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For the first day I had spent every minute with Dash and Scoots. We finally taught her how to fly, and even if she can only get up to Twilight's balcony, it's still amazing… and I honestly couldn't be any prouder of her.

On the second day however… I spent all day with Dash. We went out on a date to the Café in town, I tried to keep it simple at first, since I wasn't going to be seeing her for a few days, then I went all out. I took her to a cloud high above Ponyville to watch the sunset…

"It's beautiful…" Dash whispered as she laid her head on my shoulder.

I wrapped my wing around her and put my head on top of hers, "I think you're much more beautiful."

"You may as well be a plate of corn with cheese sauce…"

"That's one way to say I'm hardheaded, corny, and cheesy." I laugh.

The Next Day

According to Shadow, his invention wouldn't create a portal, it would just instantly transport us after the allotted time was over. So, with the Princesses approval, we decided to transport ourselves from the throne room. Normally it would've been a really long trip, but because we have a few awesome Unicorns that can teleport, we were there in no time.

"Hello there Celestia… Luna." I said as we appeared before them in the throne room.

"Good morning." Luna and Celestia both responded at more or less the same time.

"We'll be departing just as soon as Lucinda and Solar are here. So how about we just talk for now?" Crossback said.

"I see… Then, Blaze, I have something to tell you before you go." Celestia said, turning to me with a stern look on her face.

"What is it?"

"…Nevermind… you will find out soon enough." And with that, Solar and Lucinda ran into the room, both were panting.

"Sorry we're late everypony…" Lucinda says.

"Well, it looks like the gangs all here." I say, looking at each and everypony in the room. I then look at Dash and smile, "I'm not going to say goodbye… so I'll just say see ya later Dashie." Slowly, I lean in and place my lips on hers.

Crossback's POV

I look at Fluttershy and notice that she seems a little worried, "Hey 'Shy, don't be worried. We'll be back before you know it." she nods her head and looks up at me, and to my surprise she pulls me in and kisses me.

Fortune's POV

"Ah'm gonna miss ya Fortune…" AJ said, directing her gaze at the ground. I slowly put my hoof under her chin and lift her head so she's looking me in the eyes.

"I'm going to miss you too Jackie, but don't worry, I'll be back before you know it." Smiling I close the distance between us.

Night's POV

"Looks like it's almost time for you to go…" Twi said, "I hope you have fun."

"Yeah… and don't worry, I'll be safe. Oh, and I'll also bring a few of the books on humans back for you." I said with a wide smile.

Her eyes widened and she wrapped her hooves around my neck, almost choking me. "ThankyouThankyouthankyou!"

"Y-you're welcome." I choked out.

Shadow's POV

"Don't do anything stupid while you're on Earth Shadow." Aurum warned me.

"Yeah yeah… so, do I get a goodbye kiss as well?" I tease her. Public Displays of affection aren't something that she does… it's really cute in my opinion.

She looks behind me at everypony, and sighs, "Might as well… I won't see you for a while, so I need to send you away with something."

I wasn't prepared for this… She grabbed my head, dipped my body and slammed her lips on mine…

It was A-MAY-ZING!

Solar's POV

"You'll be ok without me right?"

"Yeah, I am me afterall." Luci replies and puffs out her chest.

Chuckling I say, "That's why I'm worried." She giggles for a moment before leaning in and placing her lips on mine.

Blaze's POV

Drawing back I notice the smile on her face, and give her one of my own. I then turn around and see that each of the guys are waiting for me. Grinning I walk to the middle of them, displaying my dominance, and face the girls. "We'll be back soon. So you beautiful ladies don't get any more beautiful! That goes for you too Luna and Celestia." I then turn back to shadow, "All right Shadow, hit it!"

Shadow nods, pulls the pen out of his bag and takes one last look at the girls before hitting the button on top, which instantly put a black and blue vortex below us. We all fell in, and I immediately blacked out.

~Earth, California~

I woke up to an immense amount of pain, mostly located in my head. "Oww…" I groan as I put my hoof up to my head to make sure there wasn't any kind of damage. But instead of a hoof… I could feel a hand… and fingers!

My eyes shoot open and I looked at what used to be my hooves. "They're really hands now…" I closed my hand to form a fist and moved my fingers around, "Sweet…" I then sat up and looked at my body. I was wearing the exact same clothes as when I had first been transported to Equestria.

Looking around I notice 2 thing… well actually, 6 things.

One of them, was that we were in my house, in my living room. And the other five were the guys that were unconscious on the floor. "Wake up guys, we're here." I shout, making them all groan.

One was wearing a black shirt with black pants, black and white shoes. And has a gold chain around his neck along with has spiky medium black hair and, as he opened his eyes I saw that they were blue. "That must be Night."

Another was wearing a white shirt with a diagonal blue line and black jeans, he had black and shaggy hair and, I noticed he had golden eyes. "That's Shadow…"

Another had light brown hair that, when he sat up, was eye length, emerald green eyes, he was wearing a yellow shirt with long black sleeves, black pants, a yin-yang necklace, and white converses with yellow laces. "That must be Fortune…"

Another has dark blond hair, green eyes. And a brown collared shirt with cargo pants, he sat up for a second before falling to the ground. "Ok that's Solar."

While the last one sat up I saw he had short brown curly hair, gold eyes and was wearing a grey sweatshirt and jeans. "And there's Crossback… Gang's all here."

I get up and find that, even after being in a pony's body for all that time, I could still use my legs. "Well guys, Welcome to Earth." I said with a smile. Each of them look at me, then at each other, then at themselves.

"So this is how a human looks…" Shadow says, waving his hand in front of his face.

"Aww man, my horn's gone…" Night said, patting his forehead.

"Why exactly are we clothed?" Solar asked, looking at the clothes on his body.

"From what I remember from Twilight's notes, humans wear them all the time, it's the law or something." Crossback replies shrugging.

"Well as long as it's the law, I have no problems." Fortune replied.

"Well then men, Day 1 of our manly trip shall begin as soon as you all learn how to be a… well, human." I say, crossing my arms.

"And what's step 1 of being a human?" Shadow asks.

"Well, try standing up." I challenge them. Nodding they turn over and get on all fours… Face-hoofing, I mean face-palming, I say, "Are you guys just bucking with me… or you're actually being serious?"

They each look at each other before Crossback says, "Yes."

"Smart ass…" I mumble to myself.

After… 40 minutes, they can finally walk, move their fingers, and they can even curtsy… (I told them that in our society, a curtsy is how we greet each other. This is payback for the smart ass moment they had.)

"Well guys, you have finished step 1 of being a human." I said and walked over to the couch and flopped down in it, "Any questions?" They each looked at each other before shaking their heads. "Good." Looking around my house I notice it looks kind of… dusty… a little too dusty.

"Hey Shadow, I have a few questions for you." Crossback says.

"I'll try my best to answer them." He said with a smile.

"Before you start, you guys can have a seat… oh, and if you want anything to drink just ask and I'll see what I've got." I tell each of them. Thinking about drinks got me thinking about food… and thinking about food got me thinking about… "Meat." My eyes widened and I flipped over my couch and ran in a full sprint into the kitchen. Opening my fridge I look for any kind of meat, I didn't care what kind, just anything!

Crossback's POV

"Oh yeah… humans do eat meat… Anyways, what happened to our wings and horns?" I asked Shadow.

"Ahh yes… well, I think that because humans don't normally have them on their bodies, our were rejected upon arrival. That's one possibility. Another would be that they are just hidden."

"Hidden huh?" I said, putting a hoof, I mean hand, to my chin. While I was in thought, Night appeared in front of my face and said, "Magic works." And disappeared again.

"Well I guess that mystery is solved." Fortune said with a nod.

A moment later Blaze came into the room with his head held down and literally slided over the back of the chair and sat down. "Uhh, I'm guessing there's no meat?"

"Oh there's a shit load of meat in there… But it's all fucking spoiled!" he shouted.

"What's fucking?" Solar asked, looking directly at Blaze.

"You want definition 1 or definition 2?" Blaze said with a small grin.

"…Yes." Solar responded.

Blaze just stared at Solar for a while before face-hoofing, I mean… face-handing? And said, "Fuck you dude…"

"And now I think I know what definition 1 is." Solar laughed.

"Look, let's all just get some sleep and we'll get everything finished in the morning." Blaze yawned. "For the time being somepony can sleep on the couch, sleep on the futon, and I have two rooms available. And one of the rooms has two beds."

Blaze's POV

Crossback decided that he'd sleep on the couch so I put Fortune on the futon to keep him company. Solar took the room with one bed, while Shadow and Fortune took the last room. And I took my room.

Twisting the doorknob and walking in I shut the door behind me and flip on the light. Smiling I whisper, "I'm home…" I run and flop down on the bed, sending dust everywhere. "What is up with all this dust?" I cough. Looking around I see the dust is literally on everything. "I'll worry about this later, for now I'll just shake off all the dust and get some sleep." I get off the bed and take the comforter, and as hard as possible I shake off the dust.

Satisfied I put the comforter back on the bed and shake off the pillows.

After I finish I set everything back up, turn off the lights, flop back in my bed, and pass out.


Lucinda and Luna were both standing a short ways away, "Oh so that's what a human looks like." Lucinda said while eyeing me.

"It would seem so…" Luna said with a smile.

"Well hey there girls, to what do I owe this visit?" I said with a grin.

"Hello Blaze. Celestia has told us to give you this letter and she apologizes for not being able to give it to you in person." Luna said as she pulled out a letter and hoofed it to me.

Kneeling down and taking the letter I open it and read, "Dear Zach,

Yo. It's Tristan, well not exactly… I'm Vague Blaze now. A few months ago I got sent to Equestria somehow…" "Wait.. this is the letter I asked Celestia to send to earth."

"Yes. You see, at the time we had no means of transporting anything to Earth. So we decided to do some research and find out if there was a way to send it. Sadly, we could find nothing, however, this method should work." After Luna was done she took in a deep breath.

"I see… I guess this could be classified as a Trollestia moment." I chuckled. Celestia knew that I couldn't resist staying in Equestria, even if it meant leaving my other life behind… but, you can't really hate Celestia for that.

"Trollestia?" Lucinda said with the same confused expression Luna had.

"I'll explain it to you all when I come back." I turned around and materialized a mahogany door, (I love that word.) "Tell Dashie I love her, oh and while you're at it, tell everypony we love them." And I twisted the door knob and walked through it.


Opening my eyes I sit up, yawn, and scratch my head. But instead of feeling my hand I feel something that's similar to paper… looking in my hand I see the letter that Luna gave me, "Oh wow… it actually worked." Getting out of bed I put the letter in the drawer beside my bed. "Who knows… I may actually need this."

I hop out of bed, go out my room, enter the bathroom, brush my teeth and comb my hair with my fingers. After that routine I head out the bathroom and down the stairs. Everypony is sitting somewhere on the couch or floor. As soon as they see I'm here they look towards me. "Ok gents, Welcome to day 2 of being a human. Now, we'll have to do a few things and set some ground rules to make you seem more, 'Human'."

"Like?" Fortune asked.

"Well first, you all need Human names. Like mine for example, Tristan. However, when were alone you all can still use your real names."

"Uhm, can we have another example of human names?" Shadow asked.

"Ok… how about this." I ran back upstairs and went into the room that Solar was sleeping in and came back down with a book called, 'Baby names' and tossed it to Fortune.

"Baby Names?" he mumbled and opened the book, everyone else gathered around him and eyed a few of the names. A while later Fortune shut the book and smiled.

"Guess you all found your names?"

"Yep, I'm Jordan." Fortune said.

"I'm Issac." Shadow smirked.

"Zeke." Night said.

"Chris." Solar said with a nod.

"and I'm Victor." Crossback smiled.

"All right, those sound pretty normal. And if anybody asks for your last name, just tell them you'd rather not say it." They all gave a quick nod. "Oh and try not to use your wings or magic in public…"

"Isn't that pretty obvious?" Solar says.

"That's Captain Pretty Obvious to you." I quickly responded.

Clapping he replied, "Well played."

"Thank you. Oh and guys, if you want to talk to the girls while you're here in earth, just give me a letter and I'll send it through Luna or Lucinda."

"Wait, how can you do that?" Shadow asked.

"Apparently items that I get in my dreams I keep in the real world. So, who's going to write the first letter?"

Each of them looked at each other and before I knew it, each of them had a pen and paper in hand. Shadow's pen actually looked kind of familiar for some reason… I mean, it should since it's my house, but something about that pen… Then I knew what it was, I wanted to say something, but before I could a bright light flooded my eyes, but it left just as quickly as it came… "What the hell was that?" Chris asked each of us.

"I'm not sure…" I looked at each of their items in their hands, "Why do you all have stuff to write with?"

Each of them looked from their hands, to each other, then back to me. "This may be a longshot…" Jordan began, "But I think we were about to do battle… the paper is our shield, and the pen is our sword."

"Well why doesn't Zeke just use the sword in his house?" I asked.

"The pen is mightier than the sword." He quickly countered.

"Touché. But why don't I have a sword or shield?"

"I think you're the referee." Victor spoke up.

"Sadly… that makes sense. But, just in case someone gets hurt let's just say that this battle was a draw and go out to get something to eat." I said and grabbed my car keys.

"Sounds good to me." Issac said.

Well then... who saw that coming? Nobody? good.

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