Soushi POV:

"Here,"I said.

"When did you take all this?!"

"I sneaked one every 5 seconds with you or so!"

There stood my priced possession a wall,a wall, a wall ,a ceiling and floor covered in pictures of her. The walls 2 miles long 2 miles high and the ceiling 3miles wide and 2miles long(i made that up on the spot). only space left in that room was a vary narrow path for me to gaze at the pictures of my beautiful ririchiyo. Was this enough love for her?

"This is the most creepy thing anyone has done for me."

Rage, then sadness, then loneliness, and finally depression overwhelmed me. But then she added,"But also the loveliest and sweetest, adegato."And to top it off crashed her lips on mine in the most passionate kiss ever she fell over me and I could feel and hear thousands flying freely through the air as if confetti celebrating our reunion. After a few minutes which felt like seconds she pulled apart and delivered the last blow,"I believe I have granted your wish." And with those words in that room filled with pictures upon replicas and moments of my love captured in time we began our own life. Two loners united with the strongest bond ever, stronger than lie stronger than tape, that bond was love. Together we gave each other everything we had been missing out on love, faith,hope,courage, and strength. There is a creature more powerful than us that is the angel cupid himself and we had been the victim of his arrows.