"I promise," Sam smiled. She grabbed Danny's hand and started to weave through the crowd. Every person was running out of the city.

She made Danny promise. She got him to promise to her. He would not leave her to help fight the ghosts.

Eventually, Sam slowed down, due to Danny's request. They started to walk along with the others. There were old people, young people, kids, babies. All of them evacuating. All these people looked tired. They all looked scared.

Danny noticed this. He saw these faces as pleads for help. Pleads for their hero to save them. Save their town. Save their lives.

Danny looked back to Sam. She smiled, happy she wasn't going to be left alone, but she didn't notice all the sad faces scowling at her happiness.

He looked around, trying to find familiar faces. His mom's red hair and his dad's big frame stood out. A smaller redhead walked with them.

Nearby, a boy with a beret walked with a man and a woman. He was looking at him cautiously, and concerned.

Danny motioned for him to run faster to catch up to them. Tucker nodded and turned to his parents. He asked them something, and they nodded, catching Danny's eye.

He ran up to meet with Danny and Sam. Sam smiled, greeted Tucker, but kept walking, Danny's wrist still in her hand.

"You're going, aren't you..?" Tucker whispered under his breath. Danny nodded slowly.

Tucker nodded and looked at him. "Do what you have to do…" He turned and walked away.

Sam turned to see Tucker going back. "What did he say?"

"He asked why I wasn't leaving."

Sam nodded, proudly, and then turned her attention back to walking and looking around for her own parents.

Danny, seeing this as an escape, turned his arm intangible. He slid right out from her grasp and started to walk slower, moving behind more people, trying to stay out of Sam's view if she turns around.

He walked off the path, catching Tucker's eye. He nodded, and Danny nodded back.

He turned away from the line of people and looked for a changing spot. A nearby tree looked big enough.

He ran to it, and jumped around the corner. A blue ring formed around Danny's waist, splitting up and down changing him into his alter-ego, Danny Phantom.

He formed a tail and flew off towards his city. The city that needs his help.

Probably a two-shot.