Chapter 2

Matsuda's POV

I was surprised to see that they all were forced to come back to the very large building the Task Force was working in before L died. Light seemed to sense the obvious surprise on my face, and said maliciously, "Don't worry about it Matsuda. Just come on in… Enjoy yourself while you can… Before tonight!" He said the last two words with struggle, as though trying to keep himself from laughing.

Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck fuckfuckfuckfuck… FUCK! I have always liked him, in that way, but, in an actual romantic kind of way. I really don't want him to use just like everyone else did… I thought to myself. I didn't realize that Near was walking beside me till I heard a quiet mumble. I looked to my right and saw him looking up at me. As soon as I noticed that, the young boy looked down at his feet.

"Hey, everything's gonna be all right. Okay Near?" I said calmingly, as I patted him on the back. Near looked back up at me, with sadness in his eyes. When I took back his hand, the silver-ish white haired boy grabbed it. "I really don't want to be alone…" Near almost cried. I let him hold my hand for the time being. After all, that sick pervert is probably going to… use him. And me. I wanted to make a run for it with this poor, innocent, boy but I was too scared to do so, since Light knew my real name and his. There wasn't anything I could do.

Mikami and Light where opening the front doors of the building. He looked behind himself to look at us and grinned when he saw Near holding my hand. I felt his grip tighten as Light looked back at Mikami. We walked up until we stood behind them a couple feet. Light turned around again as Mikami was struggling with the keys. His now usual smirk upon his face as he looked down at Near and kneeled down to reach his eye level. "Hey buddy, why so tense? I promise I won't hurt you. You'll love it. I can see it in your eyes. You were born a slut and you are going to die a slut. And you know it. Don't you dare lie about it, either. Keep in mind I can kill you whenever I want. With or without the death note." He coldly claimed.

I resisted the urge to punch him in the nose. I can't believe he would say such a thing to a kid! And all this time I thought he was a nice guy…I felt Near's hand tighten again. I looked over at him to see him looking up at me, tears in his eyes. He then let go of my hand, hugged my side and buried his face into the side of my loser torso, where he could reach easily. I gently put my hand through his hair, trying to see if that would calm him somewhat. He hugged my side tighter.

Once Mikami got the door open, Light turned to the boy gripping my sides for dear life, was able to get him off me and pick him up. Near struggled in his tight arms, but when he looked into his eyes, which burned with evil, he stopped. "Remember this; I own you now. There is nothing you can do about that. If you fight anything I do to you, I'll beat you. If I catch you violating my rules, I'll cut you. If you run away, I will kill you. Understood?" Near nodded vigorously as soon as Light finished his sentence. Light looked over to me. "And that goes for you to, Matsuda." I gulped at looked down at the ground. I sighed but then nodded.

"Now faggot and slut, this is where both of you will be staying. You had better be grateful that I'm giving you such a large room." Yagami led us to one of the not as nice rooms in the headquarters. It had one bedroom, one bathroom, and a small living room connected with the kitchen. At least the boy doesn't have to be alone. I could there for him, and maybe he could be there for me too. I thought, feeling relieved.

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