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"Higher Being Speech"

'Higher Being Thoughts'


(Technique Translations)

Scene Shift

Chapter 18: Drums of War

Naruto stared at one of the many waterfalls of the Eastern Air Temple, looking into the two dojutsu that now made up his eyes; a Sharingan right eye and a Rinnegan left one. A look of depressed remembrance crossed his features as he thought of his fellow Jinchuriki sporting the same eyes back when he and Kirabi were pursuing Obito; before Naruto knew his real identity. To the blonde, these eyes were haunting reminders of the very tools that his most powerful adversary used; the eyes of a madman seeking to place the world under his thumb.

This was the scene that Mai walked in on. Her amber eyes softened as she saw her lover and teacher looking at his reflection as if in a trance. She had just seen Aang off as he made to return to Ba-Sing Sei and to his friends. If she had the date right, then the Nara's friends were being taken there as well; but she had no idea how. All Naruto told her was that some "allies" were doing him a favor.

She mentally shook her head to clear it before she approached the Uzumaki from behind. When she reached him, she wrapped her arms around him from behind, burying her face into his back.

"Mai…" whispered the blonde, making her squeeze him tighter.

"Don't think about it, Naruto… It will only make you more upset," she whispered back. "You're not like that man, and you never will be." She then let him go so he can turn and look at her. "You're not Obito; you're Naruto, my teacher, my friend, and," she smiled at him, eyes full of love, "the man I gave my heart to."

He looked to her in slight surprise, grateful for the words she said and the feelings she emitted. He felt nothing but determination, compassion, and love from her aura, which caused him to give a small smile and nod. "You're right… I'm not like him," he said as he looked at his reflection, imagining his friends and family standing beside him with Mai and his unnamed daughter at the front of the others. "And I never will be; I promise."

Mai nodded with a smile and made to head back up to the outside of the temple, but Naruto stopped her by grabbing her wrist. When she looked back, she saw he looked – dare she say – nervous. "What's wrong?"

He kept his gaze averted before he took a small breath and looked at her. "I never told you…about the vision I had in the swamp, did I?"

Confused at the question, she still shook her head negatively. It was true that he never told anyone what he saw; but he seemed to be a little happier after that day. She remembered telling Naruto what she saw, and all it did was help prove that she was a Nara; but it still made him smile seeing that she was a descendant of one of his closest friends.

Naruto sighed and had her sit alongside him. "In the swamp…I was met by three people. Two of them were my parents; Minato, my father, and Kushina, my mother. They told me that they loved me and that they were proud of who I became. They also warned me about the Juubi getting free and about the sacrifices I've made."

She nodded, showing that she understood, before she asked, "What about the third person?"

This was when he looked nervous, and even had a very faint blush on his face. "Well…the third person didn't give her name… However, she said that she…was our future daughter."

Her blush could've made a cherry jealous. "D-Daughter...?" she gasped with a stutter.

He nodded. "Yea… She told me about the Juubi also and about how I still had one last sacrifice to make." He looked her in the eye and placed a hand gently on her stomach, his fingers gently pressing the fabric of her clothes against her skin. "I don't know if you are now, or if you will be soon, but the last sacrifice was…me."

She closed her eyes and let a couple of tears fall from them. "So…that dream you had so long ago…will really happen, won't it; the one where we live and you die?"

He nodded sadly. "Yes…it will."

The Nara slammed into him, sobbing against his chest and making him wrap his arms around her in hopes of calming her down. A lone tear fell from his left eye as he kept whispering comforting words into her ear. When she seemed to calm down, she whispered something, but he couldn't hear it.

"What did you say?"

"…Kikyo," she said, again in a whisper; though one he could hear.


Mai looked to him with a teary eyes smile. "Her name… Our daughter's name. I always planned on naming my first daughter that while the boy would be named Zephyr."

His eyes widened slightly before they softened and his mind went back to his meeting with the girl. 'Kikyo… Kikyo Nara Uzumaki… Y'know, that sounds just right.'

"I agree… It seems to fit her quite well."

'Glad you approve, my friend.'

"What do you think?" asked Mai, bringing him back from his thoughts.

He smiled to her and pulled her in for a loving kiss before he answered, "I think it's perfect."

Fire Nation

In his throne room, Ozai sat in thought with a deep frown marring his features. His son and brother were seen as traitors to the Nation, Azula and Ty Lee weren't close to finding Mai and the Uzumaki based on her latest report, and he had an army to build to take down Ba-Sing Sei.

As he pondered on this, the doors opened and a messenger came in with a scroll for him. 'No doubt it's Azula's latest report,' he thought as he looked over the letter. His already furrowed brow fell deeper in its frown as he finished reading. "An eclipse of the sun… We'll be powerless during that time, and it allows the perfect opportunity for an invasion of the Capital."

He stood up from his throne, the flames flickering away, and stepped into his War Room so that he could overlook the map of the world once more. According to Azula, she had taken control of a group of secret EarthBenders known as the Dai Li who worked right under the Earth King's very nose. He smirked at the thought of no longer really needing an army to take over the city when it could be taken from the inside.

He figured that, with Azula taking over the Earth Kingdom, he could send a force much smaller than he originally intended to keep a tight leash on the city while the larger surplus of his army could keep guard over the Capital. He'd need to ensure that they prepare for non-Bending combat as well for during the time of the eclipse.

It also wouldn't hurt to hire mercenaries who specialize in fighting Benders without the using of Bending of their own. If he remembered right, there were a group of archers called the Yu Yan Warriors. Zhao had once employed them and they were almost successful in taking down the Avatar. The only advantage the boy had over them was his manipulation of the Air, which allowed him to escape. They would be useful in taking down enemy invaders from afar with their mastery of the bow.

Another group would be the Rough Rhinos, who each specialize in a different weapon, save for the Captain who was a FireBender. Still, they would be useful; and if all else fails with them, they were also expendable.

They'd need a group who capitalizes on naval warfare, so it'd be best to search ports for anyone willing. 'There always is some group of pirates or sailors who would do any job, so long as the pay is good.'

One last group needed would be some trump cards of unmatched skill. He smirked as he recalled rumors of a man with metallic limbs as well as a once revered swordsman. His smirk became a dark grin as he called for a messenger. It was time to call on a man with Three Eyes and an old Master of the Sword.

Ba-Sing Sei (One Week Later)

"You really think this will work, Uzumaki? We'd have to really sell it, you know," stated Azula with her arms crossed as she leaned against the wall of Earth King Kuei's War Room. "After all, Father won't be fooled so easily."

"You give my brother too much credit," Iroh said with a small smile. "Ozai was never one for details so long as the job he wanted done was completed. So long as we convince him that Zuko was responsible and that you both took the city, he'll accept it. You two will return as heroes while I'll be imprisoned as a traitor."

"I don't want to be seen as a 'hero' for something like that though!" Zuko yelled angrily. "And you won't just go to prison; you'll be placed in the Capital Prison! I can't let you do that, Uncle!"

"Enough!" roared Naruto while unconsciously using chakra to increase the gravity in the room. "The plan is already made and we're going through with it! Kuei has even sent some of his soldiers to inform the people while the Dai Li are prepared to follow Azula's orders for a temporary period. Iroh knows exactly what he's getting into, Zuko. You two need to focus on your part; being the returned son and daughter of Ozai."

Zuko scowled at that while Azula nodded. Ty Lee, growing worried about Zuko's anger walked up to him and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. When his amber eyes met her stormy gray ones, she offered him a reassuring smile and said nothing. It seemed to work when he calmed down and nodded to her in thanks.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" asked Aang as he and his friends stood on the other end of the large table that mapped the world. "If the world thinks I'm dead, they'll lose hope and may even just surrender to the Fire Nation."

"No they won't," Naruto stated with conviction. "As of this moment, my old association is spreading the word all over the Four Nations. The world will be told that you will disappear for a short time, but they will also be told that you will return and that the war will end soon."

"Do you think they'll listen?" Katara asked. "Some people won't believe you or even turn against their homes in favor of the Fire Nation."

"Not to mention the ones that will go into a panic at Aang needing to 'disappear' for a good while," Sokka added. "The world could fall to paranoid riots."

"This may sound ironic, but even I can see how much hope the world has placed in Twinkle Toes," Toph stated. "Take away that hope, even if it's temporary, and they'll lose it."

"I'm well aware of the weight the Avatar has on his shoulders; being the only person in this room who's been in his position. However, the world survived 100yrs of his absence. They can surely live another couple of months. You may believe otherwise due to the fear in the eyes of the people regarding the Fire Nation…but humanity is a stubborn and resilient race. They don't have it in them to just live or die on their knees when they still have two feet to stand tall on." The blonde stood up from his seated position, his powerful gaze gleaming in determination. "We can't quit now when the war isn't even the biggest issue. Now that Aang has control of his Avatar State, he needs to learn FireBending and how to fight in the Spirit World."

"I'll be fighting the Juubi alone?!" questioned Aang in a panic. "Are you crazy?! I can't fight that thing if it's what you said it was!"

"Relax, you are not fighting it. You're going in there to do one of two things." Holding up one finger, the Uzumaki stated, "You can try and use your power as the Spiritual Bridge to seal away the Juubi…" He then held up a second finger and declared, "…Or you can bring it to the Mortal Plane…where I will battle it."

"Alone?" asked Ty Lee in worry. "But can you really-?"

"He can do it," Mai said, standing next to the man she loved with a fire in her eyes. "If anyone can defeat it, it's Naruto and Kurama. Together, they're the only ones strong enough to do so." She then looked to Aang and softly added, "But…I seriously hope they won't have to…"

Aang saw that the fire in Mai's eyes changed to a look of pleading; of desperation. She was practically begging him to find a way to seal the Juubi, but he wasn't sure how he'd be able to. Still, he couldn't stand seeing the desperate look and nodded in hopes of reassuring her. It seemed to work when she gave him a nod in return.

"If that is all," Kuei began, getting their attention, "then shall we begin? The people have been informed and, while scared of what may happen, they are prepared to wait for Aang's return."

The others all nodded and two Dai Li escorted Iroh away, where he'd take his role as the captured traitor. Azula, Zuko, and Ty Lee all left to help Azula's men "take over" the city while the Gaang prepared to leave with Kuei. The Earth King had decided to head to Chameleon Bay where most of his soldiers would hide out at while the others would gather Hakoda and Bato before heading out to get Aang a FireBending Instructor. Iroh and Zuko informed the AirBender of a group known as the Sun Warriors that would probably help him out.

As for Naruto and Mai, the blonde decided to wait for the others in the Fire Nation. When he asked Mai which place would be the closest and safest, she told him that there was a cove known as the Black Cliffs which was rarely visited or patrolled; a perfect place for the armies to meet up. Naruto needed time to prepare for the upcoming war, and his first step was learning how to use his new Rinnegan eye.

The Rikudo, also known as the Six Paths, would be a great challenge for him; especially since each demanded a different skill set. The paths were known as the Deva, Asura, Human, Animal, Preta, and Naraka with all of them together acting on the whim of the Outer Path.

The Deva Path granted the user the ability to manipulate attractive and repulsive forces with objects and people. These gravity manipulating techniques, however, cannot be performed in rapid succession; the amount of time required recharging the jutsu after use varies depending on the scale of the technique used, five seconds being the basic minimum. The Deva Path also granted another ability known as the Chibaku Tensei (Planetary Devastation) which allows the user to create a huge makeshift terrestrial body from all the surrounding matter that is attracted to a black sphere released by this technique.

The Asura Path granted the user the ability to summon mechanized armor, augmenting their body with extra limbs and mechanical weaponry. From his memories of his fight with his fellow Uzumaki, Naruto remembered that Nagato channeled the Asura Path through the use of extra limbs, limbs that doubled as weapons, and mechanical inner parts.

The Human Path granted a Rinnegan user the ability to read the mind of any target by placing his/her hand on the target's head or chest and yanking the soul out of the body. Though it provides intel by getting well guarded secrets, the technique inevitably kills the target. Naruto remembered that Shizune was a victim of this technique before she was given her life back.

The Animal Path granted a Rinnegan user the ability of summoning various animals and creatures to aid them in battle. These creatures appeared to be immortal, as Naruto remembered that they were once killed by Jiraiya, but Nagato later summoned them again during their fight. On another note, Naruto also noticed that the summoning creatures through the Animal Path required no blood sacrifice or hand seals. Tactics wise, Naruto deduced that the Animal Path's primary role in battle appeared to consist of overwhelming multiple opponents with a barrage of summons.

The Preta Path seemed to only have a single ability that Naruto doubted would help him. After all, with the era of chakra and jutsu over, the blonde doubted that the Path would be able to absorb Bending techniques in the same way the Preta absorbed chakra.

The Naraka Path grants the user two main abilities: interrogation and restoration, by using the King of Hell. Interrogation required physical contact while restoration required the body of the target of interest, but Naruto remembered that it was mainly for fixing nonliving things; like the Paths Nagato used or the bodies of the Edo Tensei (Impure World Resurrection).

The final Path was known as the Outer Path, or the Life/Death Master. It allowed the user the ability to control life and death by reviving the dead; however Naruto remembered that it only affected others and not the wielder.

As for Mai, she got to work on creating her Raiton empowered Rasengan in Sage Mode. She and a couple of clones all sat together in a circle, coming up with different theories for the final product. She finally came up with two different designs, but only one seemed to fit her need for making the Rasengan long range.

She came up with Senpo Raiton: Rasen Yajirushi (Sage Art Lightning Release: Spiral Arrow). The details of the technique were still sketchy to her, but she and four clones were hard at work with making the idea a reality for the final battle. (1)

After around a month and a half, Naruto had an understanding of the Rinnegan that was battle ready while Mai was just shy of making her original jutsu more than an idea. The others wouldn't be coming for another two weeks, on the Day of Black Sun.

It was night time when Naruto and Mai sat together with some fish cooking on a small fire. The moon was halfway full and would be full on the day of the eclipse, but its light still bathed the cove they were in while the clear skies allowed the stars to be seen fully.

Mai sighed contently at the peaceful atmosphere. It was times like this that helped calm her stress and helped her forget that the world was falling to chaos. Her gaze turned to Naruto who was on his back with his head rested in his hands, staring at the starry sky.

She smiled at seeing her lover so relaxed and calm. She knew he needed moments like these more than she did, and a part of her mind egged her on to do something bold. With a faint blush, she stood up and lied down beside him before she moved closer so that her head rested on his chest. Another content sigh escaped her lips before she looked up to Naruto at the same time he looked down to her.

Both of them smiled and leaned in for a soft kiss while their emotions began to rise.

Lemon Starts (taking a risk here with this)

The kissing soon became more heated and the Uzumaki pulled the Nara on top of him while she caressed his whiskered cheeks and kept her lips attached to his. When they pulled back, Mai gave a teasing smirk before she boldly licked his whiskered cheek, making him freeze at the intensely pleasurable feeling.

She giggled lightly at his frozen expression before she said, "I never knew you were so sensitive there. Heh... I suppose even you have a weakness."

He shook himself out of the expression and grinned at her, making her grow nervous before he rolled their bodies so that he was on top and leaned down to lick and tease her earlobes while playing with her breasts through her close, making her moan loudly. "I'm not the only one with a weakness, Mai," he whispered into her ear, his hot breath almost making her mind go fuzzy.

He went back to his ministrations, making her slowly go wild with pleasure. "Oh…" she moaned before she grabbed the back of his head and pushed it to her breasts. "Naruto…"

Using his teeth, he tore at her clothing and exposed her chest wrappings; something she wore to help keep her clothing more streamlined. Once he removed those as well, his tongue moved over to her exposed nipples and began to flick against them, making her moans increase in volume.

"Enough!" she cried through her pleasure as she pushed herself off of the ground and on top of Naruto before she kissed him. "I'm not one to accept charity," she teased before she moved herself lower and used a kunai to cut his pants and boxers, exposing his pleasure stick to her. Her eyes gained a slight glint to them at his impressive size before she began to lick it like a frozen popsicle.

Naruto shivered in pleasure at her actions and he let loose a slight moan as she used her free hands to pump his cock and fondle his balls. "Mai… That's – oh Kami – so good…" he groaned out through his pleasure.

He nearly cried out in it when Mai's mouth engulfed his cock and began to suck on it. She looked to him and hummed out a chuckle, making her mouth vibrate around the blonde's genitals and cause them some added pleasure. Naruto was practically in heaven from her actions, but he wouldn't let her just give pleasure.

Shifting their bodies into a 69 position, Naruto did the same tactic of cutting her bottoms with a kunai before he began to blow softly against her nether lips. Her body shivered at the feeling, but she tried to keep her focus on the dick she was sucking on. However, her mind nearly blanked when his tongue ran across her folds and flicked her clit.

He smirked and teased, "Having trouble there, Mai?" Not letting her answer, he began his assault on her pussy with his tongue while poking the inside with a finger.

Although the Nara was feeling intense pleasure, she forced herself to focus on Naruto's cock and began to suck on it like no tomorrow. They both kept up their pleasurable acts for some time before Mai couldn't take it anymore and moaned against Naruto's cock and came, her fluids drenching Naruto's face. The moan vibrated against him enough to make him cum as well, his milk filling her mouth.

Both lovers swallowed the juices that had entered the mouths, though they both had some leaking down their chins. Mai blushed and smiled as she shifted herself so that her entrance was right above his dick, which she held in her hand. Descending, her nether lips opened and her cunt engulfed his cock which filled her up as her hips met his. Moaning, she rubbed just above her pussy and murmured, "I feel so full…"

Smirking, Naruto grabbed her hips and began to slowly thrust into her, making her moans increase in tandem and her body feel like it was burning. She moved his hands off of her hips and began to bounce on top of him, each one meeting his thrusts. She moaned with each one, her tongue slowly slipping out of her mouth and hanging limply out of it as her face was one of ecstasy.

Slowing his pace slightly, he grabbed her hips again and stood up with her still being speared by his cock. Her legs instinctively wrapped around his waist while her arms did the same around his shoulders and her lips mashed against his. He began to increase the speed and force of his thrusts, driving them both to nearly the breaking point.

And that point was broken when Mai whispered against his lips in a tone full of desire and lust, "I love you…" This made Naruto's heart swell and the emotions caused him to release his cum inside of her, driving her wild with pleasure and her pussy exploded with her own juices.

They both fell back, though Naruto cushioned their fall with Fuuton chakra, with Mai on top of him and still engulfing his cock. Both of them were sweaty, panting, and had love drunk smiles on their faces. The blonde brought his brunette lover in for one last kiss and whispered, "I love you too…"

End Lemon

Under the starry sky, the two lovers simply lied against one another, their hearts and souls resonating in the afterglow of their love making. Both were unaware that this night solidified a part of Naruto's vision from many months ago.

Two Weeks Later (Day of Black Sun)

Naruto and Mai stood to the side with Zuko and Azula as Sokka and his father Hakoda went over the strategy for the battle and rallied the troops. The men and women of the invasion force consisted of EarthBending Warriors, the Swamp Benders, two of the Freedom Fighters once led by Jet, the Warriors of the Southern Water Tribes, members of the Order of the White Lotus, the Gaang, the Children of Fire (Zuko and Azula), Ty Lee, and the Last Shinobi (Naruto and Mai).

Once Hakoda was done, Naruto appeared before the troops in a swirl of wind and stared them all down. "You all know why we're here. You all know what this day is. This is the day the war will finally end and peace will return to the world! All we have are two more obstacles; the last being dealt with by the Avatar and myself. We only have the Fire Nation – who will be weakened this day – and the return of a calamity. I promise you all – on my soul and on my spirit – that Aang and I will defeat this calamity…and chaos will finally be extinguished!" The soldiers all began to nod and murmur with confidence. "All I ask is that you stand!" They did so. "That you fight!" They all roared out an acceptance. "And that you see this day to the very end! That you fight with all the strength of your hearts and for the people you all love! Fight on, Soldiers of Unity!"

A loud cheer broke through the cove as everyone roared with confidence and determination, their hearts and minds fully prepared to finally end the war. The Uzumaki moved to stand at the docks with Mai at his side while the soldiers and others all moved out.

Mai's amber eyes burned with passionate confidence and she said, "We're gonna win today… I know it."

Nodding, the blonde gazed out to the submerging underwater boats and the armor covered flying bison while his two dojutsu eyes took notice of the approaching eclipse. The eyes seemed to glow as he declared, "This war ends…today."

(End Chapter)

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