Enterprise moment # 41- Halloween night

It was another holiday that sparked up a sight on the enterprise as the crew readied for the Halloween talent show. Dr. McCoy and Spock along with Chapel, Uhura, and Gailia were dancing and singing to the Monster Mash. Spock was going to be frankenspock as he painted himself in the light shade of olive as if he were blushing all over. They were called on stage they got ready with the smoke machine and the strobe lights Spock jumped into the coffin and McCoy started to sing.

McCoy: I was working in the lab late one night
when my eyes beheld an eerie sight
for my monster from the slab began to rise
and suddenly to my surprise

Uhura: he did the mash
spock did the monster mash
the monster mash
it was a graveyard smash
he did the mash
it caught on in a flash
spock did the mash
he did the monster mash

McCoy: from my lavatory to the castle east
to the master bedroom where the vampires feast
the ghouls all came from their humble abodes
to get a jolt from my electrodes

Gailia: they did the mash
it's now the monster mash
the monster mash
it was graveyard smash
it's now the mash
it caught on in a flash
it's now the mash
they played the monster mash

(Spock rises and starts to sing)

Spock: everything's cool drac's apart of the band
and my monster mash is the hit of the land
for you the living this mash was meant to
when you get to my door tell them McCoy sent you

Chapel: then you can mash

Then you can monster mash
and do Spock's graveyard smash
then you can mash
you'll catch on in a flash
then you can mash
you can monster mash!

Spock started to dance and so did McCoy after the song the group took a bow at the end of the night Spock and others stood around to find out the winners of Kirks Talent show "And the winners areā€¦ Spockenstein and the monster mashers" Kirk announced "Mash Good! Mash Good!" Spock joked they all laughed and started to dance again including Spock or should we say Spockenstein