Author's Note: Well I have a few subplots going but soon they will be woven together. Enjoy!

Perhaps it was the constant noise of hearing bombs drop, or maybe underestimation. But no one saw the ambush coming. While Dib and Lard Nar were arguing over uniting or not, many others had went around patrolling the area, and that's when it began. First the probes came in hugh numbers attempting to level the city, but were downed in the hundreds. With the sense of security still low do to this daily thing, everyone was unprepared for the next attack.

"Nothing will change, nothing! Seriously what's with you humans always assuming things will be better? I'm sorry but I rather do it my way" said Lard Nar

Dib was speechless. He came here hoping he could unite every one under one banner but instead everything had become worse. Lard Nar's rant had reborn the Irken hatred shared by many and it wasn't soon where nearly every alien race started arguing with the Irkens over what would happen next?

"You guys have a plan to enslave us again, don't you?"

"Irken slavers never change?"

"Let's rip those Paks right their spine!"

Were the many insults shared with the group.

Meanwhile the humans merely looked on. As far as they knew it, they were tired. Living under shitty conditions, hardly any food or water, low morale, it was starting to eat them away. Three years this had been going on and it was taking its toll. Dib was practically the only one holding these people together but even he was starting to grow weary and the humans knew. Dib didn't know, but many of his trusted people were starting to conduct secret talks. Considering Zim has an obsession with killing Dib, he had allowed this although many humans found dealing with him was mentally painful do to his habit to venture off topic, constantly say how superior he was, and how much humans were disgusting. Never the less humans still dealt with him and now the pieces had been set in place.

The humans patrolling the area soon started to walk farther and farther away, turning a blind eye to the many SIR's they could hear all around, like a thousand mice stealthy trying to get its cheese.

"That's it, I'm done!"

The arguing stopped and everyone turned to Dib. Gaz, still keeping her poker face, frowned inside, knowing Dib was on the verge of a nervous breakdown….just like dad.

"I'm sick and tired of trying to be everyone's fucking friend! Irkens, Vortians, Screwheads, Planet Jackers, does it really matter? I know many of you hold past grudges, but when a chance to bring down an enemy comes on, you all act like freck'n children over candy, unwilling to budge! I'm done, I'm done, I can't….I….I….I"

Suddenly Dib gripped his hair before screaming at the top of his lungs. While he was angry with everyone around him, he was angry at himself. Three years and already he was breaking down. Some Earths sole defender he turned out to be. And that's when he lost touch with reality.

Everyone looked at him in shock as he collapsed to the ground, muttering weird things, constantly twitching and gripping his head. While everyone stood silent, Lard Nar took notice of something. He was shocked that Dib collapsed, but he also sensed something….something too familiar to him. He turned his head before shooting at the building and just as he suspected a SIR unit came down. His eyes widen in shock.


Before he could finish an explosion went off confusing everyone and that's when the SIR's all perfecting positioned around them, on the surrounding buildings, leapt like a jumping spider to the confused and dazed rebels. Lard Nar watched as if time slowed. The SIR's let out an arsenal of whatever they had to offer from their head, sawing, slicing, and shooting whoever was unfortunate one at the end.

And before he could react, Lard Nar was thrusted to the ground, feeling a buzz saw go deep into his back.

"Dam" he thought, this was not how he wanted to go down.

He was about to give up before someone started pulling him. He turned to see a Vortian doing it.

"Come on" said Gaz desperately trying to avoid the numerous robot hacking everyone away. She turned to see a group running off.

"Cowards" she shouted before seeing them gunned down.

She blasted a hole into the ground revealing the sewers.

"Jump end, unless you want to die" she said

The few remaining Vortians along with a severely wounded Lard Nar and others quickly jumped in.

"Aliens….green skin, DON'T MAKE FUN OF ME! Aliens, world, Irkens, tall….lead…leaders tall….."

"Dib" she screamed

"Gaz, Gaz…..why does everybody say my head is big, it isn't big right Gaz? RIGHT!"

Gaz grabbed him by the collar before diving into the sewers.


The SIR's constant blasting sealed the hole allowing the rebels to escape. But they weren't focused on that.

Jake looked up, or rather down at the SIR's lining him up with the others who had laid down their weapons. He was clutching his hand do to the immense amount of pain of having it shot off.

"Line up!"

He complied. He was shaking with fear. It was all over and he knew it. He looked forward to the bright red eyes glow more and more and he closed his to prepare for the end.


Hak moved a dead Planet Jacker from him. Since they were often heavy he failed to escape and now a group of robots were surrounding him.

"So…how's it going" he said meekly expecting to be shot on the spot but surprisingly he was lifted, cuffed, and taken to a large however craft.

"There's one more" said a SIR dragging out the still unconscious Kro, throwing her onto the hovercraft.

As it took off, Hak took notice of the city, now completely set ablaze. He looked down to see groups of civilians all lined up before all being shot in rows. He felt a little bad but knew nothing could be done.

It wasn't long before the smell of smoke reached his nose. He looked to see factories covered in a blanket of smoke but also saw a tall building distinguishing it from the rest. He also saw a large pit that looked like a stretched from miles downward.

The hovercraft landed and he was approached but a small Irken he was all too familiar with.

"Finally after three years Dib I've….YOUR NOT DIB!" shouted Zim shocked to see it was some random Irken he could care less about.

"No shit" said Hak happy to use his newfound word. He had heard a group of humans say it but didn't know what it meant. He deemed it the perfect time to use it but Zim gave him a puzzled look before regaining his composure.

"The Devil's Hole seems right for you" he grinned before waving his hand like a royal would disgusted with something. He turned to the SIR unit.

"So where the big headed one!?" he demanded

"Target has escaped into the sewers, sir!"

"And you didn't chase them!"

"No Sir!" the SIR saluted. Zim's forehead throbbed with anger. He was about to burst into a rant before he remembered something.

"Release experiment Gito into the sewers"

"Yes Sir!"

"But one more thing. Why didn't you chase them?" asked Zim

"Orders conflicted with Tak's Sir!"


Tallest Purple was staring the portal, growing more agitated by the minute. He averted his gaze towards a part of the floor before realizing something. Using the high-tech binoculars, he realized the blast in the hole was deep that it reached to the next floor. Could he make it?

"Screw it" he thought.

He stealthily approached the hole, occasionally looking up to see the probes scanning the area. Finally he dove in hitting the ground with a thud. He got up half-expecting the probes to rush down here before realizing he actually succeed. His heartbeat slowed.

"If only Red could see" thought Purple

Knowing the ship well he adjusted to his surroundings before hovering towards an emergency exit. He thrusted the door open before being blinded by light outside.

"I made it" he mumbled but knew this was far from over.

I was going to add Red since I haven't typed much on his story but decided to add him in the next chapter.