Set during the show. After "The Beast Within" but before the season four ending arc.

Under the Full Moon

It was one of those rare nights.

He often came out here to think or clear his head, but tonight the rocky shoreline surrounding Titan's Tower served a different purpose to the young hero.

He shook his head. "Stupid wolf..." He muttered to himself. He had connected this sudden urge of looking at the moon to the wolf form he had used in battle earlier. He had no idea why wolves in general were so drawn to the glowing orb. It had practically taunted him the entire evening on parol, but he had successfully suppressed the urge to stare at it until now. He often had stirrings from his other animal counterparts, and could easily restrain the residual effects from the forms he took, but sometimes even his human conscious had to give. The moon tonight was just so bright...and the night so's luminescent quality covering the entire landscape in a blanket of light.

Beast Boy groaned, his ears drooping downward. Eyeing a small pebble he picked it up and flicked his wrist. The rock skipped a few times atop the water's surface before sinking below.

"I thought I'd find you out here." A monotonous voice said from behind him. Beast Boy cut his next throw short and turned his head to eye the cloaked sorcerous closely. She sat down next to him; an awkward silence followed.

"Beautiful night, huh?" He managed to stammer out, attempting to break the stagnant atmosphere. She nodded.

They sat like that for sometime, neither speaking. Beast Boy quickly realized Raven wasn't in the talking mood (like she ever was), and gave up any previous attempts at conversation. Relaxing back on the ledge Beast Boy closed his eyes, simply basking in the moon's glow.

"Azarath...Metrion..." His ears perked at hearing her speak her mantra.

She was floating off the ground with her legs crossed. Beast Boy opened his eyes and took to watching her once again. Raven had meditated in front of him on a daily basis, but it was such a normal occurrence he never thought much of simply watching her before. He never had the opportunity to observe her this closely. A good twenty minutes went by with both of them like this.

"Hey, Raven?" Hearing his voice, she stopped chanting. She stayed afloat as she acknowledged him with one eye open. Normally she expressed a more hostile demeanor whenever he interrupted her meditation. She was surprisingly not giving him a mean glare at the moment. "What does your chant mean?"

It was safe to say Raven was slightly taken aback by his question. Nobody had ever asked her about it before. To be honest, she was thinking he was going to ask her about her reasoning for joining him out on the ledge. The others had noticed his distracted behavior during parol. When they came back Cyborg challenged him to a videogame match and let him win. After three rounds he refused to play anymore, saying he had better stuff to do. Sulky Beast Boy was common and not new to the Titans, but a sulky Beast Boy who refused to play videogames while on a winning streak was not normal. He never walked away from a match. Ever. And by some odd factoring her teammates were convinced she was the best one to handle the situation.

But he didn't know all of that. For once Raven wasn't thankful for her teammate's simpleminded nature. She tried to avoid questions about herself as much as possible.

"Why do you ask?" She replied with a straight face, trying to avoid giving away as much of her thoughts as possible.

"I don't know. You use it for practically just about everything. I was just curious if there was any special meaning behind it." When she did not respond he tensed. A few seconds later he sat up and met her eyes with his own. Seeing the timid vibe she was giving made him realize he had overstepped his bounds. He held up his hand apologetically. "Sorry, I pried to much. I know you don't like talking about yourself."

"Beast Boy, it's fine." He cringed. That came out a little harsher than she intended, Raven realized. She sighed. "It's not your fault. You were just...curious." She paused, wondering if she should actually answer his question or not. "The mantra itself really has no meaning, but Azarath is my home...and I know Metrion is in reference to the stars."

"What about Zinthos?"

"That, I have no idea." He snorted, chuckling lightly. Raven herself couldn't help the small smile that formed on her face. Beast Boy settled down and their quietness resumed, but it was far less awkward than before. Raven looked over and eyed him again, noticing he had returned to gazing at the full moon with a longing look. She had only seen that look once before, after his transformation into the Beast.

"Beast Boy, is everything alright?" She asked sincerely. He looked at her.

Big mistake, he couldn't fight her with that look on her face. She was showing emotion for once-concern-and it was directed at him of all people. What he would give for Cyborg to come out of nowhere and hit him with a Stank Ball at that moment.

He fidgeted under her gaze, avoiding eye contact and taking a heightened interest in his fingers. How would she react if he told her he was loosing control? Of all people to confide in...

"I'm your friend, Beast Boy. I know I might not be the first person you would talk to about things, but I would hope you could trust me on such matters."

He mentally smacked himself. Of course he could trust her. She was his teammate and had know him for the betterment of his life as a superhero. He should be able to tell her anything with the amount of near death experiences they've had together.

"It's my powers." He said finally.

"What about them?"

"...I've been having trouble controlling them. The moon for instance. You know how wolves are often linked to howling at a full moon?" She nodded. "Well, for whatever reason I feel like I have to come out and stare at it for hours on end after transforming into one. It's not a big deal with less violent transformations, but I'm just scared I'll loose control when I'm a T-Rex or..." He didn't want to finish that thought.

The Beast.

Raven knew what he was afraid of, but it was from her own experiences that if you suppressed something for too long then the results could be disastrous. She also knew, while she hated to admit it, that Beast Boy exercised better control over his powers than she. Compared to her, he had nothing to worry about.

"You're being to hard on yourself. I've seen you battle with your animalistic side, and it has never taken you over before. Considering the nature of your powers, I'm actually surprised you don't have more side effects than what you have already experienced. There is nothing wrong with messing up on occasion. I've had my slip ups in the past, but if there is one thing I have learned is that bottling up your problems will only cause bigger ones in the future. You're very strong Beast Boy. Never forget that."

He smiled. God, it was intoxicating. His emotions were always so vibrant and strong; it made it hard for her to contain her own excitement. Focus, Raven. Focus!

"Hey, Rei?" She acknowledged him with a nod of her head as she tried to keep her her powers in check. He was surprised when she didn't correct him about his nickname for her. "Thanks." No response again. Beast Boy quirked an eyebrow. Analyzing her face he noticed it was significantly redder than before. "Are you alright?" He asked, coming closer to her and touching her forehead. "Are you sure you don't have a fever?"

Too close!

A jolt of dark energy shot forth and catapulted Beast Boy from his position on the ledge and into the air. "WAHH!" He yelled, landing in the ocean with a gigantic splash.

"Way to ruin the moment, BB." Cyborg said, spying atop from Titans Tower. From his spot he saw Beast Boy jump out of the water and transform into a dog, shaking excess water off onto Raven. All remorse was gone from her face as she sent him sky-rocketing again back into the bay out of anger for getting her wet. The green man quickly learned his lesson and did not return to shore until after Raven had stormed off back to the Tower.

"Note to self." Beast Boy said to himself. "Never ask Raven if she's feeling alright unless you want to be catapulted into the ocean." Muttering a few curses under his breath he quickly made headway to his bedroom, concluding an eventful night for an otherwise lazy changeling.

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