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"Winner does the dishes?"

"Oh, you're on."

The common room was mainly quiet for once, except for the insane amount of button mashing from two of Jump City's most dedicated heros.

"Hey, Beast Boy."

"Yeah, Cy?"

"Can I ask you a random question?" Neither of their eyes left the main screen. An explosion and a man's screams could be heard from the game.

"Lay it on me." Beast Boy responded, still transfixed on slaying the ninja/zombie hybrid monsters to tally up points. A few seconds went by as both boys reached the nearest checkpoint.

"Do you have a favorite color?" Cyborg nonchalantly asked.

"Can't say I do."

"Really?" Cyborg began, grinning madly. "Because you're always wearing purple."

Beast Boy's focus didn't waiver. "Your point?"

"I don't know. I just thought purple was your favorite color." Cyborg teased.

Beast Boy made a face, flushing slightly on his cheekbones. "...I like other colors too, Cy."

"Yeah, but that's not what I'm asking though. We finally get a chance to revamp our uniforms and yet you stick with the old maroon. Last time I checked you were all to excited to ditch the Doom Patrol threads." Cyborg's game character killed another zombie, successfully passing Beast Boy's score. "Booh-ya!" He shouted in triumph. Beast Boy slumped, sad to have realized he had just lost his winning streak.

"Then what are you trying to ask?" Beast Boy questioned, slightly annoyed.

"Is purple your favorite color?" Cyborg restated, dragging out the italic word for maximum effect. Beast Boy's eye twitched as he tried to remain focused on the videogame. Only a hundred points separated his and Cyborg's scores.

"I changed my mind about the color, big deal." The green changeling was pressing the bottoms down slightly harder than before.

"Yeah, but is it your favorite?" Cyborg asked once more. Beast Boy, not one to take underlying hints, became frustrated.

"Dude! Why are you so obsessed with my favorite color all the sudden?"

"Just looking out for the good of the team is all." The tin man responded, leaning back against the sofa cushions and spreading his arms out to encompass the backside of his head in a relaxed manner. Cyborg then set his controller down gently on the sofa before meeting the eyes of his enraged combatant. The smugness never left his face.

"And what's that suppose to mean!?" Beast Boy yelled, his focus now solely on Cyborg.

"We can't have you going soft, now can we, BB? Especially with Robin gettin all cozy with Starfire. You have to admit, if you go after him it would just be trouble for us all."

Cue awkward silence.

The common room door slid open, and a cloaked sorceress walked in with a book in her hands. Neither of the two original occupants noticed her enter, but it didn't take Raven long to notice an amused Cyborg and a fuming Beast Boy standing on the sofa. What puzzled her most though was the murdering look on the green boy's face.

Jumping on the couch so he could have the height advantage, Beast Boy threw the controller on the ground in frustration. "GET THIS THROUGH YOUR HEAD TIN-MAN. THE COLOR PURPLE IS NOT A FEMININE COLOR. IT'S GENDER NEUTRAL...AND IT'S ONE OF THE FEW COLORS THAT DOESN'T CLASH HORRIBLY WITH MY SKIN TONE." The last part even surprised Raven herself.

"Beast Boy." Raven interrupted, cutting off the young man's rant. Hearing her voice, his eyes instantly became the size of pinholes. He suddenly felt a hotness creep it's way up the backside of his neck in embarrassment as he gave full attention to the purple-haired enchantress. Cyborg continued to remain as passive as ever with the same knowing smirk on his face. If anything, the robot's all-knowing grin seemed to have gotten bigger with the appearance of Raven in the room.

"Hey, Raven." Cyborg greeted, ignoring the awkwardness of his teammate.

"Hello, Cyborg." She greeted back, removing her hood. "I hope I am not interrupting anything..."

"Nah, I'm just messing with BB here." Cyborg laughed, smacking the green boy out of his trance. He hadn't moved since Raven had addressed him. Beast boy fell off the sofa with a thud, landing on his butt with his legs still partially on the couch.

"Dangit, Cy!" Beast Boy then stood up, rubbing his behind in pain. Raven rolled her eyes at him and then proceeded to hand him the book that was in her hands.

"Here," she said, locking her amethyst eyes with his green ones, "here's the book you wanted."

"Oh, thanks Rae." He took the book from her extended grasp and tucked it under his shoulder.

"Don't call me Rae." She responded evenly, before walking away. Beast Boy frowned. Cyborg laughed, and then Raven turned around unexpectedly. "Oh, and Cyborg."

"Yeah Raven?"

"Purple is a gender neutral color, despite what everyone else may think." She paused for a moment, then locked eyes with Beast Boy once more. "And it does compliment your skin tone, but may I suggest playing up your look instead of keeping the exact same uniform. A little change is always...nice." She then walked through the common room main entrance, leaving a very confused Cyborg and blushing Beast Boy in her wake.

"Since when do you read?" Cyborg suddenly asked after a few minutes.

"Since when does it matter?" Beast Boy narrowed his eyebrows at his supposed best friend. Cyborg just shrugged, standing up. "I'm going to have to talk to Robin about changing my costume design," Beast Boy added, sitting back down on the couch.

"What changed your mind?" Cyborg asked, smugness making its way into his voice. "Raven have something to do with it?"

"No!" Beast Boy defended, slightly panicked. "It has nothing to do with her."

"Whatever you say, BB. Just don't forget to do the dishes."

Fast forward to next scene.

Two-weeks later, Beast Boy walked into the common room in his new purple and white uniform and sat down next to Cyborg on the sofa. Raven sat silently at the kitchen table, cladded in a new cloak that was pure as snow itself.

"Hey, Cy?"

"Yeah, BB?"

"I got a confession to make." He quickly said, not bothering to make eye contact with the robot man.

"Yeah?" Cyborg continued to look at the TV screen as he mindlessly flipped through channels.

"...Purple is my favorite color." The green man muttered quickly, a red tint forming on his cheeks. Cyborg smirked.

"Now was that so hard to admit, BB?" He side-glanced at Beast Boy sitting next to him. He eyed over the changeling, noticing that his new uniform did compliment his growing form nicely. "I gotta admit though. I'm diggin the new threads. Any reason you choose the color white?" Cyborg asked a little bit louder. Raven looked up from her book.

Beast Boy smiled slightly as he spoke. No point in avoiding the truth a second time, he thought. "Like purple, it's kind of symbolic for me." He stated honestly.

Neither of the men noticed Raven blush slightly behind the pages of her book.

Just something quick I thought of. I just noticed how one of BB's uniforms in the comics is actually a good symbolic representation of Raven herself. Her hair and eye colors are purple, while white seems to signify a sense of happiness/purity for her, as her cloak always turned white in the series when she was at her happiest or strongest. Hope you enjoyed it!

~Domination of the World