Notes: I'm messing up my beautifully perfect wordcount, but felt it best to address some of the (very lovely) comments I've gotten, since it's probably not exactly clear what it is I'm dong.

Around Christmas I took drabble requests/prompts over on Tumblr. I got 20 of them written before having to call a halt or else be doing drabbles for the rest of forever. I was quite pleased with most of them, and decided to archive them here. So it's less that I'm quick and more that I've already written the darned things. As pointed out, there are 20 in all; once we hit number 20 it's back to real-time, so updates will slow to "as I do them" which comes with absolutely no timeline whatsoever.

As for characters involved! I'm currently rewatching Sailor Moon for the first time in 15 years, so everything I write is confined to the episodes I've seen. As of this writing that takes me 5 episodes into S. Provided I do future drabbles - and it certainly seems likely as I enjoyed them quite a bit - then the characters I'll include will grow as I reacquaint myself with them. I wouldn't, for example, want to write anything with Hotaru right now since the last time I saw her was over a decade ago and I wouldn't want to play with a character I didn't know well. But as Haruka and Michiru are introducing themselves again, it likely won't be long before I feel confident in writing them again.

The Inners are my girls though, so I'm pretty much always going to favour them above all others.

And enough of that. Let the drabbles flow!


The truth flooded her ancient soul. The inevitability of it. Didn't it seem obvious now?

Serenity and Endymion.

Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen.

Usagi and Mamoru.

Where could she fit? She didn't. She never did.

Her mother drew her last breath.

Her father turned and walked away.

And Usagi remembered.

She cursed herself, bitter tears stinging her eyes. She'd done it again. She swore she never would, but she had.





But she watched her Princess reborn, bathed in the light of pure love, and knew that while Usagi drew breath, her hope could never die.