Accepting the new powers

Update: I found out that the Power Rangers Megaforce is Airing on Nickelodeon just like Samurai and Super Samurai :( so sadly I won't be able to watch it if any of you have Direct TV or Dish please tell me the names of the episodes so I will know how to name the chapters accordingly thanks :)

Angle Grove

Tj and the others were hanging out in downtown Angle grove the very place where it all started August of 1993 the year the first team made its appearance Jason Zack Billy Trini Kimberly and Tommy now it was going to be defended once again by a new team of rangers of whom they don't know .

"Isn't this the life guys just hanging around with no evil bad guys to enslave the world or something" said a relaxed TJ.

"I hear you on that dude anyway though you should see Cole and Alyssa word has it that they got married and there expecting there first child" said Mike . "Yea that's what I heard too" said Tanya . "Ugh I didn't know that Cole was engaged to the former white wildforce ranger" said a bewildered Karone . "Man when it comes to news you space out" said Kendrix who was walking over to join her friends . Little did they know that something was going to go down . "So guys this life has got to be the greatest" said Kendrix sitting down with her friends at the juice bar in downtown Angle Grove . Of course when they turned to the TV .

"We now go live to downtown Angle Grove where an attack is happening" said the Anchor . The view switched to the Downtown Angle Grove area where sure enough soldiers from the white star empire were landing and of course they were invading Earth . "This is what looks like an invasion swarms and swarms of soldiers are marching from these odd shaped aircraft and apparently ….. wait we are intercepting a message

"We are the War star empire and we claim this planet in our name defy us and you will be destroyed" that was all the message said and everyone is worried that they are depending on the Power Rangers to come save the day like they always do "well I'm sure that they are on there way right now as we speak" Said the Anchor .

TJ looked toward his friends and in a strange feeling they were teleported to the old command center where a mighty being Gosei a celestial being who watched over the earth for billions of years and his robot helper Tensou . "Hello my name is Gosei" introduced Gosei .

"And I'm Tensou" introduced Tensou . "Uh Hey I'm TJ. That's Cole,Mike Tanya and Karone" introduced TJ. "It's nice to meet you all now there is little time to spare the white star empire is invading earth and I have selected you five to help defend the earth I've looked into each of your pasts and i'm certain that I've made my choice" said Gosei . And he was right almost 99.9% of the time he's never wrong Tj looked to his left and his right and knew that it was in the ranger game for him .

"Alright since you chose us to be the power rangers count me in" said Tj . "Yea what he said" said Mike . "If there in then so am I" said Karone . "Hey don't leave me out of this" said Tanya . "Very well step forward and take your morphers" said Gosei . And sure enough they did just that they all felt a slight jolt of electricity run through there bodies and sure enough the morphers were theirs . "Now the morphing call is POWER CARD ENERGIZE and you will power rangers" said Gosei . "Alright guys lets give it a try" said TJ. "POWER CARD ENERGIZE" They shouted .

And sure enough they became the power rangers megaforce .

Gosei teleported them to downtown Angle Grove only this time there stood a battle group of soldiers terrorizing the people of angle grove . "Come on guys" said Tj. And sure enough they started to evacuate the people to a safe place then it's on to the battle group . TJ got a couple of soldiers as did Cole Mike Tanya and Karone .

But little did they know that who ever was leading this group is going to pay . "Hello rangers I didn't expect you five though if you think about it your going down" said the monster .

"Oh yea we will see about that" shot the red ranger . "I bet you don't know who we are do you" shot the black ranger known as Mike . " No but i'm curious anyway though" replied the monster in a calm collective manner . "Megaforce red!" shouted TJ. "Megaforce Blue!" Shouted Cole . "Megaforce Black!" shouted Mike "Megaforce Yellow!" Shouted Tanya. "MegaForce Pink!" shouted Karone. "POWER RANGERS MEGAFORCE" Shouted all five rangers .

"Power rangers huh? Well since you introduced yourselves its fair that I do the same I am Vrak commander of my battle group of loogies as you can planely see" said Vrak .

"Yea well your going down for the count" said Cole. "Oh I wouldn't be so sure" taunted Vrak. And sure enough he was more than ready . The rangers charged in with there weapons but they had underestimated what he was capable of .

He started to kick there butts left and right . "Apparently your nothing to me oh sure you can fight and all but I want a real challenge maybe sometime down the road we will fight but first you must prove your worth" said Vrak disappearing. "This is weird guys we have beaten many other monsters but not one who could kick our butts so easily we need to do some research on these guys and see who and what we are up against" said TJ . They soon demorphed and went about there day only this time someone was there witnessing the first battle it was a lonely camera man .

"In other news the power rangers showed up out of no where and started to fight these aliens this lonely camera man captured the entire fight on camera and we have here the footage that showed that the power rangers are still with us no matter what we are about to show you maybe shocking and disturbing" said the anchor . The view switched to a lonely camera man capturing the footage of the already morphed rangers through out the entire fight . He was in a good position to catch the entire fight on camera .

Damn and here I thought I got all of them oh well we are going to have to find out who sent in the footage it isn't going to be easy to keep our identities a secret its a good thing that they don't know who we really are behind those helmets so that saves us the displeasure of revealing ourselves to the entire good city of Angle Grove yikes! Thought Tj he just shuttered at the thought .

"what you just saw was the footage of the power rangers here in Angle Grove we will bring you more updates as the story develops" said the anchor . Soon there after the rangers were stunned but other than that it didn't matter to them as long there true identities were discovered they were fine meanwhile Bulk Skull and Spike were hanging out over in another part of the Juice Bar and sure enough they were going to find out who they really were even spike but what they didn't know was that they were trying to figure out was right in front of them the entire time. But only time will tell .