn't know that you could be this cute, Kyuubi-sama," Sebastian said with a little mocking tone.

This comment snapped Kyuubi out of his shock and glared through the mental connection of his to the now smiling demon.

"Shut up you insolent demon, don't 'cute' me if you still want that tongue of yours in place and not lodged up your backside," Kyuubi growled.

"I can't help it, Kurama–sama."

"Whatever. Now, listen I don't want to repeat. This brat is my vessel now. All this mess started when…"

At the end of the Fox's 'history for the last 100 years of his absence from the demon realm', Sebastian chuckled at his Old Master's antics of telling a story. Of course the image of hundreds feet tall demons throwing tantrums like a five years old didn't help either. Kyuubi keep telling how he will chew Madara's head for all it's worth for causing all this troublesome situations.

From this story, Sebastian can already guess what his master want him to do. What else than to serve under him directly once more. Of course he doesn't mind for aiding his new master, his very cute new master at that, with his old master trapped in him. The future years that has yet to come already seems to be very interesting. Ciel will definitely found this situation very amusing. Maybe he'll get Ciel here sometime in the future.

Looking up to the ceiling he formed a plan to adopt the baby Naruto and gain the trust of the Sandaime. Of course that's not really a problem, because he is one hell of a butler.


-End of first chapter-

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