The enterprise's musical moments

Moment #1: don't stop believing
Sung By: Dr. Bones and Kirk

Like anyone on the enterprise you'd know that Dr. McCoy and Kirk were wondering how the first officer and head of communications had fallen in love with each other but really it was no mystery. Many crew members had their thoughts and beings about it but kept it to themselves. Some even wondered how a Vulcan and a Human would fall so deep in love. The truth of the matter was that Commander Spock was not full Vulcan but as well a Human. Yes he showed green blood when cut or blushing, yes he had pointy ears and that haircut but deep down he had emotion as well. One day while Bones and Kirk sat in his office they heard a familiar tune play on Bone's radio they both thought of Spock and Uhura and began to sing.

Kirk: She's just a small town girl…
living in a lonely world…
she took the mid-night train…
going anywhere…

Bones: He's just city boy…
born and raised in south Vulcan…
he took the mid-night ship…
going anywhere…

Both: She's a singer in a smoky room…
Bones: a smell of wine and cheap perfume
Kirk: if Spock would smile they could share the night
both: it goes on and on and on

Kirk: us strangers waiting…
Bones: up and down corridor
both: all our shadows searching through night
Bones: moonlight People
Kirk: Spocks living just to find emotion
Bones: yet he's hiding somewhere in night

Both: we're working hard to get our fill
Kirk: everyone wants their thrill
Bones: paying my money just bet you twice just one more time

Kirk: some will win
Bones: some will lose
both: some were born just sing the blues
Kirk: oh God this movie will it never end (covers eyes)
Bones: it goes on and on and on

Both: us strangers waiting
Kirk: up and down corridor
Bones: all our shadows searching in the night
Kirk: sunlight people
Bones: Uhura lives to find his emotion
Both: but their hiding somewhere deep inside

Both: don't stop believing
Kirk: hold on to that feeling
Bones: moonlight people

Both: Don't stop believing
Bones: hold on
Kirk: sunlight people

Both: don't stop believing
Kirk: hold on to that feeling
both: bright light people

And sure enough Bones won the bet because when they were on the transport pad the two kissed each other goodbye and Bones knew a lot of people owed him a lot of money!