The Atoning Cat-Girl

~Noy Telinú~

Warning: rubbing open cuts with cat fur, blood, spit, and other bodily fluids does NOT give you a catlike appearance or superpowers. It is all fiction. Seriously, do not attempt. Trust me, I'm the Text.

Caution: cats can hurt you. Really, really hurt you. Yes they are cute, but they are also hunters. Cute deadly hunters. Catgirls thus would be something you do not want to face.

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New Beginnings

Ranma meditated in her tent in the park, wearing only her ill-fitting boxers and a white tanktop undershirt.

Eyes closed, the redheaded catgirl reflected on the events of earlier in the day.

'A hero. I actually vowed to be a hero…' Ranma sighed. 'Don't know if Pops would say it's great or foolish… but I am going to go through with this.'

A twitch in her ear made Ranma shudder.

'Oh yeah, THAT problem.' Ranma groaned. 'While evil… with the way that thief reacted, perhaps it will be a good idea to utilize this… curse. And if I do, then that means I need a disguise… lest I bring shame upon what remains of my family.'

Ranma's tail swayed as she thought, finding a rhythmic pattern.

'Those superheroes in comics… They have costumes to protect their identity. I should do that as well.' Ranma smirked. 'I KNOW I can make one. But now I need a design, one that shows my monstrosity in a terrifying fashion, while not, you know, having all the perverts be all perverted at me. I swear, that one guy is lucky I didn't rip his arm off… and my clothes are very loose!'


Ranma gritted her teeth as her stomach complained. "Food first. That's for sure…."

•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

The restaurant was only half full for the most part as the disguised catgirl shuffled in, growling, her green Mao suit, gloves, and hat soaked by rain.

An employee blinked in surprise as the girl muttered a few things to herself, some curses thrown in.

"One, please," the girl told the employee as politely as she possibly could.

The employee regained focus. "Oh, yes… This way."

Ranma followed as she was led to her seat nearby. 'Stupid rain…'

"Would you like me to take your coat and hat for you?" the employee asked.

'I would LOVE to. Stupid thing is uncomfortable.' Ranma resisted groaning. "No… I'm fine."

"Are you sure?" the employee asked again, looking Ranma over.

The girl just nodded.

The employee shrugged. "Alright. Here's your menu."

"Thank you," Ranma muttered, barely opening her mouth.

With a nod, the employee left as Ranma looked over her options.

'Once again, my monstrosity has made things harder… No, don't think about that. Just look at the options.' Ranma took a deep breath, trying to calm her nerves. 'All this sushi looks really good right now. Probably because I'm so hungry… GAH!'

As the disguised catgirl figured out what to order within her budget, a scream was heard.


"NOBODY MOVE, OR THE KID GETS IT!" a man in the front of the restaurant threatened, knife against a young girl's throat.

Ranma growled, her anger rising. 'How DARE he! Threatening a kid!? I'll show him! What is it with this area and stupid crime!?'

"Give me your money! NOW!" the thief demanded.

As the redheaded girl was about to get up, her gaze fell upon the light switches for the dining room. Ranma smirked. 'The gloves come off… literally.'

Suddenly, the room was bathed in blackness.

Female screams echoed throughout the building.

"Damn it!" The knife-wielding jerk picked the girl up, trying and failing to see.

Ranma appeared in front of him, hat off. "Put. Her. Down."

The guy stumbled backwards at the sight, falling to the floor as Ranma's glowing cat eyes, visible ears and fangs caused him to scream in fear.

The catgirl grabbed the blade of the knife in one hand and the girl in the other, easily pulling her from his grasp.

"W-what are you?" The scared man nearly peed himself.

"Never seen a cat before?" Ranma smirked, purposely showing her fangs.

The girl she rescued watched in amazement. What she could see, anyway. 'Kitty?' she wondered.

Ranma took the knife and paused, noticing something. "Very dull… Fitting, really. Now, what to do with you?"

"AHHHHH!" the man screamed, staring into Ranma's face. A face that promised pain.

Ranma put the girl down in her chair and grabbed the guy by the collar. "Let's leave the people in peace, shall we?"

With that, the catgirl dragged him through the front doors and onto the street.

A flash of lightning created a silhouette of Ranma, her cat ears and tail obvious.

Within a second after that, she disappeared.

•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••


Ranma deposited the man on the roof of the restaurant.

"AHH!" the criminal screamed at seeing Ranma, now in the city light in all her catgirl glory.

The rain irritated Ranma, but she smiled anyway, albeit evilly.

"Stay back!" the man insisted, as he crawled backwards in panic.

"No." Ranma licked her lips. "I'm hungry…"

The man soiled himself as the catgirl approached him slowly.

"You won't make much of a meal…" Ranma frowned, picking the man up, her fingernails digging into his skin, making him bleed. "Like a little bird that pissed off a cat. You criminals are irritating me, just like the little bird. And unlike in fiction, this cat gets its prey."

The man was now whimpering, crying, begging to be spared.


Ranma backhanded him, causing the man to tumble across the roof.

The man passed out, deep cuts visible across his cheek.

"Despicable," Ranma snarled as she walked over to him.

The catgirl shook her head, eyes becoming normal.

"That was a bit cruel…" Ranma murmured to herself as she pickpocketed the man.

•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

With hat and gloves back on, Ranma decided just to grab some food quickly and get back to business: Getting a costume made.

After a bit of searching for a shop to buy fabrics, the catgirl unintentionally wandered into Nerima.


An old woman with giant coke-bottle glasses greeted the girl. "Hello, dearie. Welcome to my shop. Oh my, I see that you don't have an umbrella and are soaking wet. You're not from around here, are you?"

Ranma sighed. "No, I'm not."

"You look uncomfortable. You may hang up your coat and hat if you wish." The old woman pointed to her coat rack. "It rains here so very often…"

Ranma shook her head. "I'm fine."

"If you say so, dearie…" The old woman smiled, shaking her head. "Kids these days…"

Ranma ignored her as she searched for what she needed.

The old woman watched her as the disguised catgirl shopped, her gaze causing Ranma to shiver.

'Focus, focus… I need something that's tough and durable but will look good. I really, really don't want it to be form fitting though. Having guys drool over me is something I'd like to avoid. Although it would add to my dexterity… Why can't I just buy armor like in video games!? Then again, if I could all that I'd be able to get would be a chainmail bikini. Freaking perverts. Now as for the mask, what kind? There's the full-face one, just black around the eyes, a full head covering… So hard to choose. I need to show my ears, so there's that. But how well do those work? Dammit!' Ranma massaged her forehead. 'So much harder than I thought.'

The catgirl eventually got everything she needed and proceeded to check out.

"That will be 9001 yen." The old woman rung her up. "Quite a lot here, dearie. I hope you don't live too far away."

Ranma sweatdropped. "Of course… um… Here you go. Um… Hold on."

As luck would have it, Ranma was exactly one yen short. As she searched her pockets again and again, desperately looking for a single yen, the old woman smiled.

"Stop searching, dearie. It's quite alright. I'll let it slide," the old woman laughed. "It's just one yen. There you go."

"Thank you." Ranma bowed, embarrassed. "Um… Bye!"

With that, the catgirl took off.

"What a strange girl." The old woman tilted her head as she watched her leave.

•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

Kasumi Tendo was making dinner for her family, but her mind was adrift.

'I wonder what Ranma will be like… I do hope he's older than me.' Kasumi sighed blissfully. 'With guests coming over, this place will be exciting! Oh, so romantic…'

So out of it was Kasumi that she didn't hear her sister walk into her kitchen.

"Hey Sis, when do you think they'll get here?" Nabiki Tendo asked, irritation obvious on her face. "Dressing like this is really getting uncomfortable. Wearing a kimono was a bad idea."

"Hm?" Kasumi turned her heads towards her younger sister. "I don't know."

Nabiki sighed. "Of course not… Daddy has been staring at the door for hours now. Heck, they might not even come today and I'll have wasted my time wearing this thing."

"Oh my…" Kasumi placed a hand to her mouth. 'I never thought that they wouldn't show up today. Father didn't actually offer an exact date, did he?'

"Screw it. If they're not here when dinner's ready I'm changing." Nabiki threw her hands in the air and left the kitchen.

Kasumi considered her progress on the evening meal. 'That will be soon, little sister… What if they don't come? Should I just save it for later? Reheating the food I made just seems like a waste. If only someone else could eat it.'

The oldest Tendo daughter went on cooking, thinking of whom she could offer dinner, only for it soon to slip her mind. That is, until…

'That girl I bumped into today!' Kasumi's eyes lit up. 'She lives all alone, and her eyes… She seemed so lonely and sad. Too bad I don't know where she lives or even her name. Poor girl…'

Glancing out the window, Kasumi saw that it was raining again.

•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

Ranma's tent was littered with red and black fabric, its owner gripping her head. She shivered when she brushed her ears, which, like most of her, were uncovered; wet clothes are uncomfortable, after all.

The catgirl's stomach growled at that moment, irritating her further.

"Stupid hunger! Being broke sucks!" Ranma groaned as she picked up the costume top she was working on. "At least I know how to do this thanks to Pops being… Pops…"

Ranma's face fell, her hand going to the tiny urn around her neck containing all that was left of her father.

The catgirl's ears drooped as she thought about her father.

"I'm doing this for you, Pops…" Ranma took a deep breath and continued working.


The catgirl cut some fabric.

*Snip* *Snip*

More cutting.

*Snip* *Snip* *Snippity snip!*

Ranma smirked as she lifted up the top to her face.

It was black, long-sleeved, triple-thick tights with attached fingerless gloves.

"It needs a logo or something though… But what?" Ranma mused. "Whoops, a loose thread."

The catgirl snipped it off with her fingers, because scissors are an unnecessary expense and she was broke.

"Let's see… ugh!" Ranma blanched as she looked over her remaining supplies. "I'm nearly out! ARRG! Not enough for pants! In fact, there's only enough for a…"

Ranma's eyes widened as above her, a thought bubble depicted her in a short skirt striking a pose.

"No, no, no, no, NO!" Ranma shook her head violently. "There must be something I can use!"

The catgirl dug into her pack in a panic, her butt in the air, ears twitching and tail waving back and forth.

After emptying her bag many times over, Ranma lay sprawled out, clothing and fabric everywhere.

"Drawstring pants…" the irritated, hungry catgirl muttered. "All I have that I can use are drawstring pants… and they have a bow on then."

Normally Ranma wouldn't mind the whitish bow on the pants, but she wanted to look intimidating. So…

"Maybe I can cover it up?" Ranma thought aloud. "Hmm…"

The catgirl sat up and felt the pants. With a raised eyebrow, she put them down and crawled over to some equipment in the corner of her tent.

With some rummaging and modification, Ranma fashioned a toolbelt over the drawstring pants.

The catgirl smirked as she made some more changes, leaving the pants to sport a genuine utility belt.

"Perfect." Ranma placed the pants next to the top. "Now all I need is a logo…"

A red piece of fabric cut into a circle caught her eye, as well as a few red and black triangles.

The catgirl's ears twitched, giving Ranma an idea.

Minutes later, she had her logo. A black isosceles triangle pointing downwards on a red circle with red triangles on the top two corners, nine red circles connected to each other under the left ear. Using her fingers as scissors again, Ranma cut a small piece of blue fabric into smaller isosceles triangles for eyes.

It was a stylized catgirl with a red pigtail. To most it would be a bit odd, though not scary; but for Ranma…

'That's the most evil thing I can imagine!' The catgirl had a tear run down her face.

A bit more sewing and Ranma finished her costume. Almost.

'I need to keep my identity hidden, but how?' The catgirl searched the tent. 'Not much left. Except that black bandanna-like strip… Perhaps…'

She tied it around her forehead before lowering it down around her eyes.

"A freaking blindfold…" Ranma muttered. "Oh well, it's all I have."

*Snip* *Snip*

Now able to see, Ranma searched for a mirror (half expecting not to find one).

But there was one… a small one… attached to an extendable metal stick.

"Wow…" Ranma shivered as she saw her reflection. 'I look badass! And like a demon! Damn, Ranma. You scary!'


Ranma doubled over as her stomach complained. 'Well, I need to eat. Guess it's time to try this out…'

With that, the catgirl got dressed, her eyes becoming slitted.

•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

The Tendo family sat, dinner on the table in front of them.

Nabiki had changed her clothes, a look of irritation on her face.

Her father, Soun Tendo, stared towards the door, still waiting.

Kasumi had her hands folded in her lap, an eternal smile on her face.

The dinner sat there, the steam coming off of it slowly fading.


Nabiki groaned in frustration as her stomach whined. "Can we just eat already?! I'm starving!"

"But they'll be here soon!" Soun argued, eyes glued towards the direction of the door.

"You said that two hours ago!" Nabiki complained. "Heck, Akane and I will both graduate at this rate!"

Akane, the youngest Tendo daughter, who had been venting her frustrations by destroying cinderblocks and smacking training dummies for the past few hours, was slumped over the table; she agreed with her sister by way of a small nod.

"Daughters!" Soun furrowed his eyebrows. "Patience!"

"Father, the food will grow cold soon," Kasumi spoke, facing her parent.

Soun tried to argue, but couldn't do so against Kasumi. "Will you save them some, at least?"

Kasumi nodded. "Of course, Father."

Soun sighed. "Very well."

"Thank you for the food!" they all shouted, or at least tried to.

•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

Due to a lack of foresight, Ranma forgot to cut a hole in her pants for her tail until after she put them on. Realizing that she didn't want to put a hole in her boxers, the catgirl reluctantly went without them. She then had to cut a small enough hole in her pants to let her tail out, but not big enough to show the world her butt.

It was a bit difficult, and having to touch her tail made her shiver.

After that mishap, however, the rest of the costume went on easily and without incident.

Ranma Saotome then prowled the back alleys of Itabashi, her constant movements silencing her stomach.

She crept by the bookstore from earlier and was glad to see that the police were gone.

The rain had let up mostly, but the sun was setting and it was still overcast. Her feet were wet, as she went barefoot, but she didn't mind.

'Looking for criminals to scare… Didn't think I'd be doing that yesterday.' Ranma shook her head in disbelief. 'Nothing out of the ordinary. Probably waiting 'til it gets dark.'

Sighing at that, the catgirl decided to practice roofhopping and scanning crowds until she spotted something.

Quickly and without being seen, Ranma roofhopped from one side of the ward to the other, seeing lots of strange things… but nothing that she could consider criminal activity.

She didn't have to wait until nightfall, however. When she made it back to where she started, the catgirl saw something down below the caught her interest.

One benefit of being a catgirl was the enhancement to her senses. Ranma was able to see in the dark almost as if she were in the daytime wearing sunglasses. Her hearing, especially when her ears were not covered up, was much more refined than before; and due to being able to turn them independently of each other, they made tracking a sound's origin child's play.

So it was no surprise that, despite being across the street up on top of a three-story building, she could hear what a man in a business suit was saying to a woman in a suit carrying a briefcase. A woman with whom the businessman was getting a bit too intimate, if the look on her face was any clue.

"Come on, why not? It's all you are good for anyway, girl," said the man as he smiled lewdly. "Your performance is the worst in the company, you know. I may have to fire you…"

The woman gulped, her body shivering. "No! Please, sir, I… I'll do anything else. Please…"

"Anything?" the man asked, licking his lips.

"I… What do you have in mind, sir?" The woman tried to compose herself, but failed.

"It gets really stressful during the day, you know? I was thinking you could help with that. A massage here, some fellatio there… That's all." The man's grin grew more perverted.

The woman's eyes widened to extreme levels. "But… but if anyone finds out… If… Then I'll never find a husband!"

"You should have thought of that years ago. You're in your mid-twenties now, awfully close to being a Christmas cake…" the man chuckled. "No one would want you then. Why would they? No one really wants you now. I may not want you now. Do you know how many girls are willing to take your job for half the pay? And it's not like the public would even care."

Her head was bowed and tears started trailing down her cheeks. "No… No…"

"Come, you can start right here in the alley next to us." The man grabbed the woman's hand and dragged her into the darkened passage.


Furious over what she'd witnessed, Ranma literally ripped pieces of concrete from the roof of the building she was using as a perch.

The catgirl leapt across the street in a single bound and without a sound. 'OH, NO, YOU DON'T!'

Anger was the only emotion Ranma felt as she got into position. Her eyes were slitted as they glowed in the darkness.

"It will be fun," the businessman told his employee. "We could even watch the sunset together after this."

He easily pushed the woman to her knees, her fear freezing her.

"No teeth, or I WILL take your virginity." The man smirked as he undid his belt.


The man jumped as he heard something big land on the dumpster right behind him.

Already forced to look up, the woman saw The Catgirl, her eyes glowing, with the clouds above red with the rays of the setting sun. The Catgirl's claws were out in a menacing pose and her scowl was the angriest the woman had ever seen. As the streetlights weren't on yet, The Catgirl looked like a silhouette against the clouds.

He turned around right then. "What is go-CCKKK!"

The Catgirl grabbed the man by the neck with one hand, claws cutting into his skin.

The Catgirl easily lifted the man off the ground, her fangs showing. "SHUT UP! You have no right to speak to me, you scum!"

Gagging noises could be heard as the man tried to free himself to no avail.

"You make me sick," The Catgirl spat in the man's terrified face. "People like you deserve to die!"

The man had blood running down his neck, unable to do anything but shake in fear.

"But I have something else in mind." The Catgirl squeezed harder. "First I'll rip out your voicebox, and then I'll shove it down your throat. Make you swallow it. Then you'll be paralyzed, your spine crushed. But that's not all, no… Your forehead will be scarred, telling the world what a waste of a human being you are, unable to move, to talk. Oh, you'll beg to die right then and there, but you won't. You won't be able to move at all. Your mouth won't work even though you want to scream…"

The man soiled himself right then and there, falling into unconsciousness.

Ranma shook her head and let the man drop to the ground.

'What's gotten into me? I mean, I know he deserved it, but that… that was just…' Ranma rubbed her eyes with her palms, making sure not to get blood on herself.

The catgirl didn't realize that her eyes were normal again, given that she was so focused on trying to calm herself down.

"Th… thank you…" the woman said shakily as she rose to her feet and bowed. "Goodbye, Catgirl…"

With that, the woman ran off.

Ranma sighed as she looked down at the man she scared spitless. "Please be alive…"

The catgirl got down and felt for a pulse with her left hand, finding one.

"Well, luckily this is a fish restaurant here…" Ranma muttered. "Maybe…"

The catgirl searched the dumpster and found some discarded fish. She then stuffed them in the man's clothes, even putting some down his pants. For added effect, she put his right hand in his pants. She did all this while carefully avoiding getting the man's blood on anything.

"The bleeding…" Ranma bit her lip and searched for something to stop it.

She ended up finding a long rope that she used to wrap around his neck; the extra length she tied to the dumpster.

Ranma was able to wipe her bloody hand off on the trash, causing her to gag from the smell.

'That should do it. Yeah…' Ranma thought with a sigh of relief.


The catgirl glanced the man over and sighed. "Oh, what the heck?"

She took all the yen from his wallet and put it back.

'Wonder how long he'll be here before someone finds him…' Ranma rubbed her chin.

That's when she heard cats off in the distance, getting closer.

Ranma bit her lip and knocked on the back door to the restaurant.

A guy with a curly mustache came out a few minutes later. "What? What is it…? Oh."

He saw the man on the ground, covered in cats, seemingly commiting lewd acts while passed out from choking himself.

"Pervert…" the mustached man muttered as he went back inside to alert the authorities.

Ranma looked down at the scene and let out her breath. 'That was close… But never mind that now. Time to eat!'

With that, the catgirl left to find food.

•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

Meanwhile in China…

{Excuse me, which way to Tokyo?} a boy named Ryoga Hibiki asked a man while holding a map upside down.

{Tokyo? This is China!} the man replied. {Japan is east. That way.}

{Yes, I realized that!} Ryoga growled, fangs showing.

The man waved his arms in front of his face in defense. {Whoa, whoa, easy, easy. So yes, head that way and you will find the sea.}

{You better be right about this,} Ryoga mumbled as he started to head out, going in the wrong direction, as usual.

{No, the other way!} the man yelled. {Be careful. There have been rumors lately that a monster lives out in the wilderness.}

'Monster, huh?' Ryoga smirked. {There is only one monster I know, and I will have my revenge…}

{Well, be careful anyway. I heard that the United States is interested in this thing. Very dangerous,} the man warned. {Manbearpig is no laughing matter.}

Ryoga snorted. {It is, because it doesn't exist.}

The eternally lost boy looked up to see rain clouds.

{Yes, it does!} the man argued. {I don't have proof, but I saw it with my own eyes! Half man, half bear, and half pig!}

{That doesn't make any sense,} Ryoga stated. {Besides, bears don't really live here… But wolves do…}

With that, rain fell from the sky, and the man screamed like a little girl.

•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

Author's notes: Dun, dun, DUUUHNNN! Uh oh, what is going to happen next!? Cliffhanger! Anyway, Noy apologizes for the wait. It needed to be done right. Hopefully it'll be faster next time… with actual plot! 0_0 Anyway, like the logo? Telinú did it. I know, right! Thanks for reading, until next time, I am ze Text!