Wow real original title :/ [SPOILERS FOR 5X13 IN VENT BELOW BUT NOT IN THE STORY :)]

OMG THE ENDING WHY WHY WHY WHY?! I WANT TO KNOW WHY THIS WAS DONE TO US? I am so sad Arthur why? I will miss you I couldn't stop crying! and all the Merthur! Why did he have to die?! OVERWHELMING FEELS!

Well, this is chapter one of my FIRST Merthur fanfic YAY! and this will be an explosion of my emotions after 5x13 XD

"Oh Merlin, when you done with that, my armor needs shining, my sword sharpening and my dogs walking." Arthur commanded as he reclined carelessly onto his bed.

Merlin sighed. "Alright." Was he crazy? It was already 10 oclock!

"Excuse me?!"

"I mean, yes Sire!" Merlin corrected. Things like that really irritated him. Arthur could be such a dollop head- oh sorry King Arthur.

"That's better." Arthur flashed a wicked smile at Merlin clasping his hands behind his head. His blonde hair was messy and out of place, Merlin noticed it had been that way since he had changed his shirt for the night. He wondered what it would look like in the morning, not that he hadn't seen it a hundred times before.

"Well if there is nothing else, good night Sire." Merlin said attempting to keep the annoyence out of his voice as he gathered up the rest of Arthur's dirty laundry, yet another chore he had to do along with the shining, sharping and walking. He begun stridding towards the chamber door without waiting for a reply.


What now? The servant turned to face his King.

"What is it now? Do you need me to wash behind your ears for you or make your-"

"You don't have to do those things..." Arthur interrupted, his voice serious. Merlin was suprised by the sight he witnessed. Arthur half sitting in his bed, covers pulled up to his waist. His night shirt was a dingey white and loosely hung over his perfectly sculpted features. Arthur's face however was the most astonishing, he had his face turned away slightly, he had yet to put the candle out and in the dim light his face looked almost...apologetic.

It wasn't so much that Arthur was facing such a face, as it was he was making it now. In all his years as Arthur's manservant Merlin had almost recived a look of apology from his Master. Well, except maybe after he'd nearly killed himself drinking from a poison goblet. It wasn't that Arthur never apologized to Merlin for being wrong, he just always did it in a sarcastic way that involved alot of hitting and name calling.

"I was just teasing you." Arthur turned his head up to face Merlin, smiling now.

"Well, that's nothing new." Merlin retorted "that usally doesn't stop you from making me you run about like a mad man. Did you know that some of the maids have asked Gaius to check up on my sanity. There quite scared you know."

Arthur laughed. "Do you know why I tease you Merlin?"

"Because your a pomous King who has nothing better to do then bully those bellow you to the point of insanity?"

Arthur's face was all too serious now - maybe he shouldn't have made that joke. "No. It's because you always seem to be hiding something. It bothers me."

Merlin did not know what to say if Arthur found out..."Come on, you know me, I'm an open book." Merlin fumbled attempting to look like the fool Arthur thought he was.

"Ha! I don't believe that for a second!" Arthur replied.

No... Merlin thought I can't tell him. If he finds out I have magic he'll...-

Merlin's thoughts were abruptly brought to an end by one of the worst things his King could have possibly said. "So, tell me Merlin, what is that secret?"

Ohhhh the suspence which you've felt through the entire show protrayed in a fanfic. SHOCKER XD

So what do you guys think so far? Keeping in mind that its 3:30 am and I can't even think straight anymore. XD be prepaired fpr LOTS of Merthur slash or yaoi (which ever you wish to call it. i like yaoi.) :D