Our Baby Nico

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Summary: Set after the Giant war Percy and Annabeth move into an apartment For their final year of High school and a little new son of Hades Hazel is called Harrison, Frank is Fran and Nico is called Abby Angel and Bianca is Brad even though she is dead. Now they got to raise little Nico Jackson-Di Angelo.

Annabeth PoV:

Me and Seaweed brain just moved in to our new apartment in down town Manhattan. We were just waiting for our dinner to be delivered then the door bell rang and there was a shrill cry, so I look outside and see a newborn baby with a letter addressed to Percy and I. So I call him and he comes up "what's wrong Wise Gir" and he stops and looks at the baby "what is this?" he ask "I don't know?, I thought it was the delivery person and then I heard a cry and found the baby." I replied then I pick the baby up and bring it inside "Dear Annabeth and Percy." I read aloud " I wish to inform you that I have had and illegal child, I wish that you and Annabeth raise him as your own I will not make any contact with him and his power's well I'm not sure what is up with his power's, from Lord Hades god of the underworld." What about school I thought and Percy said "What are we gonna name him?" "I don't know?, what about Nico Jackson-Di-Angelo?" I asked "hi there Nico welcome home." he said taking him from me and rocking him back and forth, He truly was supposed to be a Father."What are we going to tell our parents Perce?" I asked "I suppose we IM them and then plan from then" he said wow I am rubbing off on him. "I'll go get some drachma's from the stash" I replied and went to get some while he created the mist I through one in to it and asked for Sally Jackson we had a quick talk and she was happy to be a grandmother. Then there was my mom his dad and my dad well this is going to be ABSOULUTLY FABULOUS ( with extra sarcasm) well we called my dad next he had a fit but calmed down after we told him it wasn't really are child. Next was Percy's dad he understood and congratulated us, now was my mom Hades help us she screamed and yelled and she hung up on us well that was interesting.

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