~Earth, California~

I looked at my bed with a grin. "Time to put all that effort of learning how to lucid dream to use" I said to myself. However, as I got near my bed I started having doubts.. "What if this is how people die in their dreams! What if I screw up and fall out of the sky or something!?"

"Hey stop all that negativity! Everything you've done to prepare yourself has all come down to this and there's no way that you'll fail!"

"But what if I…"

"What did I just say? Now get in that bed and start!"

I quickly look to the left and right then sigh. "I have got to stop talking to myself…." Doing the traditional double face slap I crawl in bed and hope I fall asleep quickly. After about 10 minutes of fidgeting I get comfortable and dose off.

~Dream World~

I look around and notice I'm inside my house. I quickly look at the clock next to my bed and notice it says 11:35. Looking away I walk to the door and almost turn the knob and leave but as I was about to something told me, "Look at the clock Dummy!"

I turn around and notice this time it says 5:58, I grin, "Well well well, this just got interesting." I said as I turned my door knob. Before opening the door I imagined that behind it would be a beach so I could test out the so called "Dream Door"Theory.

As I opened the door sunlight began filling my eyes, the fresh smell of the sea and sand wafted its way into my nose.

I step into the area and close the door. Behind me, the door fades out of this area; but I didn't care. I had finally done it… Taking in a deep breath of the area I remembered something and materialized a megaphone into my hand and turned it on. At the top of my lungs I shout "LOOK AT ALL THE FUCKS I GIVE!" The echo carried very well replaying a good 5 times before ending.

"Glorious…" I said softly as I dropped the megaphone. I put a hand into my pocket and pulled out a pen and notepad. (I guess you could say it was my Dream Bucket List) only one thing had been scratched off the list "Lucid Dream" and under it was "Scream something stupid through a megaphone" I then proceeded to check that off and look at the next thing to do. "Fly next to yourself"

"Oh hey that sounds like it'll be pretty interesting. And I can kill two birds with one stone. It's perfect!" me and myself said in unison as we checked "make a clone"off the list. We then looked at each other.

"You sir are not half bad..." I said while scanning myself.

"Well now you won't seem so stupid when you talk to yourself." Myself said with a wide grin.

"And a mighty fine fuck you to you too sir!" I said in my best snobby accent.

"That's not on the list, so for now let's get in the air!" Myself said as he took off flying. I followed him into the air while checking that off the list. There were a lot more things to do but I just wanted to enjoy this. After catching up to myself I saw him open a door, even though everything told me not to follow him I shrugged off the thought and went in.

Inside I saw myself sitting next to some kind of hooded woman on a bench. The hooded woman looked towards my direction and somehow I was already next to her. And it looks like my other self is gone, which means that this was no longer a dream I was in control of... "So you are the unfortunate human eh?" the hooded woman said in a calm voice.

"Unfortunate? Human? What are you talking about?" I said as I leaned in close.

"All in good time… But for now I need you to wake up." She said after turning my way and putting her hand on my head.

~Earth, California~

"What the hell?" I shot up out of bed after hearing my alarm. Quickly turning it off I rake through my brain, realizing I had no memory of what happened after I went into that door. "I'm never following myself again…" I mumbled to myself while getting out of bed. Looking at the clock I noticed it said 7:10.

After sighing I went through my normal morning routine. Shower, brushing teeth, a quick shave and combing my shoulder length brown hair.

After I was done I got on some clothes I pulled out the closet. Black baggy gothic jeans with a grey brony T-shirt with black and red Shoes.

I've never been someone who cared how they looked and only really cared if I had a date, and since I'm going to work this was fine.

I grab my GameStop I.D. card, my wallet, and my Car keys then left the house. I lived alone in a 2-story house, I'm not one that's lucky with the ladies so there's not a lot of traffic in it. Even when there is it's usually only when my buddy Zach wants to use it to impress some girls. I've known him pretty much my whole life and I know that he isn't just using me. But I still don't like how he lies to them… but whatever that's his problem.

Half way to work I notice something's missing. Usually Zach bombards me with questions about games. At a red light I pat my pockets and realize something.

"By the gods! I left my phone next to the clock!"

Turning left into a McDonald's I turn around and head back home for my phone. After pulling into the driveway I turn off the car and walk into my house. Going upstairs and turning into my room I see my cell phone shinning bright. Picking it up I see my first message from Zach:

Hey Man Good Morning! Do you have any info for me on Devil May Cry 4?

Smiling I text back: Yo. Mornin', to answer your question Devil May Cry 4 focuses on a boy named Nero, it also focuses on Dante but still a little more on Nero. I'll tell you more later.

I hit send just as I walk down the stairs and opened the door. Instead of my front yard however there's a swirling blue and black vortex. "What th-" is all I can say before I'm sucked in and darkness floods my eyes.