Author's Note: Another chapter, the longest one within this fanfic, Enjoy!

Red was in a bed, well not a bed, felt more like lying on bricks. Not only that everyone was snoring around him, rattling his nerves. He tried to drown the noise by putting the blanket over his head over but it still didn't work. Frustrated he got up to hover around. Normally he didn't sleep but working had exhausted him. And as tired as he felt, he couldn't get comfortable. He longed for his chair with snacks of all sorts surrounding him. He longed to throw someone out of the airlock, oh how fun that used to be. And most of all he longed for his best friend Purple. He realized he wanted his company the longer he spent in this pit.

He wondered around with his thoughts before realizing he had lost his direction. He was about to turn back before looking to see his surroundings were metal instead of rock.

"This isn't good" he muttered

714 told him how those who lost their way were shot instantly. A knot formed in his stomach and he got nervous. Wait, Irkens never get nervous! But without a ship, his guards, and his snacks surrounding him, he felt….small, afraid. He walked further down the hallway hoping he would find his way only that the power went off making everything pitch black.

"I'm gonna die" he said nervously


"WHY IS THE POWER OUT!" he shouted into her ear.

Tak nearly had a heart attack when Zim appeared from nowhere screaming. She thought she was alone in the control room.

"Computer switch to emergency power" she said and the dim red lights brighten up.

"TAK! I asked you a question!"

"Ugh, Zim it was just a power outage. Nothing to worry about, NOW STOP SCREAMING!" she yelled back. She prepared herself for his rant but instead he didn't. She turned around to see his eyes narrowed into slits, a look of anger.

"You know what my SIR unit said?" he asked

Tak raised an invisible eyebrow, where was he going with this?
"They failed to catch Dib" he said coldly

"Well that's ashame"

"Yes, yes it is. But when I asked why, it said my orders conflicted with yours"

"Huh that's interesting" she said not really caring anymore

"What did you order?" he asked, arms crossed, with his foot tapping

"Zim for the past three years you've failed to catch Dib. And I would assume with your mad obsession for him, he would have been caught. But yet I keep seeing you fail again and again"


"And again and again" she said quickly before he could respond. She stared out him for a moment; he was desperately trying to keep up his poker face. Was he realizing his failure? Nope because she knew his pride would overwhelm his rational side.

"I ordered the SIRs to take out the Rebel leaders, I'm sorry they didn't catch Dib" the last part came out sarcastically and unlike many times, Zim caught it.

"And his evil sister, or Lard Nar, why, WHY, do you keep failing me!" he said dramatically.

Tak rubbed her Temples and she knew it was time. She was done.

"I'm done" she said getting up walking to the doorway. Zim's eyes shot up.

"What!? You can't leave, you serve me! Get back here!" he ordered but Tak kept walking

"Tak…Obey me! I am your master….Tak I'm warning you….Tak…" And before he knew it she was gone and now the air was filled with anger, dread, and loneness. The power came back on and the monitor behind him soon turned on with Invader Larb

"Sir" he saluted. Zim jumped before turning around.

"Ah yes Invader Larb" said Zim sitting in the chair eager to take his mind away from the previous events.

"I would like to announce that the city is taken. The city of N….is that a T?-" Invader Larb stuttered with the name before giving up on it.

"And I would also like to inform you that the rebels have been dealt a serious blow. We are very close to beating them globally since they are left leaderless"

"All part of my plan" said Zim proud of himself

"You plan? But wasn't it T-"

"She is a traitor!" he yelled out fist slamming onto the control pad

"Oh she defected?"

"She left!"

"Oh, well sir I suggest she should be taken care off, we don't need her going to the rebels now"

"Do what you want with her! Also I want you to go with Gito, make sure he brings me the Dib-Stink. Don't care if it's whole, just make sure it's the head, his giant skull will be nice have."

"Yes sir" said Invader Larb saluting

As the screen went off Invader Larb was a bit sad.

"Well time to go take care of her" he said with glee. If there was one thing he knew about running an empire it's that take care of people when they leave, even if they are your friend. He flew up to a landing pad to see Tak readying her ship.

"If you're going to try and convince me to stay, I've already made up my mine" she said, back still turned to him. Invader Larb frowned.

"That's sad" he said before snapping his fingers, and three SIRs came out like ninjas surrounding her.

"Larb?" she questioned worried

"I wish you wouldn't leave, but you made up your mine. It was nice knowing you" he said

"The empire will fall, it may look find on the outside, but on the inside cracks are forming, the universal resistance, inspired by Earths is slowly starting to rise" she said

"Too bad I only care for the outside….resistance is futile, it won't succeed" he finished and snapped his fingers. The SIRs eyes brighten up. Tak attempted to launch herself from the ground but was instantly shot in the head rendering her body useless. As she slowly lost sight, she felt her Pak shot off.

"Dam you Larb" was the last thought she had.

Invader Larb looked down at the ground, Tak's lifeless body bleeding out.

"I wonder…." he said but the thought didn't finish. He pursed his lips before turning to a SIR

"Let's get Gito and get this over with" he ordered

Gito was a creature made by and also named by him. Why that name? No one really knew. Most people called it The Ham Demon anyway because when his bigass fists beat you down, you tasted Ham…and then your blood followed by death.

Larb heard a giant roar before the ground rocked and out jumped Gito, The Ham Demon.

"Come on now, let's end this" he said hopping onto his back before being leapt into the air.

Moments earlier

Purple was sitting outside The Massive trying to think of what to do next….only he sucked at that.

"Where are you Red" he muttered. He hated how he couldn't come up with the next step. The fact he managed to escape The Massive amazed him but his thinking beyond that was limited. He reached his hand downwards to pick up the snacks that would be waiting their only to feel a cool breeze.

"Habit" he muttered

As he sat thinking before a head popped from the ground. Purple was on full alert thinking it may be after him but then realized the Irken was…Skoodge?

"My Tallest? You're not dead?" he questioned analyzing Purple

"Skoodge thank Irk, I'm lost, and….do you work for those probes?" said Purple realizing he shouldn't spill out to much information. Skoodge however panic before trying to dig back into the ground.

"IT"S A TRAP" he yelled to himself clawing away into the dirt like his life depended on it.

"SKOODGE! Don't leave, I won't hurt you, well except that Organic Sweep…and Hobo 13, still!" yelled Purple gripping Skoodges back.

"You're lying! You're a robot sent to kill me, please don't kill me!" he said breaking into tears. Purple stood above looking at Skoodge. How short he was….oh what he was he thinking!? He shouldn't be concerned with this. He needed to know what was going on.

The ground suddenly rocked violently and a roar was heard.

"What was that?" asked Purple

"It's Gito" said Skoogde meekly


"The Ham Demon"

"Skoodge listen, your short and ugly, and ugh, never mind that, I need to know where I am" he asked

"Ok just let me- HEYA!" Purple was knocked down with a punch, his month now bleeding.

"Sorry, had to make sure you weren't a robot" said Skoodge

"When I go back, I'm going to kill you" said Purple

"Never mine, just answer my questions!" said Purple getting himself up, wiping the blood from his face.

"Answer mine first, aren't you dead?"

"Why do you keep saying that?"

"Because you're supposed to be dead. Unless…..are you a clone?" Asked Skoodge giving a puzzled look to Purple

"What? NO! I'm the Almighty Tallest Purple! Now tell me where am I!?"

Skoodge was about to say something else before he saw something more alarming.

"Look out!" he yelled shoving Purple to the side as a blaster shot rang off. Purple looked up at The Massive to see a SIR unit in a fighting stance.

"Skoodge the Traitor prepare to die" it stated in a militant tone before attempting another shot, Skoodge nearly avoiding it.

"My Tallest, protect me" he pleaded hiding behind Purple

"Puff, that's your job" said Purple before a shit hit him directly into the chest knocking him down.

"Ok…I help" muttered Purple who got himself up.

The SIR unit did a front flip before landing onto the ground ninja style. It jumped up again kicking Purple behind his hit before landing in front of Skoodge.

"I'm too short to die" pleaded Skoodge on his knees

The eyes came on again and Skoodge curled up into a ball but Purple had gotten up and slammed a rock onto the SIR unit who went down with a thud.

"Why didn't you use your Pak" panted Purple, exhausted he had done so much work.

"It's a little busted…anyways thanks, I think I trust you"

"You better" muttered Purple trying in vain to catch his breath.

"Yea….so what are your questions?"
"Where am I?"


Purple swore his heart skipped a beat. He was on the same planet as Zim, and as much as he enjoyed hearing his plans, He wanted to hear them millions of miles away, not on the same planet where his rick of death just shot up"

"Ok….Why is The Massive down" said Purple pointing the ship or what was left of it.

"Ah yes, that was Zim and Tak's idea. They snuck aboard and bombed it within. I think Zim personally incinerated you when you were sleeping"

"Sleeping? I don't sleep!" yelled Purple, he never slept

"Yes odd, but it happened in the midst of The Crisis"

"The Crisis?" asked Purple

"Yea I think it was one of Zim's plans that triggered everything" thought Skoodge

"And?" he asked eager to hear more

"I don't know the rest, I was caught defecting" shrugged Skoodge

"So Zim kills me and bombs The Massive, that doesn't make any sense" said Purple rubbing his Temples

"I think it's what humans called a coup"

"A what?"

"A coup, it when the old leaders are overthrown by new ones"

Of course a coup was completely foreign to Purple, leaders were made based on their height, but then he vaguely remembered when in training about something of an attempted overthrow by shorter Irkens but it was so long ago and everyone forgot…..or really just didn't care.

"So Zim overthrew us" said Purple even more confused

"I'm sorry but I don't have all the details. Now answer my question, how are you alive?"
"I came through a portal, some time machine"

"Wait you're from the past?"

"Yes….I think…..three years ago"

"I see" said Skoodge thinking to himself

"Listen I need find Red and get out of here" said Purple

"If you go back, everything will still happen"

"Not if I kill Zim" said Purple arms crossed. He was not going to say Skoodge was right, he was…so short.

"Right well…..I think I might know where he is"

"Where?" he asked eagerly

"Um Devils Hole, but it's kind of dangerous and I don't feel-"

"If I can save Red, then I don't care, come on, show the way" exclaimed Purple eager to see his friend again

"Well…..ok" said Skoodge nervously.

Kro was starting to wake up. Half expecting to see blinding lights but to her surprise was an Irken an inch away from her face. The first instinct….a punch to his skull which knocked him back onto the wall. He let out a yelp and before she knew it a SIR unit was pinning her down, the Red eyes intimidating her, daring her to make a move.

"Well that could of gone better"

She turned to see a rather short Irken, his hand over his head rubbing the hit he received

"Wait aren't you-" she muttered before stopping. She was way too tired to speak.

"Yes, yes I am Zim! Praise your Overlord now!" he exclaimed

But Kro merely shut her eyes too tired

"WAKE UP!" he yelled making her jump a bit

"What?" she slurred out

"You were guarding the Tallest, I need to know where the other one is?"
"Which one" she asked, still unclear of the past events. Was she guarding the Tallest?

"Ugh, it seems you're still recovering. COMPUTER! Why isn't she healing faster?" he demanded

"Um…..I don't know…..and frankly I don't care" it said sarcastically

"Obey me or I'll turn your…..face into…melting goo or something!"
"I don't have a face" it said confused

"Silence! Just answer my question! Is it really that hard?"

"Putting up with you is hard enough"

Zim clenched his fists, anger rising in him

"But since I'm feeling nice I guess I'll answer you. She suffered serious wounds, they'll heal, just give it time, but in your case the chance of you being patient is as much of a chance of you being tall" laughed the computer

"I'm going to kill you" muttered Zim


"Nothing, anyways how's Invader Larb doing"

"He'll reach the rebels soon, there in the sewers heading for a hideout"

"Good, I guess I can pass time by watching Gito kill everyone" he said with glee

"Sir" said a SIR unit handing Zim an electronic pad (Think Ipad with the Irken Insignia on it)

"So only 98 more feet? Perfect, soon I will find it and no one will be able to stop me, NO ONE!" he laughed with both arms raised.

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