enterprise moment # 22- A some Special guests aboard

"Beam them aboard Scotty!" Kirk called to his head engineer the next moment they saw four very familiar faces aboard. There stood a tall brown furry wookie, a lean short beautiful princess; a short blonde headed ragtag Jedi, and Kirk's bestie a tall, lean, black vested scoundrel. "Let's get this dance party started! First dance is the Han Solo dance hit it Sulu!" Kirk chuckled Han solo got onto the middle of the dance floor along with Leia, Luke, and chewie and together Han, Leia, and Luke sung the lyrics

Leia: he's feeling like a star
you can't stop his shine
he's loving cloud city
his head's in the sky

All: I'm Solo I'm Han Solo
I'm Han Solo
I'm Han solo, Solo

Han: yeah I'm feeling good tonight
finally feeling free and it feels so right
time to do the things I like
gonna see a princess everything's alright

Luke: no jabba to answer to
not a fixture in the palace zoo no
and since the carbonites off him
he's living life now that he's free

Han: told me to get myself together
now I got myself together yeah
now I made it through the weather
better days are gonna get better

All: we're so happy the carbonite is gone
Han's moving on
we're so happy it's over now
the pain is gone

Han: putting on my shades
covering up eyes
I'm jumpin in my ride
heading out tonight

He's solo Han solo
he's Han Solo
Han Solo, Solo
Han: I'm picking up blaster
put it on my side
I'm jumpin in my falcon
wookie by my side

All: he's Solo Han Solo
He's Han Solo
He's Han Solo, Solo, Solo

It's like

After the song everyone cheered Spock got up and him and Han danced to the song's remix everyone was surprised at Spock and cheering him on as he and han laughed and danced spock was grinning ear to ear Han patted him on the back and then the next song came.