Here is chapter two and the killing will now commence.
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"Oh, crap, gotta go. See you around, Lori, Will." Dana said as her cell phone read 9:30 p.m. and she got up to leave.

"Bye." Lori and Will said to Dana as she left the house. After closing the door, she walked away from the steps and headed home on foot with her umbrella; failing to notice the Smith's Grove van parked across the street had its door opened.

Dana heard a creaking sound and looked around. She saw nothing and continued walking home.

As she walked through the darkness, she heard something that sounded like heavy breathing and she still saw not a soul nearby.

Dana began growing nervous as she walked through the rain and she heard the sound of a car behind her. She snapped around and looked to see an Acura TL pull up behind her.

"Need a lift, Dana?" Danny Farrands, Dana's boyfriend and driver of the car, asked her and she smiled in relief at him.

"Sure, Danny!" Dana said as she headed to the other side of the car and opened the door. She got in the car and kissed Danny on the lips.

"I was just heading to the store for some sprite. Wanna come with or do you want me to drop you off first?" Danny asked.

"I could use a drink, so I'll go." Dana responded.

"All righty, then." Danny said before starting the car and driving away; failing to notice Michael standing behind the car and watching it drive away. As they drove away, Michael began to head back to his van.

Back at Lori's house

Lori, Will, Erika, stood outside with Stokely, Todd, and Matt. Todd was currently nibbling on Stokely's neck as she talked to the others; all completely unaware that Jason lurked in the bushes watching them.

"So, are you guys coming to the concert tomorrow?" Stokely asked; referring to an upcoming Kyuss concert that celebrated the recent legalization of marijuana in the state of Springwood.

"Totally." Lori and Will said.

"You can bet I'll be there." Erika said and watched as Todd began licking Stokely's neck.

"What geek wouldn't be there? Weed and good music in the same place? You'd have to be dead to miss something like that." Matt said.

"Well, see you later then." Stokely said as she gave Todd a pat and while still licking her neck, the pair began to walk to his car with Matt getting in his own car.

Both cars drove off in separate directions and Erika laughed before looking at Will and Lori.

"Tomorrow, we'll finally bring some live back into this town after the craziness last year." Erika said and she noticed Lori and Will become depressed. She forgot that just mentioning the events with Freddy and Jason was enough to get the pair silent and pale.

"Sorry about that." Erika said.

"It's okay. I'm just glad that whole thing is over and it won't ever happen again." Lori said while perking up a bit.

"Yeah, no chances of those psychopaths coming back." Will said.

"That's good to know." Erika said before departing and Will wrapped his arm around Lori as they walked back into the house. Unbeknownst to anyone, Michael's van slowly drove away and Jason remained in the brushes.

"Think again, bitch." Freddy said inside of Jason's mind in response to Lori and Will's disbelief of him ever returning. He was pleased that many remembered him slightly on Elm Street and thus to seal the deal of him getting all of his powers back, he would have Jason and Michael kill.

"OK, sweet heart, let's get to work." Freddy said in Pamela's voice before Jason turned his head in the direction Todd and Stokely drove off. Next, he began lumbering in that direction while Freddy chuckled.

With Todd and Stokely driving to his home

"Boy, this concert is gonna rock." Stokely said in preparation for the concert.

"Did you really have to invite those nightmare losers to the concert? Honestly, always talking about Freddy this, Jason that. Seriously, chill the fuck out and accept it those two aren't real. Will and Lori are just plain dopes. Like some hockey-masked fucker really butchered Trey." Todd said to Stokely; the two having been friends with Trey before his death.

"Well, pretending to be friends with losers does have its perks for popularity. Like I always say, anything that makes you look good can't be bad for you." Stokely said.

"Totally." Todd answered and once they arrived at his home, they quickly ran into his house. Soaked to the bone from the heavy rain and their clothes completely wet, they shivered.

"Shit, it's a circus out there. I'm freezing." Todd shivered and Stokely wrapped her arms around him. She pressed herself against him and ran her fingers through his hair.

"I know how to get warm faster that doesn't need any clothes." Stokely said and Todd smiled at her. Since his folks were away on a trip to Vegas for a few days, things were just perfect for the couple as they ran up the stairs while stripping.

What they didn't realize is that they forget to lock the front door and a shadow appeared on the doorstep. The figure entered the house and moved forward.

Ki-Ki- Ki-Ma-Ma- Ma

The figure walked upstairs and was treated to the nude sight of Todd and Stokely going at it in his bedroom with the door open. Their clothes lay on the floor and Stokely had her legs wrapped around Todd's waist as they went at it.

After some time, the couple lay in bed cuddling and sweating profusely. In some time, Stokely got up and got out of bed.

"Where are you going?" Todd asked.

"I gotta piss. I'll be right back." Stokely said as she walked down the hall and entered the bathroom. Todd stretched and got out of the bed to look out his window at the rain still pouring down dangerously.

"Shit. How could this get any worse?" Todd said aloud before the power shut off and he groaned in exasperation. As he turned around, he found himself staring at something black and large in front of him.

Todd didn't know what he was looking until lightning flashed outside and revealed it was none other than Jason standing in front of him. Todd yelled in shock as he jumped back and tried to run out of his room to warn Stokely.

Before he could even reach the door, Jason grabbed Todd and pulled him back. Jason quickly clamped his hands on both sides of Todd's head and began squeezing it.

Todd yelled out in pain as Jason slowly crushed his head and his skull began to loudly crunch. The excruciating pain caused Todd's screams to become smaller until Jason completely smashed his head into a bloody pulp before slamming him onto the bed.

The killer looked at Todd's body and tilted his head at his work a couple of times before departing. While leaving, he heard Freddy praising him in Pamela's voice and this made him feel good.

Not long afterwards, Stokely came out of the bathroom in a towel and entered Todd's room but it was too dark for her to see.

"Todd, where do your folks keep the candles?" Stokely asked and Todd didn't answer.

"I know you're not asleep that fast, so tell where the candles are." Stokely said and just then, the lightning flashed to reveal Todd's body. Stokely gasped out of horror and covered her mouth at the sight of her boyfriend dead.

She instantly let out a blood-curdling scream as she sprinted downstairs and came face-to-face with Lori, who held an umbrella while Will was in his car parked nearby the sidewalk.

"Um, hi, Stokely, you forgot your wallet." Lori said and despite not having any real sense of friendship towards her, Stokely wrapped her arms around her before sobbing hysterically.

"Stokely, what's wrong?" Lori asked.

"Todd…he's…he's…" Stokely said and Lori patted her back.

"Did he do something wrong?" Lori asked and Stokely pointed upstairs while shaking uncontrollably. Lori walked upstairs and looked into Todd's room to see his body.

The sight of a dead body after a while made her scream hysterically before running back downstairs and to Will's car with Stokely. She knocked on his door repeatedly until he unrolled the window.

"Lori, what's wrong?" Will asked.

"Todd's dead!" Lori shouted to him.

"What?!" Will answered in shock before dialing 9-1-1.

Later on when the rain has stopped

The cops had arrived and were surveying the Shaye home. The coroners were baffled by the brutality of Todd's body and both vomited on sight.

Lori, Will and Stokely all stood outside as the coroners carried Todd's body out of the house and into their ambulance. Sheriff Williams and Officer Goodman, both of which had been present at the crime scene of Trey's murder last year, walked out of the house and sighed.

"Sheriff, it's one block away from the Elm Street house and the victim was killed in bed. I'm telling you sir; it has to be Freddy kr…" Goodman started to say before Williams cut him off.

"I told you last year to never say HIS name out loud in front of others and for all we know, it mean be a copycat." Williams snapped; eager to cover up attempts of mentioning Freddy's name in front of the teens. He looked to see a young cop give the devastated Stokely a warm blanket to cover up with while Will and Lori comforted her.

"It's the two from last year. Should we bring them in questioning?" Goodman asked.

"Yes, maybe one of them knows something." Williams answered.

Later at the police station

Lori, Will, and Stokely all sat in the integration room after the police asked them if they knew anything about Todd's death. Of course, they didn't know a thing and Stokely was taken home by her folks.

Will and Lori sat in the room and waited until their respective parents arrived to collect them. Lori sat in a frozen state of fear and Will noticed this.

He gently wrapped his arm around Lori and hugged her gently.

"We'll be fine, Lori." Will said to her reassuringly.

"You don't think that Todd was killed by…" Lori began to say.

"No, I don't. They're both dead, remember?" Will said in a positive voice and Lori hugged him back until the door opened. The young cop who gave Stokely a blanket earlier appeared and carried two cups of coffee.

He placed the cups in front of the two and stood against the wall.

"Both of your parents are on the way, so you two should be out of here before you know it. Meantime, drink up." The officer said.

"Thank you." Lori said as she picked up the cup and drank slowly.

"Do they know who did this?" Will asked.

"No, not yet. I'll notify you as soon as possible when they give out culprits." The officer said.

"But, the thing is that we could have sworn we heard the name of someone already." Lori said; both she and Will doing their best not to mention Freddy's name.

"Well, I'm actually brand-new around these parts but if they had a suspect already, I'm positive I would have been notified by now." The officer said and before he could say anything else, they heard the glass tapping. It was the Sheriff gesturing for the officer to exit the room and he sighed before turning around.

"Wait, we didn't catch your name." Lori said.

"It's Lloyd. Officer Steven Lloyd." Lloyd before leaving the room and the two both noted he shared similarities with Deputy Stubbs. After the two had left, Officer Goodman headed outside and tossed out some trash.

With Goodman shut the trash bin, he heard heavy breathing from behind him and turned around to face Michael. Before he could even react, Michael grabbed him by the throat and stabbed him deeply in the chest.

Goodman coughed up blood as Michael hacked him in the chest numerous times until there were three slash marks. Goodman went limp in Michael's hands and the masked-murderer dropped him onto the ground.

He stared at him for a while before lumbering away from the police station and into the darkness of night.


Matt paced around in the backyard angrily and clenched his fists tightly; having just heard about Todd's murder on the news. He went outside to the backyard and took a few shots of his parent's vodka.

"Stokely said those pigs let it slip; it was some freak copying that friggin Freddy myth. I swear to God, Todd, I'll get him if it's the last thing I do." Matt said while taking some more swigs out of anger.

"I don't believe anything about that Freddy dream guy or that so-called Frankenstein fucker Jason for one second." Matt said bitterly before he sipped the vodka a final time and heard some rustling in the bushes. He put down the bottle and slowly approached the bush.

"Hello?" He said aloud and the bushes still rustled as Matt got closer to them. Once he stood in front of the brushes, he looked closely at them and saw there was nothing in there.

It was then he heard a maniacal laugh and looked to a nearby tree. Freddy sprang out of the tree and swung his claws at Matt.

Matt yelled loudly as Freddy's claws slashed against his chest and he fell onto his back. He held his chest before looking at it and there a small drop of blood that fell from it.

"I'm ok, I'm ok." Matt said before taking off past his pool and Freddy just stood there rubbing his claws together. Normally, his claws would have cut Matt much deeper than they had before and this proved that not all of Freddy's strength had return just yet.

"Not there just yet. Well, I'll be strong enough before I know it. Meantime with Jason and Michael out there, I'll just kick back and watch the show. " Freddy chuckled to himself and vanished into thin air. Matt awoke underneath the tree and felt his chest with the vodka bottle in his hand.

He felt the cut Freddy gave him and looked at it in shock as he stood up. He walked to the pool and looked into it to study the wound.

Matt shook his head in disbelief that the wound was there and as he looked into the water, he saw Jason's reflection standing over him. He spun around and gasped as Jason quickly unsheathed his machete.

Matt yelled as he threw the bottle at Jason's mask and it fell to the pavement where it broke into pieces. Jason viciously swung his machete and it cleanly bisected Matt.

Blood poured onto the ground and mixed with the vodka as both halves of Matt fell into the pool, turning the water red as a result. Jason looked into the blood-contaminated water and saw how it reminded him of Crystal Lake.

He turned around and moved on.

With Lori

Lori lay awake in bed and looked at the ceiling. She couldn't believe that Todd was dead and that he had been killed in such an inhumane fashion.

Even though she and Will had talked on the phone a little while ago about Todd, their hopes for keeping his death silent were shattered when it reached the news and both worried that Freddy would return.

Despite being the one who recently killed Freddy, she had minor doubts about him staying dead for good as she drifted off to sleep. She lay on her side and slept seemingly peacefully until she found herself in a red boiler room in her nightgown.

Her face went pale as she remembered what the bright red setting meant and she heard the sound of metal scraping against metal. Then, she jumped as she heard someone walking down some nearby stairs and turned around quickly.

"Lori…" Freddy's voice hissed from a higher area and Lori's heart raced as she back away with caution. She felt something behind her move and jumped as something grunted.

Lori spun around and saw it was a goat. The goat bleated before walking by Lori and headed through the factory until she saw an exit.

Still hearing someone coming down the stairway, she sprinted to the door and shut it behind her. She heard some humming nearby and looked to see six little girls, who all wore white dresses and black Mary Jane shoes in what appeared to be a garden.

"Please, no." Lori said to herself as she watched as three of the girls played skip rope while the other three sang the familiar tune.

"One, two, Freddy's coming for you.

Three, four, better lock your door.

Five, six, grab your crucifix.

Seven, eight, gotta stay up late.

Nine, ten, there's an old and new friend." The girls all sang together as they played and Lori trembled in fear. As she backed away and looked to the side, she saw Freddy lung at her with his claws.

She screamed in terror as she sat up in bed and gasped for air. After panting, Lori caught her breath and wiped the sweat of her forehead.

Lori looked outside to see the bright sunlight through her window drapes and flexed before she got out of bed. She parted the drapes and pushed up her window.

It was a sunny Friday morning and she tried to forget the nightmare before focusing on the day ahead of her. As she looked down from the window, she saw Michael standing there and looking back up at her.

Lori squeezed her eyes shut and rubbed them for a while. When she opened her eyes and looked back down at where Michael had been; she looked to see that he was gone and let out a breath of relief.

She sighed and closed the window before heading downstairs for some breakfast; not realizing there was a hell of an event coming her way that upcoming night.

Well, there's chapter two of this story and there still more characters to come. I released this story today since its Kane Hodder's 58th birthday and since he once said he likes when the character he plays does a kill that's more hands-on, I had Jason kill Todd by crushing his head since, again, he is portraying the character in this story. I figured the first victim should one of the asshole characters and it's not time for Stokely's death just yet; she being the obvious bitch of the story.

In case some of you are wondering, the cop is Steven Lloyd from Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (where he was a newborn infant) and he is an adult in this story so you know there may be a subplot with him and Michael. As for Danny Farrands, he is named after Daniel Farrands, who notably wrote the screenplay for the same movie above.

As mentioned above, Lori and friends will be attending a Kyuss concert where people can smoke weed and all horror fans know that weed in slasher movies leads to one thing. The plotline is that only some of the kids, Will, Lori, Erika, etc., know about Freddy and Jason while others don't believe anything about the two; which is the reason that the former doesn't have all his powers back yet.

Fortunately for Freddy, both Jason and Michael kill in inhumane ways that are akin to the dream stalker himself that will make people mistake him as the one responsible for the murders. Well, next chapter will introduce some more teens that are ripe for the killing and goodbye for now. Don't forget to Mr. Hodder a Happy birthday!