Meeting the Royals of Mirkwood

"'Ro, 'Dan," called a young and curious Estel. His two elf brothers turned their attention him, looking down because Estal only came up to their hip at his age. Estel lifted his arms up so Elladan picked him up and carried him out to the garden. Elrohir followed after.

"What is it, Estel?" Elrohir asked as they sat on a stone bench beneath a large tree. Estel wiggled off Elladan's lap to sit on the bench himself.

"How did you and 'Dan meet 'Las?" he finally spoke, lifting his head to look up at their faces. "'Las was going to tell me, but he had to go back home. He told me to ask you. So, how did you meet 'Las? Did you go to Mirkwood or did he come here, to Rivedell?"

He bouncing in his seat. The twins had to place a hand on each shoulder to stop him. They smiled at the memory of their trip to Mirkwood.

"We'll tell you," Elladan said. "But, no interuptions until we finished the story. And it's a long one."

Estel nodded, smiling.

"We meet Legolas a long time ago, when we were, to the human equvalent age, 15. Ada /-Dad-/ was around forty," Elrohir started. "It was two thousand years ago."

"You're all old," Estel commented, but remebered the rule and covered his mouth with his hands. "Sorry."

"It's okay. So..."


It was snowing when the Rivendell elves arrived at the border of Mirkwood forest. It was the century celebration for the elves and all elves were invited to the week celebration. Elrond, being the Elf Lord, had to be there. He brought along his sons, Elrohir and Elladan, with him since they were old enough to leave the safety of Rivendell. At the border, a patrol party was there to escort them through the gates.

"Lord Elrond," greeted the head of the patrol. He stood strong and proud with his golden hair and strong will his eyes. He was quite the looker. "We welcome you to Mirkwood. I am Cúthalion."

"Thank you," Elrond replied. "How is your father?"

"The same as he was the last time you seen him. We should go to the castle to speak before the snow start falling harder."

Cúthalion and his patrol lead the Rivendell elves into the forest. The ride was a quiet one, except the sounds of horses trotting and winds blowing into the trees. The only ones that spoke was Elrohir and Elladan. Two hours passed before something stopped them. A female elf that resembled Cúthalion, but only differ in size and height rode towards them quickly on a white horse. She slowed down to Cúthalion.

"Toron /-Brother-/," she breathed, worry in her eye. "Legolas is missing."

"What?" he hissed. He turned around to the Elf Lord. "Lord Elrond, forgive me but I must go. My sister will escort you the rest of the way."

He left with half the patrol, leaving the female elf with the rest.

"Welcome," she bowed. "I am Findulias. It is wonderful to see you again. My apologies, Lord Elrond, but I ask that we go quickly."

Elrond bowed his head slightly in response. Findulias turned her horse towards the path and continued leading them. They arrived at the gates half an hour earlier. Elrohir and Elladan were amazed by the sight of the Mirkwood kingdom. Everything were overgrown with plant life, even in the middle of such cold weather. The trees were green with life, covered with a layer of snow. Flowers of many kinds still grew and the elf housing was made of a combination of stone and wood.

Elrohir smiled, climbing off his horse and picked up enough snow to hard when it hit the back of his brother's head. It did because Elladan fell off surprised. To retaliate, Elladan threw one back and it hit Elrohir square in the face. Elrond sighed at his sons' action. He was going to tell them to stop throwing snow at each other when one hit him in the shoulder.

"Oops," the twins both said and pointed at each other. "He did it."

"We haven't even entered the gates yet and you two are already rowdy," Elrond stated, wiping off the leftover snow off his shoulder. They laughed. "What am I to do with you two?"

"Ada /-Dad-/, can we stay out a little longer?" Elrohir asked, making more snowballs. Elladan nodded. "We won't be too far from the gates."

Elrond thought on it for a few moment.

"There would be guards and lookout at the gates," Findulias assured. "They will watch over your sons."

"Fine," Elrond allowed. "But, you two must stay in sight of the guards. If one of them come find me to tell me that one is missing, you two are both facing the consequences."

"We won't," they both said at the same time. They started throwing snowballs at each other again as the other elves went in the gates. Elrond left their swords with them just in case. They kept at it until they decided to rest.

"This place is beautiful, is it not, Elrohir?" Elladan said. Elrohir nodded. "Snow angels?"

They fell on their backs and spread their arms and legs out. When they were done, they stood up to see their art. Then a smaller one between them. Looking around, they didn't see anyone else but heard instead small laughs.

"Brother, I hear an elfling," Elladan spoke, smiling at his brother. "First one to find the little one, wins."

They spread out, but not too far from the gates. White snow made it harder yet more competitive. No sight of the elfling was found.

"This snow makes tracking hard, and it stopped falling," Elladan said in defeat. "Maybe we did not hear an elfling, but some other being."

"Then neither of us won," Elrohir said. They both sat down, then they heard small steps on the snow. They made sure to look like they did not hear anything.


They laughed at the adorable sound of the elfling, turning around. What they did expect the elfling to be was so young however not so breath taking. The elfling was small, hair golden like the metal itself with blue grey eyes continuously swirling around each other. An innocent smile was on his face, making his pale skin glow like the moon. When the elfling started giggling, Elldan and Elrohir were reminded of chimes.

"Hello, there," Elrohir was the first to speak. "Who are you, lossëa /-Snow White-/?"

"Le-go-las," the elfling slowly pronounced with a little struggle. "Legolas."

"I am Elrohir, and this is my brother, Elladan." Elrohir pointed at himself then Elladan.

"'Ro. 'Dan. Same?" Legolas pointed out. "Brothers?"

"Yes, we are. We are twins," Elladan explained. "We were born on the same day from the same mother. What are you doing out here, Legolas? There are some who are looking for you."

"I wanted to play with lossë /-snow-/. They and ada are busy to play with me, so I went to play with the trees."

"Then, would you want to play with us, hína /-child-/?" Elrohir asked. "We were snowball fighting moments ago. I was winning."

"Was not," Elladan denied.

"Okay, but can my friends play too?" Legolas added. "They like to play with snow with me."

"Sure, the more the merrier. Who are they?"

"The trees. Attack!"

Snowballs started flying at Elrohir and Elladan. Legolas laughed when one hit Elrohir so hard he fell backwards. Elladan followed after Legolas helped too. The hits hurts more than they should. Bruises will show up sooner that day. Even though the snow stopped falling, the in-flight snowballs looked like a blizzard was happening. The twins were beginning to be buried in the snow. Legolas was laughing more as more snow covered them.

Findulias lead Elrond into the throne room where the king was, preparing for the celebration. King Thranduil was sitting on his chair, speaking with another elf. The other elf spotted Elrond and bowed.

"Ada /-Dad-/," spoke Findulias. Thranduil smiled at Elrond and stood up from his seat, walking towards Elrond.

"Elrond," he greeted, "I am glad you have came. I see you have meet my daughter, Findulias. If you remember my son, Ereinion."

The other elf bowed, letting the blond family inherited hair fall gracefully. Elrond nodded back.

"I am happy to be here, Thranduil," Elrond spoke back. "I have also meet your second son, Cúthalion. They have grown."

"Yes, they have. You shall see my other children later on. Where are your sons, Elrohir and Elladan? And Cúthalion? I thought he was going to escort you in."

"Legolas went missing again, ada /-da-/," Findulias answered. "A maid was watching him, but he disappeared when he found out that we could not play with him since we were busy with the preperations. Cúthalion went to search with him with half his patrol."

"I'll get more to search, ada," Ereinion frowned, worried. "But, I do doubt that we will find him in the forest, especially if he went to seek playmates with the trees."

"Is Legolas your youngest child?" Elrond asked. "I remember you telling of him in your letters, Thranduil."

"Yes," Thranduil responded. "A trouble seeking one, too. Much like Ereirion when he was young."

Ereirion blushed slightly. Findulias chuckled at his embarrassment.

"Legolas have went missing before and always returned safely by himself without a scratch on him," Findulias stated. "We should not worry much and wait until the setting of the sun before we go mad searching."

A guard came running in, bowing at the king and lord.

"Lord Elrond, your sons, they have been buried by snow," the guard reported.

"What? How did this happen?" Elrond urged. "Have they fallen down a hill?"

"No, they were attacked by the trees. One was hit in the face and the other soon after. The trees kept hitting and they were covered head to toe with snow. I fear they will have bruises later on. Prince Legolas has been spotted, but none of the guards dare to tread close since the snowballs could knock anyone of them unconscious. Someone had went to tell Prince Cúthalion that Prince Legolas has been found."

Ereirion and Findulias were fighting back laughter. Findulias was snorting. Even Thranduil smiled. Only Elrond was horrified.

"We should save your sons, Elrond," Thranduil suggested, "before they are buried too much. My youngest has made victims of them for the trees."

Elrond sighed, very concerned, but said nothing as he followed the Mirkwood royals outside.

A large hill had been formed by the time the four reached outside. On the very top stood Legolas, standing with his arms high above his little head and laughing. He smiled when he saw his father and siblings

"Look, ada /-dad-/, 'Lia, 'Ion!" he called out. "I'm the king of the icy hill of Mirkwood!"

"Of course you are," Thranduil humored, "but, please come down and be a prince of Mirkwood again."

Findulias and Ereirion spread out their arms so Legolas had a choice of who he wanted to catch him. He spotted a certain Elf Lord and decided on him, who was concerned about the twins beneath all that snow, trying to glare the ice to make it melt. He reminded Legolas of someone he missed for a long time. He scared his siblings and father when he jumped towards Elrond.

"Lord Elrond," Ereirion warned. "Look out."

Elrond snapped out his concern to see Legolas was falling above him and reacted thankfully, catching him in arms, but fell backwards into the snow. Legolas giggled as he was sat himself on Elrond.

"You look like 'Dan and 'Ro," he said, looking curiously. "And you remind me of my naneth /-mother-/. Are you her?"

Thranduil bursted out in laughter, pulling Legolas off a baffled Elrond. Was he just called a female?

"He looks like her, doesn't he, lissë minë /-sweet one-/?" the king joked. "Let's dig out your sons, vessë /-wife-/."

Ereirion and Findulias collasped, trying to breath. Elrond frowned, giving a 'call-me-that-again-I-will-murder-and-bury-your-body-in-an-orc-camp'. He wanted to throw a snowball at the king. He'll have his revenge later.

It took them and several other elves to demolished the ice hill and recover the twins. Legolas was being distracted by Findulias who was used a little elf magic to make the snow into various shapes, like their father. It was a very good replica.

"Elrohir, Elladan, wake up," their father commanded. "Or we're leaving you for the night."

"We are up!" Elladan said sarcastically "You are cruel, ada /-dad-/. What did we do to deserve such treatments?"

"When you decided to play a game of snowball fight with Prince Legolas."

"We weren't expecting him to have much connection with the trees," Elrohir defended, rubbing on his sore shoulder. "He tricked us, ada /-dad-/."

"Let us speak inside," Ereirion said, "so we can tend to your bruises. Many have been hit by the trees on Legolas' account and know how much it can even pain us."

No one refused the suggestion. Legolas was pulled by his father to the gates. He looked back at the twins and gave them an innocent smile.

Cúthalion and his second brother and first sister raced to their father's study room. They had been searching for their littlest brother separately when they were told he had been found and told of the event. They meet each other at the end of the hall and each equally concerned. Ice hill and someone was buried in the snow.

A cry of pain alerted them and the door was nearly broken in half by Cúthalion's hard pull. He sighed in relief when he saw that it was not his brother's cry, but Elrohir's. He and his siblings with him rushed to Legolas who was quietly eating a cookie on their father's lap. Ereirion and Findulias stood by him.

"Oh, Legolas, you are not injured," the second daughter of Thranduil, Lúthien, cried in relief. Lúthien did not have blond hair like most of her siblings, but black hair she received from her mother. Her blue eyes, though, were from her father. Her size was the smallest and more delicate, aside from Legolas.

"He never is, with the trees," added Thranduil's second son, Aredhel. He was the one that resembled the most of the Queen with black hair and cloudy grey eyes, hiding amusement and secrets. He was tall like all his siblings and proud. "They care too mich."

"And I'm glad you do," Elrohir said, laced in sarcasm. He winced when his father purposely pressed to hard on a bruise. "He was the one that ordered them to attack us and leave us alive with only bruises."

Legolas giggled.

"I want to play again," Legolas commented, snuggling beneath his father's neck. "I can invite the animals to play with us."

This scared Elrohir and Elladan who looked pleadingly at their father. Elrond chuckled at them.

"Why don't you do something else that does not involve fighting or getting hurt, Legolas?" Elrond suggested, still smiling. "Why don't you show them Mirkwood instead. It is their first time here and they could entertained you while your father and siblings prepare the celebration. This would take a lot of worry off them."

"You never been in Mirkwood before?" Legolas asked with wide eyes, jumping off his father's lap and through his siblings. He jumped on Elladan's lap and landed as light as a feather, starting to kick his leags back and forth. "I never been to Rivendell before. If I show you my home, will you show me your's?"

The look of hope on Legolas' face was diffucult to say no to, so they didn't. Elrohir and Elladan had barely meet the elfling for less than a morning and they wanted to make him happy. It must be how Legolas got everything they wanted.

"'Dan! 'Ro!" Legolas exclaimed, waving them over quickly to see his favorite waterfall. It had a hundred feet of spring water falling into a large pool under it. White and red flowers growing under the waters in full bloom. "Quickly, before the day is over. You must see Lanta Vanda ar Melmë /-Fall of Love and Oath-/."

Elrohir got there first and watched Legolas, so fair and innocent, smiling happily in front of the beautiful waterfall in wonder. He didn't want to avert his eyes from the little one. Elladan smashed into him when he didn't move, landing them in the shallow part of the waters that somehow has not frozen over in such freezing temperature. Legolas stood over them, looking them as he laughed. This elfling was literally laughter on legs.

"Twins are funny," he said, the water warming his feet. "Do you like Lanta Vanda ar Melmë /Fall of Love and Oath-/? Ada /-dad-/ told me this was where he met naneth /-wife-/. They had their marriage ceremony here. They kissed just beneath the waterfall."

He sat down, not caring that he would get wet. It looked like fun since Elrohir and Elladan was soaked.

"It's a wonderful place, Legolas," Elrohir aknowlegded. "Hannon-le /-Thank you-/ for bring us to such a wonderful place."

Legolas smiled, then pushed his hands against the water that splashed into Elladan and Elrohir both. This started a water fight. Once or twice, one of them was dragged into the waters, but only for least than five seconds for Legolas. By the end, the elves were beginning to tire.

"We must be heading back or else our fathers and your siblings start to worry, Legolas," Elladan suggested, taking off his shirt to twist out much of the water.

"But, they won't show up if we leave now," Legolas whined, not leaving the water yet, looking sad.

"Who won't show up?" Elrohir asked, trying to usher Legolas out of the water. He refused.

"The spirits, of course. They only show when the sun is gone and the moon reflects on the waters. Can we stay an hour after the sunset, please? I have not seen them in over a year because it became harder to leave at night. They must have missed me."

Legolas gave them that look again, so they agreed, but only an hour. Legolas yawned, so they decided to take a nap. There was at least two hours before they had to leave. Legolas settled himself between the twins as they leaned against a large oak tree.

"Legolas, Legolas," a soft voice whispered, waking up the little prince. He rubbed his eyes to rid of the bluriness. Floating slightly above the waters was a dim red light shaped like a woman. Besides her was a blue light shaped like a man. Legolas got up and stood by the waters. They glided in front of him just before the water ended. "We missed you, little one."

"I missed you, too, Rosie," Legolas adressed the red light, then the blue one. "And you, Lif."

"Have you been well?" Lif, the blue light, whispered. The spirits only spoke in low volume. Legolas nodded. Lif pointed at a still Elladan and Elrohir. "You share a profound bond with them."

"That's Ro' and 'Dan. I have only met them today, but what is a profound bound?" This confused Legolas. He liked being friends with them, but Lif said it like it might end up horribly.

"Do not worry, Legolas," Rosie said in a peaceful way, like a lullaby, and slipped her hand into Lif's. "You might not need to concern yourself with it for many years. You are much to young to understand it. Wait a little longer and you will soon find out."

"You should be going back home, Legolas," Lif stated. "The promised hour is almost up and you do not want to break it do you?"

Legolas nodded. Rossie and Lif grabbed his hands and brought them together. A single blue camellia flower grew out of nowhere.

"For your father," Rosie explained. "To lift your father's spirits when he remembers your mother. She used to come talk to us, like you. This flower was in full bloom when your father first seen her. Good night, Legolas."

Rosie and Lif shimmered, breaking into a million pieces of red and blue shards into the water. Legolas held onto the camellia as he loudly woke up Elrohir and Elladan.

Findulias was there to bring them to the eating room. She was quite angry because she said to return when the sun set, not an hour later. Orcs and spiders could have attacked them. She took Legolas to sit besides her and their father.

"Ada /-dad-/," Legolas whispered to his father when everybody settled in to eat. He lifted the blue camillia flower. Thranduil raised an eyebrow at the sight of the flower. He had not seen them for some time. "This is for you."

"Hannon-le /-Thank you-/, Legolas," Thranduil thanked, claiming the flower from his son. "Was there a reason for me to recieve this flower?"

"They said so your spirits would be lifted when you remember naneth /-mother-/," Legolas explained, smiling brightly. Thranduil smiled too. He had a feeling who 'they' were remembering the time when his real wife, not Elrond mind you, spoke of lover spirits at the waterfall where they met. He kissed Legolas' forehead before he finally started eating.

The hour was getting late when the elves were going to their respective rooms to sleep until the sun decide when to wake them. Elrohir and Elladan wanted a shared room, like the one they have in their own in Rivendell. It was big enough for the both of them.

Elrohir laid down the largest blanket on the clean floor and Elladan threw their pillows besides each other. They liked to sleep on the ground sometimes and with the floor being so clean, why the Valdar not? The candle lights were blown away when they were comfortable. Their door was open soon after with Legolas standing there. His skin glowed with the moon hitting him, making him a ball of pure light. This surprised them. Legolas was sent to bed an hour earlier, expecting him to be deep in sleep.

"I can sleep with you?" he asked, voice trembling slightly. Legolas didn't know why he chose to go to the twins' room instead of any one of his siblings or his father. He didn't even know where their room was, but his feet guided him. He felt safe with them.

"Did you have a nightmare, little one?" Elrohir asked, beckoning him over to them. He couldn't possibly turn away him with fear and sorrow in the little prince's color swirling eyes. Legolas walked over to them and Elladan moved over to give him space to lay between them. "Do you want to tell us?"

"Everyone left me," Legolas sobbed quietly before he could stop himself. He had these dream at least once a month, but he was able to keep it a secret so his family wouldn't worry more than do since he's always disappearing. "Ada /-Dad-/, 'Lia, 'Ion, 'Lion, Lúth', and Ared' faded away when I ran towards them. Mirkwood was empty and I was alone in Middle Earth. No one was with me."

"No one would leave you, Legolas," assured Elladan, smoothing over his hair. Legolas was pulled by him closer. Elrohir did too, placing an arm over his small waist. "They would be a fool if they do. You are simply too loved to be left alone. Why do you think your sister, Findulias, was the first to search for you?"

"They love so much," Elrohir also assured. "If you were to measure it, then it would be a hill of snow plowed over you, possible larger."

Legolas giggled at the morning, tears stopped. He heard their voices until he fell back to sleep.


Estel yawned, getting sleepy. Elladan laughed, taking his human brother in his arms.

"Good night, Estel," Elrohir said.

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