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"Ah here we are" said Invader Larb making Gito stop in his tracks.

According to Larb's blueprints of this city, a sewer line ran through this part, and he was near the rebels attempting to flee.

"Wait till were directly above them" he said as he watched the dots on his screen get closer and closer.

Gaz was carrying Dib along. He had stopped his rants in favor of mumbling and twitching constantly. Along the group was a few Vortians and Irkens, both standing away from each other, along with a few humans clutching their guns tightly. Lard Nar was being carried by some of the Vortians as he healed. The air reeked, making a few throw up, but living was a priority so many kept walking. With the occasional mumbling from Dib, and explosions from above everything was quiet.

"So what now?"

Gaz turn to the human Jacob, a black guy who rarely spoke


"I don't know about you….but I think we've lost"

"I knew it! They sold us out" yelled a Votrian

"Way to accuse before you know" he retorted

"Here we were so worried about Irkens, when instead the humans were selling us out. Is your race always so pathetic, we lasted way longer when we were occupied, but here this planet is already surrendering"

"Three years of fighting against aliens that we can't beat takes a toll" argued an angered Jacob

"Oh big whoop, we lasted decades-"

"And what did that bring!? More death and a hopeless fight for freedom? Why not try to salvage your planet before everything dies. I rather have Earth a parking structure then a battleground 24/7!"

"You lack the-"


The duo turned towards Gaz who was giving them death glares.

"All I'm saying is-"


The group stayed silent to hear pounding.

The arguing Vortian was the first to break the silence

"What the-"

Before he could finish a chunk from above smashed right on top of him.

"Oh look what I've found, traitors and rebels, Gito, kill the all" Larb ordered hoping down and seeing the Ham Demon jump down smashing a few.

"AHAHAHHAHAHAH" it let out a war cry and the group frantically started shooting at him. But his giant fists swooped from the air pummeling any one unfortunate at the end.

Gaz attempted to set him on fire before a punch shoot her away.

"Taste like ham" she thought before tasting blood and crashing into the stone wall.

The rebels became split into two groups as Gito separated them. Despite their combined efforts they could not injure him. He ended picked chunks of stone from the ground and hurdling it at the rebels.

"That's it, I bail" said Jacob and a few humans followed his lead only for Gito to jump past the ones holding their ground and smash the fleeing ones.

"Please don't kill me" pleaded Jacob before being punched into the ground, his cried soon went silent.

The Irkens attempted to Spear him only to be pulled away and ripped apart.

"Nar we have to get out of here" yelled a Vortian trying to pick him up only to be impaled

"Well it's been awhile" said Invader Larb as he slid his Pak leg from the now dead Vortian.

"Too long, see you still look as ugly as before" said Lard Nar standing up.

"You were the only one to see through my charade, quiet ashamed your people didn't figure it out. Oh wait they did when I burned down the entire planet" he laughed at the last remark"By the way, the couch was very nice" said Larb further provoking Lard Nar

"Well then, let that be your last comment, so die!" he yelled before throwing himself onto him. However his injure prevented him from moving too much. Larb threw him off before kneeing him in the stomach and bringing down a fist onto his back.

"How pathetic you Vortians are. Irkens have always been superior over all living things. And if you cannot be enslaved" he said drawing out a Pak leg as it brighten up.

"You can die" he finished before an Irken leapt from above and grabbed him from behind, making his shot go off in a different direction.

"You didn't go through training" Larb suddenly impaled the Irken with all four legs. "Did you" he finished facing the dying Irken.

"Correction Nar, not all Irkens are-" a punch connected with his face sending him down

Lard Nar started breathing heavily as it took a lot of energy to do that. He faced down at the dying Irken

"Not all of us are bad" he coughed out before dying

"What a weakling, can't even take impaling" said Larb standing up

"Maybe I was wrong" said Lard Nar

"About what?"

"All Irkens aren't bad after all" he said

"Wrong, only some Irkens are superior over others, now die" he shouted letting his Pak legs shoot at him. Lard Nar ducked avoiding the blast.

"You can't last forever" he yelled wiping the sewage off his face.


"How long?"

"How what?"

"How long!?"

"It's only been five minutes"

"HOW LONG" Yelled Purple exhausted. After all hovering for five minutes was tedious work!

"My Tallest I think you can wait, were not that far"

"That's too much, carry me" said Purple hoping onto Skoodge's back making him start panting before falling to the ground.

"No breaks, we have to move!"

The ground suddenly rocked

"What was that" he asked

"Well if my sensors and broken back have anything to say, it's Gito"

"Right, well go around him" ordered Purple. Last thing he wanted to do was confront something made by Zim.

But before they, or rather Skoodge, could move, the ground beneath cracked before they fell into the sewers….right on top of Gito.

"Take the small one" yelled Purple jumping of Skoodge and hovering away.

"Um….hi" Skoodge said meagerly before being grabbed and thrown at Purple.

Gito walked towards them, his spikey feet pounding the floor.

"Wait that demon?" asked Purple getting up.

"What did you think I meant by the Ham Demon?" yelled Skoodge

"I've seen this before on Zim's reports, all he did was pull the flag and hit him once." Said Purple getting up, feeling like he could tackle the task.

"Your funeral" said Skoodge crawling away.

"Ok purple, you can do this, you don't need, Red, you can-" Before that thought could be finished one of Gito's feet slammed into him. The spikey foot penetrated his chest amour.

"Ok….not…what I had….in mind….still…" he coughed up blood but didn't give up. Instead he drew out his Pak legs before unleashing a barrage of lasers at him. The Ham Demon screamed in pain stumbling back.

"Yea….I did it" he self-praised himself before collapsing onto the ground. Now normally a soldier would shake such a minor injury off, but for an extremely lazy Tallest who had everyone do everything for him, it was not the case.

"So guessing it didn't go so well?" said Skoodge crawling next to Purple

"How do people do this?" he asked breathing heavily

"I ask myself that everyday….I mean I was short so I didn't thing I get far…..and then I was sent to Planet Blorch, didn't think I make you know….and then I conqueror it, the first one….only to be shot out of a cannon, it was the reason why I first joined Zim, hoping to make something of myself, and-"

"Skoodge no offense but I really, REALLY, don't care about your life, your short so that's one reason not to listen to you, plus I'm kind of disappointed you survived the Organic Sweep and Hobo 13, especially when Zim used you, so please just shut up or better yet kill yourself if you so depressed" finished Purple without a trace of emotion.

Skoodge looked as if he was about to cry before crawling off.

"Disgusting short one" he mumbled and lifted his head to see Gito practically pounding the remaining rebels.

"Screw it, I have to look for Red" He got up attempting to hover away only for Gito's giant three finger hand slamming onto him.

The water level (Or sewage level) was pretty high starting to drown Purple. He attempted to fight against the pressure on his chest barely poking his head out. Instead the pressure increased. He drew his Pak legs out only for them to fly around, unable to concentrate.

"I can't die like this" he thought "I can't, I can't die like this."

But the pressure against him was increasing, he was running out of energy to fight, and air to keep alive.

"I don't want to die!" he tried to scream.

"Then fight stupid"

He was caught off guard by that comment and tried to see who said that, making out a purple hair girl. The pressure finally lifted and he forced himself up gagging and coughing yet thankful for the air.

"Time to send you into a world of pain in which there is no return" the room lite up with flames spreading around. Gito let out a war cry running towards Gaz.

"Wrong move" she said as a hole of fire opened up in front of the monster. To an onlooker, it would look like the gates of hell and the flames started to grab him. Gito fought pulling back only for Gaz to concentrate further and pull the Ham Demon into the fire burning him until he nothing but ash. The room returned to darkness as Gaz kneeled to the ground panting

"You're kidding me, Zim said that think was fire proof! When I get back I'll-" Larb didn't finish as he gagged onto the rushing pain. He looked down to his chest to see a Vortian spear that had gone through his Pak and heart.

"They can rest in peace now" said Lard Nar sighing heavily before collapsing from exhaustion.

"Defeated…..by an….inferior" he gagged before collapsing onto the ground.

While the fight was going up, Zim was watching from the secret camera that was on the dead body of Larb.

"Was that supposed to happen?" asked an Irken soldier standing behind Zim

"Um…yes OF course that was, Zim planned for that to happen, now it's time to we work on killing our enemies"

"Then what was the point of this?"

"SILENCE! We merely had to test our enemies"

"We just lost our prime experiment and top invader to your testing" saying the last part sarcastically.

"You speak lies!"

"Ok" sighed the soldier seeing that arguing was pointless. "Moving on, I don't understand why are the Tallest here"

"I gave them a time machine years ago"

"Yea but, why them, this never happened before, this shouldn't have happen!"

"What are you saying?"

"I think someone messed with the timeline" concluded the soldier

Zim didn't answer, merely frowning. He had thought of that possibility before. But still who would have the ingenious intellect, other than him of course, to change the timeline! Unless?

"Computer, locate Professor Membrane" he ordered

"Currently residing in Mine 53-D" answered the computer almost yawning.

53-D was the mine right next to his Headquarters where his next project would soon bore fruit

"When was the last time we conducted inspections?"

"We never did" returned the boring tone

Zim leaned back into his chair starting to think the situation over.

"Did he do it" he thought.

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