The New World 2: Light Wins


"38… 39… 40…" Said Mikami, excitedly. Then, one of the SPK members, Gevanni, grabs his chest and gasps loudly. He then drops to the floor as everyone else in the room looks at his corpse, terrified. People started to look around the room nervously as Rester and Lidner did the same a few seconds later. Near and the rest of the survivors started to panic. (Except Light Yagami, who was standing still with a smirk on his face and continually repeated, "I win… I win… I win…") Matsuda reacted especially, but more… in a calm way. He had fallen to his knees, tears rolling down his now pale cheeks as he stared at Light. The way he was acting had made it clear that he was Kira.

Matsuda had always secretly liked him… as much more than a friend. He thought that he was just so smart, and popular, so incredibly handsome, and people had always seemed to like him. Matsuda looked to him as a role model, and he also thought that if he was with him, it would wear off on to him. He was shocked that such a sweet, seemingly innocent, nice, man that he had looked up to and known for six years was the very same man that was responsible for the death of thousands. The man he had been trying to catch for so long. Kira.

"Why?" asked Matsuda quietly, ignoring as his friends Aizawa, Ide, and Mogi dropped to the floor. "Why?" He asked slightly more loudly. "Why?" Again, a little more loudly. "WHY?! WHY WHY WHY?!" He eventually screamed at the top of his lungs until Light- until Kira-, noticed. Light turned around to face him, he donned a large smile that showed his pearly, perfect white teeth, and made him seem like the devil himself. His eyes seemed to glow red and were filled with joy and excitement. He started to giggle a little bit. "Why? Well, I am justice. That is why, my good friend Touta Matsuda." He responded calmly. He walked over to him, crouched down to meet his level, (since Matsu was still on his knees) and they looked into each other's eyes. Matsuda wanted to look away, but it seemed like he couldn't; as though Light's gaze was holding him there, forcing him to look into his big, attractive eyes.

He was staring into his eyes for a while, slightly aroused at his villainous stare. Light's eyes twinkled a little and he grinned a little wider. He moved next him and whispered in his ear. "Everyone else except for you, and that white-haired kid is dead. And do you know what I am going to do with you?" He said evilly. Matsuda said nothing, but stared at the child across room, Near, who was huddled up in fear for his life in the corner, hiding his face as his body jerked with tears. Matsuda knew what was going to happen. And not only was it going to happen to him, but a young innocent boy as well.

Matsuda was frozen with fear. Light slowly and gently reached for his gun and took it. He turned to Mikami. "God, I did as you wanted. What do you want to do now?" Kira's partner asked. "From now on, I would like you keep on writing the names of criminals. Tomorrow, I will have you release a video to the public, a video to the government, and a video to the whole world's police." Said the original Kira.

"Now, we might as well take these pathetic excuses for humans back to the building, shall we?"