A/N This story is a love triangle! Colonello x Lambo x Reborn

Lambo couldn't believe what he saw. In is his own room, Reborn had brought back a woman, and was doing it with her, on his bed. Lambo clenched his pants trying to hold back tears,his chest hurt. Reborn looked back at Lambo and smirked while he continued. Lambo ran away ,his tears came flowing down. 'How could he do that to me? Idiot Reborn, I hate you. '

"Whoa,what's wrong with you, kora?" Lambo looked up to see a tall handsome blonde with sea blue eyes.

"It's nothing, it's none of your business anyway Colonello." The blonde just stared at Lambo's feeble attempt to stop crying. The blonde smiled, leaned in and kissed Lambo. Lambo was to stunned to move, and then, he ,showed up.

"What are you doing with my stupid cow?" Reborn had a cigarette in one hand and wore his usual suit only his buttons were slightly off and his hair was even more messed up than usual.

Colonello laughed ,"You look like you just had sex, you're such a player." Colonello looked down at Lambo's pained expression and knew he said something he shouldn't of. He scratched the back of his head he didn't know what to say.

"You don't have any right to say that Reborn. I'm not yours anymore."

Colonello sighed , then grabbed Lambo's hand and pulled him away from Reborn. Lambo hurriedly followed behind the strong blonde wiping his tears with his free hand. Colonello took Lambo to a quiet Cafe where they could be alone to talk.

"So, what exactly happened?" Lambo sat as far as possible from Colonello remembering their kiss.

"Reborn, he had,... sex with another women, on my bed." Colonello leaned back in his chair and took a sip of his drink.

"Then, how about you go out with me instead? I was serious when I kissed you." Lambo looked up at the blonde in surprise. 'Colonello wants to go out with me? Why?'

"I definitely, wouldn't ever make you cry like Reborn."


"I'll let you think about it,"Colonello interrupted. Colonello put money on the table and grabs the cow's hand.

"Let's go on a date."

"A d-date?" Colonello nodded as he tugged the cow along the rode. He smiled and took the cow around the city to sight see. Colonello and Lambo rested at a park with a few shopping bags of things Colonello bought as souveniers. Colonello took out a thermos and handed it to Lambo. Lambo looked inside to see a familiar white liquid and smiled as he held it up to his lips and let the cool liquid flow down his throat. Milk always calmed him down after a rough day, he licked his lips after he finished his drink and noticed Colonello staring at him. Colonello smiled and took the thermos back and put it in one of his bags.

"Was it good? I brought it especially for you." Lambo blushed and nodded to Colonello. Colonello looked up at the sky," it should be getting dark soon, do you want to head back now?" Lambo nodded as he stood up and wiped the grass of his pants. Colonello grabbed the cow's hand and pulled him down into his lap. Lambo squirmed trying to get out of the blondes lap but he was completely trapped in the blonde's bear hug.

"I thought you wanted to head back," Lambo said as he tried to break free. Colonello shifted a bit and seductively whispered into Lambos ear,"just a little while longer." Lambo trembled, his ears were his sensitive spot. Colonello chuckled and pushed Lambo off his lap, and stood up.

"So, shall we get going?" Lambo blushed, he didn't want to admit it, but, it felt good. Lambo led the way back to headquarters and guided Colonello to his room. Lambo sighed, walking along the corridor outside of his room. Today had been a long and stressful day, and all he wanted to do was sleep. However, he couldn't bring himself to step foot into the room where, Reborn had very recently...done that, on his bed. Before Lambo knew it he ended up back infront of Colonello's door, Lambo sighed again, and knocked on the door. 'I'm so stupid he's probably asleep by now.' Colonello opened the door with a white towel wrapped around his waist, a fully exposed tan chest, and a toothbrush in his mouth.


"Uh, I , um , if it's not to much trouble could I," Lambo stuttered. Colonello went back into his room and walked into the bathroom.

"You want to sleep in here tonight?" Colonello walked out of the bathroom with his camo underpants on and picked up his gun and set it against the wall.

"If it's not to much trouble."

Colonello smiled,"All right but we'd have to share a bed."

"That's all right," Lambo said quickly, "I used to sleep with Tsuna sometimes when I was little."

"That's not what I, nevermind. I usually sleep naked, I wasn't planning on having company so you'll just have to deal with me sleeping in my underwear. Lambo smiled and hugged Colonello,"thank you. I really couldn't go back into that room."

"I-its nothing lets just go to sleep i'm tired." Colonello got into the bed and Lambo carefully avoided all of Colonello's weapons. Lambo took off his belt and set it on the ground and undid a few buttons.

"W-what are you doing?"

"What do you mean? I'm getting ready to sleep. Belts are uncomfortable, and its hot sleeping with another person." Lambo quickly slipped off his shoes and got into bed, Lambo laid his head on the pillow and quickly fell asleep. Colonello sratched the back of his neck, his prey was lying in front of him, completely defenseless. Colonello put his hand on Lambo's head, to his surprise Lambo snuggled into it.

"I don't know how i'm gonna make it through the night like this," Colonello muttered. Lambo awoke the next morning, his head was on hard, and warm surface. It felt surprisingly good, and he snuggled into it.

"Hey,wake up Lambo, we're gonna miss breakfast if you keep sleeping on me." Lambo's eyes shot open, and he sat up quickly,"sorry ," he muttered with a face as red as a tomato. Colonello smiled as Lambo quickly put on his shoes and picked up his belt," um, thanks for letting me stay here last night," Lambo said opening the door. Lambo walked out of the room only to run into something hard enough to knock him off his feet and land on his butt. Lambo looked up ,"sorr," Lambo paused. Reborn looked down at him and didn't even bother to help him up.

'What were you doing in Colonello's room?"

"I, can , explain..."

Colonello got up out of the bed and walked over to Lambo to help him up.

"He knocked on my door last night and said he wanted to sleep with me," Colonello said with a sly smirk on his face. Reborn looked at Colonello and then at Lambo.

"Is that so? I never thought that the stupid cow was such a slut." Lambo winced at the hurtful words.

"R-reborn it's not like that it's just," Colonello covered Lambo's mouth.

"Yea thanks for lending him to me yesterday we had alot of fun."

"Hmph, what does it matter if a few other people use him, as long as I get what I want."

"Thanks for being so understanding Reborn, now if you'll excuse us," Colonello said shutting the door. Lambo fell to his knees, so that's how Reborn felt.

"Look, Lambo I'm sorry, I didn't mean to worsen things with Reborn." Lambo wiped his eyes , he didn't want to cry over Reborn, not anymore. Colonello put his hand on Lambo's chin and kissed him.

"The Vongola summer party is coming up soon, so what I mean to say is," Colonello sighed this was unusually hard for him,"would you like to go with me?"