Authors Note: its been an idea and I finally managed to make it into a fanfic. Enjoy!

The Tallests were staring in front of the monitor on The Massive. They were bored, unbelievably bored because yesterday, the last Irken Invader just conquered the last planet in Operation Impending Doom II. With nothing to check up on, they grew bored. They tried eating, they tried sleeping, they tried just throwing people out the airlock, but nothing relieved the endless boredom. It was getting bad to a point where they were expecting Zim to call at a particular time, always anxious for his call. No longer were they annoying, they were a boredom reliever. Earth was the last free planet, but the Tallest refused to take it knowing they would easily drop dead to another enslaved planet. Finally the silence broke as the screens clicked on.

"My Tallest!" Exclaimed Zim bowing

"Oh thank god" thought Red

"Yes Zim, what do you need now" he said, not wanting to let Zim know he was actually happy to see him

"I do apologize for failing to enslave the pitiful planet, but hold faith, for Zim shall soon take it."

"And what's your plan Zim" asked Purple sounding bored but secretly eager to hear it.

"These humans have these fatty foods that can actually kill them. I have tested the meat and fries from McMeaties, and found that enough of this disgusting food can actually kill a human. I will bake so many burgers and fries that humans will submit their will to Zim!"

The Tallests burst out laughing knowing how stupid it was.

"Well do let us know how it goes" laughed Red

"I knew you like it my Tallest, and I also have a gift"

The Tallest then felt dread, not wanting any gifts, especially from Zim who killed two previous Tallest.

"Um yea, well we gonna go" Red hit a button to end the call but to his surprise it didn't end.

"I thought you guys were accidentally hitting it, so I hacked into The Massive and blocked it"

The Tallests faces turned to horror when they realized Zim again controlled the ship.

"I just want to send you a gift in honor of near completion of Operation Impending Doom II" he yelled arms in the air.

The Tallest shrunk deeper into their seats while ordering their private guards immediately.

"I am going to teleport my present to you" said Zim hitting a few buttons.

"That's great Zim, GUARDS!" Panicked Purple seeing a streak of light in front of them and seeing it grow wider.

"Please don't be a blob" whimpered Red

"I do hope you like it, Invader Zim signing off" he saluted and the screen went blank.

A blinding white light flashed around the room. The Tallest braced themselves for whatever horrifying thing they may find. A few moments passed before they looked upon a giant metal ring standing up on robotic legs, with a sticky note attached to it. A guard went to it and read it out loud

"My Tallests, in order to better understand the humans history, I have built a time machine. I am able to learn all about the humans easily and soon will destroy them. A textbook as the humans call it, is filled with massive information. It is translated in Irken so you should have no problem. Please, PLEASE MY TALLEST, please use it and see for yourself what the almighty Zim can accomplish!"

"I'm not getting in their" said Purple

"Neither am I" said Red before an idea clicked between them.

"You service drone Jak" yelled Red pointing his finger at him

"Ah, yes sir?"

"Go through that portal"

" was...built by Zim"

"We'll duh, why do you think were sending you?" Said Purple

The service drone went near the machine where it started to turn on.

"Hey motion sensors, and no explosion" remarked Red

The service drone crept closer, now crying, stepping into the white light disappearing.

He went to the otherwise expecting the worse but to his surprise, he found himself surrounded in a building, many paintings hung up everywhere. His panic mode lesson as he found himself intrigued by the many paintings surrounding the room. He also started to hear music, but unlike the militaristic one he was used to hearing, it was calm, smooth, steady, and relaxing. He slowly dazed off before being pulled back into the portal.

"Your kidding me, he's not dead!" Yelled Purple.

"Guess not" remarked Red in a bored tone.

"So what happened?" Asked Purple

"Eh, it was beautiful" said Jak, now in a trance.

"Your story bores me, to airlock" motion Red

Out of nowhere, two Irkens on Jetpacks grabbed the poor service drone instantly throwing him into the air locker. Only his screams could be hear, and the room became dead silent, as every other Irken cast worried looks to each other.

"Wow, the humans got some boring art" said Red flipping through the book.

"Zim said the humans had wars, lets go visit one" suggested Purple taking another sip from his soda.

Well hmm, why not 1815, whatever that year is, it's got some battles." Said Red

"Day Random, Month Random, Year 1815" said the machine before turning on.

"Lets go, I'm getting bored" said Purple

The Tallests and a few Irken Elite went through the portal. As they went to the other side, they noticed the smell of gunpowder and dead bodies.

"Did we miss the action?" Moaned Purple.

The the group looked around before one of the Irken guards was his by a bullet straight through his head, making him thud to the ground. The group was stunned before hearing rounds of shots and yelling.

"Ahh! Get us too cover" screeched Purple. The group ran to a rocky land, taking cover inside a ditch. They peaked their heads up to see rows of men firing at each other.

"We'll this is stupid, who the hell lines up their men only for them to get shot in rows" said Red

"This is how humans fought during this time period." Said one of the guards

"And their not extinct?" asked Purple. He was surprised that literally, men from both sides were standing just feet away from each other, firing just a single shot, before taking what seemed like forever to reload.

"This is boring, next time period" ordered Red

The small group managed to make their way to the portal undetected. Purple looked back to see a side starting to fall back.

"Puff, cowards"

The group found themselves at the Massive again.

"Human history bores me" said Purple

"Reading bores me, destroy the textbook" ordered Red.

A guard pulled out his blaster and fired into it multiple times.

A few moments of silenced passed by before Purple broke it.

"So...wanna use this time machine to kill Zim?"

Red glanced at him

"You know that's a great idea"

"See I can come up with good idea, lets kill him when he was a Smeet!"

"You idiot, we wouldn't be Tallest if he didn't kill off the first two!" Said Red sternly

"I knew that...well...sort of..."

"Um, sirs, why are you using a time machine when instead we can just use one of our many lasers to simply blow him up! Also why do you want to kill him when you are now expecting him?" Asked a technician

"You dare question your leaders!?" Yelled Red

"To the airlock with you!" Yelled purple

He screams could be heard shortly and gave warning to everyone else. Even thou is made absolutely no sense whatsoever to everyone, the Tallests knew. After the Hobo 13 incident, Zims name became widely known thoughout the empire, even in rural parts. In fact his name had become fearful. Considering Zim killed his entire team, beat the drill sergeant, hack jacked the Massive, indirectly wiped put the Planet Jacker race, almost killed the Irken Race, and killed two of the leaders, many people were cringing in fear of his name.

The Tallests, while never admitting it, were actually afraid of trying to kill Zm as time went on. They were worried that shooting a giant laser would miraculously fail, or reflect back killing them. Still they talked nonchalantly about killing Zim when they both knew they wouldn't go through with it. The time machine was another example.

More silence came, only Purples sipping from his soda could be heard.

"Contact Zim" ordered Red

Everyone else nearly skipped a heartbeat when they heard the Tallest requesting to speak with Zim but no one said anything well aware of what would happen disobeying.

"MY TALLEST YOUR CALLING ME!" Shouted an extremely happy voice

"Eh, yea, Zim your time machine, is purely human history?"

"Huh? I mean no my Tallest, it is universal history. After all a gift for the Tallest should be superior since it was built by me!" He exclaimed

"Can we to into the future" he asked

"Of course but I don't know why-"

"Yea, well ok, bye" said Purple motioning for the transmission to end

"So what was that about" asked Purple

"I think we can easily end our boredom, wanna take a trip into the future?" Asked Red

" sure" said Purple


Red went towards the machine were it began to turn on

"Ok um, take us to the future" ordered Red.

"SWITCHING FROM PAST TO FUTURE, DAY RAMDOM, MONTH RAMDOM, YEAR RANDOM" said the machine a lot more louder than last time.

Red started to go towards it

"Hey you coming?" he asked Purple

"Yea about that, I'll wait here to...look after that ship" said Purple a little afraid

"Come on what's the worse that could happen?"

"I rather not see what's in the future. Donuts may be extinct!"

"Find ill go, and you, you, and you are coming" he order two Irken elite and a technician.

"If you die...I get your snacks" stated Purple

"Right ill be back whenever" he said

The group walked towards the portal and stepped in to see what awaited them.